6 Best BJJ Duffel Bags to Fit in All Your BJJ Gear

A heavy Gi, rashguards, spats, a towel, clothes and much more; if you’re going BJJ training or professional events, chances are pretty high that you already know how important a good bag is to carry around all that gear. 

There are different types of bags that are used by BJJ professionals and practicioners. Are you unsure which one you should opt for? The following discussion will help you make up your mind.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

OGIO Duffel Bag​

OGIO Duffel Bag

#2 Runner Up

Fairtex BJJ Duffel Bag

Fairtex BJJ Duffel Bag

#3 Third

Venum Trainer Lite

Venum Trainer Lite

Types of BJJ Bags:


These bags are designed just like the traditional backpacks, a bag with two straps attached to the shoulders. These are great if you have to travel a long distance with your bag, especially if you have to travel on foot or a bike. 

However, if you’re traveling by bus, car, or the subway, these don’t make much of a difference. These bags come with some downsides as well. For starters, they aren’t very sturdy. If you put something very heavy, the straps may snap. 

Again, the backpack style BJJ bags don’t provide much of a space, which keeps the user from carrying a lot of equipment and Gi. 

Duffel Bags

The duffel bags are better in most ways. For starters, the duffel bags offer a huge room for carrying all the necessary equipment and a lot of Gis. Then again, they come with a lot of separate compartments for storing the essentials. With these pockets, you’ll be able to find the right thing in a time of need. 

Although duffel bags are indeed a bit harder to carry around. Still, if you’re traveling by any transport other than a bike, you can carry these easily. 

Why Should You Pick a BJJ Duffel Bag?

As we’ve said earlier, the duffel bag comes with more advantages than drawbacks, that’s why we recommend most people to pick up a duffel bag. A duffel bag can be very durable, provide great space while being very compact. 

How to Pick the Best BJJ Duffel Bag?

Not every BJJ duffel bag can satisfy you. While you might be satisfied with a bag for the time when you purchase it, you’ll soon want to get rid of it after a time. For example, you’ll do fine with a bag that comes with no ventilation at the start, but after a few days you’ll start noticing the smell coming from your Gi, and so will the others around you!

Did you know that gym bags can act as good BJJ duffel bags as well? Yes, they do! But not all gym bags can do that. There are a few characteristics that make a duffel bag what it is, and we’ll talk about these below. 

Number of Pockets

The number of pockets that your bag hosts can make a huge difference. If you want to store your Jiu-jitsu gears in an organized way, you’re going to need lots of pockets! By organizing your accessories and gears, you’ll be finding what you need without much hassle, which will keep you calm for the event.


The quality of the material that the bag is made of creates a huge difference. First off, you don’t want a bag that you can’t use after a year of use. You want a piece that can be used for years without any decay. That’s why you need a bag made of sturdy fabric like polyester or nylon, and if they come with mesh reinforcements that’s a plus. 

The zippers are the Achilles heels of a bag. Zippers tend to break, and zipper lines tend to dysfunction a lot. That’s why you should opt for a bag with quality zippers and avoid plastic zippers at all costs! 


After a BJJ session, your Gi and gears are likely to be moist with sweat and dirt. If you mix those up with other equipment, they’ll be spoiled as well. That’s why you should get a BJJ duffel bag that comes with a waterproof compartment for storing the most clothes. 


While the brand doesn’t play in that much while buying the best BJJ duffel bags, they can surely act as a reassurance. Bags from renowned brands will always provide you the best material, and if you somehow miss out on the best stuff, you’ll be compensated fully, which is great to have.


While finding a BJJ duffel bag with ventilation might prove to be a challenge, we highly recommend one. The mesh panels will provide better airflow, drying off the moist clothes and gears easily. They will keep your accessories from smelling musty.


While the design is a factor everyone considers most, we urge you to put it at the last. Remember, don’t sacrifice the bag with better features for a bag that only looks good.

Top 6 Best BJJ Duffel Bags for BJJ Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a top of the line product, the OGIO duffel bag will satisfy your thirst for sure. The bag comes with everything we can expect from the best BJJ duffel bags and many more. 

The bag features mesh compartments for storing dirty or wet clothes and a separate compartment for storing shoes. These pockets feature a 360-degree mesh compartment that will dry your belongings very fast. 

Afraid of losing your bag in the dark? The OGIO duffel bag is made of highly reflective fabric that glows in the dark. You can never lose this bag.

There’s an additional pocket known as the “Tech vault” that can store your phone, sunglass, or headphones. This vault comes with strong reinforcements, and it keeps the softer accessories free from external pressure.

The best part, and the part that puts this bag above all the other, is that it comes with shoulder straps! This addition saves the buyer from the dilemma of choosing between the bag types and provides the best of both worlds!

However, all of these features come at a cost, and the product is priced far higher than any other duffel bag. Still, if you want the overall best BJJ duffel bag, this is the one you should go for. 


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Two mesh compartments for storing wet clothes and shoes
  • Made of reflective fabric mesh
  • Tech vault for keeping sunglasses and electronics safe


  • Very expensive

However, we didn’t put it here only for its looks. The bag is huge, and it’s so big that it can let you carry the largest size of any Gi accessory that you’ll need. You can carry multiple Gis, shoes, rash guards, and rear guards. 

The bag is made of high-quality nylon mesh material, and you can use this bag for years without any fear of it ripping. The quality of the zippers used in this bag is very high, and it’s lockable as well.


  • Unique design
  • Lockable, high-quality zippers
  • Huge inventory capacity
  • Made of high-quality nylon mesh material



  • The shoulder strap isn’t as good as the other parts

If you’re looking for a bag capable of providing all the features you need, along with a vulgar display of branding, the Venum Trainer Lite is what you need. The Trainer Lite is undoubtedly one of the most versatile BJJ duffel bags. 

The bag is large enough to store and carry any BJJ equipment without any problem. You won’t fall into any situation where you have to struggle to put anything inside it. There are a lot of pockets and compartments in the bag that allows you to keep your accessories organized. There’s a special side mesh compartment for storing wet and dirty clothes and gears as well. If you keep your wet clothes in these mesh compartments, they’ll dry off faster, and the smell won’t spread to other clothes either.

The bag is made of high-quality polyester fabric that’s hard to rip, and it’s waterproof and sweatproof as well. The shoulder strap is padded with foam, which allows for greater comfort and portability.


  • Water and sweat-resistant polyester fabric
  • Separate compartments for storing different stuff
  • Mesh compartments for storing wet and dirty Gi and gear
  • Adjustable straps



  • The zipper quality isn’t that good

Are you looking for a simple looking mesh bag? Then the Meister duffel bag is a good pick. It seems that the Meister bag is specially made as a BJJ duffel bag. As you can see, the entire bag is made of mesh fabric, which allows excellent breathability. 

With this amount of airflow, the bag will never smell musty or dirty, and all of your gears will dry off quickly. Plus, there are compartments for storing the extremely wet gears. 

The zipper used in this bag is of high quality. We checked the zippers closely and found them to be pretty durable. The bag can be found in two sizes, and both the sizes are huge! You can store anything in them. With the Meister bags, you won’t have to look for any extra bag in your life. 

The bag is made of double-layered mesh, which makes it very durable. You can use this bag for years without a hitch. Again, the mesh layers make this ultra-light, which makes it very portable.


  • Strong mesh layer for great airflow
  • Very lightweight
  • The zipper pockets provide extra space for keeping things at hand



  • The bag is a bit transparent, and the bigger items will be exposed

From a Jiu-Jitsu trainee to a professional, the Hayabusa Ryoko will satisfy everyone! The bag is not only spacious, but it’s extremely light as well. What’s more, is the design of the bag and the material used to make it allows the most ventilation. 

With the amazing airflow, you’ll be able to keep your training gear dry, and free of any smell. If you’re concerned about whether the mesh will tear or not, don’t be afraid. The bag is tear-resistant, and it will last for years without any problem. 

With the Hayabusa Ryoko duffel bag, you’ll get two different water bottle compartments that are completely waterproof. Moreover, you’ll get a waterproof compartment for keeping your wet and dirty clothes and gears. The exterior wall of the compartment is made of high-quality mesh, which allows amazing airflow. 

Even though the bag comes with a lot of amazing features, it’s quite cost-effective. Although it’s not the cheapest, it’s worth buying and even a penny won’t go down the drain.


  • Made of tear-resistant mesh
  • Very durable
  • Allows great airflow with the mesh compartments
  • Water-resistant compartments for carrying wet gears


  • The bag tends to get scuffed on ragged surfaces

If you can settle for a product that doesn’t come from a renowned brand, you can go for the UNK duffel bag. The UNK duffel bag comes at a moderate price, but it also offers all the bells and whistles. The upper part of the bag has mesh construction. The mesh construction allows more breathability, and the moist clothes and gears will dry off soon. 

On one side, there is a small compartment that will let you keep things at your hands reach. On the other side, you’ll get two mesh compartments made especially for storing shoes. You can carry your shoes easily in these compartments.

Overall, the bag is very durable and compact, and it comes with a lot of compartments for better organizing. However, the bag isn’t light, so if you don’t mind carrying some extra pounds, the bag will be great for you.


  • Mesh compartment for better airflow
  • Mesh compartment for carrying shoes
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Durable



  • A bit heavy

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Should You Take Care of Your Duffel Bag?

There are a few things you should always ensure to keep your duffel bag free from harm’s way. For starters, don’t use bleach. Instead, use cold water and some mild detergent. Using bleach or strong detergent may fade the color away. 

Using the cold water will ensure the durability of your bag, and it will keep your bag from shrinking. Using a washing machine is no problem, but we highly recommend you avoid the dryer. After washing, don’t forget to let it dry in the sun. 

Is There Any Downside to BJJ Duffel Bags?

BJJ duffel bags are the best for carrying any BJJ equipment. However, they miss some important factors too. For starters, the BJJ duffel bags are usually hard to carry, unless you take the top-tier bags, you’ll face difficulty carrying them. 

Then again, the bags usually lack security features. So, if you want to keep your belongings safe, you may consider using extra security options.

What Precautions Must You Maintain?

The problem with even the best BJJ duffel bags is that most of them look more or less the same. This creates a lot of confusion among the BJJ practicioners and there have been a lot of incidents where people accidentally switched their bags. 

So, always make sure that your bag has a name tag on it. Plus, we highly recommend you get a security lock for your duffel bag. And last but not the least, keep odor balls in your bag, which is highly necessary. Otherwise, your bag may smell bad from the used gears. 

What are the Benefits of Using a BJJ Duffel Bag?

There are a lot of benefits to using the best BJJ duffel bag. We’ll talk about them below:


The best BJJ duffel bags always come with mesh compartments. These mesh fibers allow greater breathability, which lets the gears dry off easily.

Compartments for Organizing Gears

Several compartments are built into the best BJJ duffel bags, and with these compartments, you can make sure that you always find what you need.

Huge Storage

The BJJ duffel bags make sure that you can carry everything you need with you all the time. This is a must if you want to carry spares with you.



Now that you know everything about the best BJJ duffel bags, hopefully, you’ll be able to choose the best one for you. All the products on our list are amazing and loved by the consumers, and the deciding factor will be your preference and your budget only. However, if you are looking for the best BJJ duffel bag and budget isn’t your concern, go for the OGIO Duffel Bag without a second thought, it’s simply the best.




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