7 Best BJJ Gis For Stocky Build 2024: A Complete Buying Guide

stocky build gi reviews

You’ve probably come here because you’re stocky build and couldn’t find the right Gi yet. Well, you’ve come to the right place because in this article we’ve reviewed all things stocky build Gi for you! 

When it comes to finding the right Gi, it is not just about determining how durable the fabric is or how much pressure it can take. You should also consider factors like how it may increase your efficiency on the mats and how much flexibility it can offer. Since this is a grappling based martial arts, comfort is your best ally. So, the right Gi should be able to keep you light and cool.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Fuji BJJ Gi

Fuji All-Around BJJ Gi

#2 Runner Up

Your Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Gi

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Premium BJJ

#3 Third

Vector Sports Kimono style BJJ Gi

Vector Sports Kimono style BJJ Gi

In this article, we are going to focus on the best Gis for stocky build. Since BJJ martial artists can be of different sizes and shapes, and there is no single size that can fit anyone, finding the perfect Gi can prove to be tedious. This is why we did a little digging and made this short list of the best BJJ Gi for a stocky build. 

All of these options will be great for your comfort and performance. That being said, it is always a good idea to check a size chart before picking your favourite one. If you are under 6 feet, sizes A2 and A3 can fit quite well. It is recommended that you avoid going any bigger than A2.

BJJ Gi Size Chart





5ft 4” – 5ft 7”

132 – 143lbs


5ft 7” – 5ft 9”

143 – 158lbs


5ft 11” – 6ft

143 – 158lbs


5ft 8” – 6ft

158 – 180lbs


5ft 11” – 6ft 2”

158 – 180lbs


6ft 1” – 6ft 3

180 – 209lbs


6ft 3” – 6ft 4”

180 – 209lbs


6ft 1” – 6ft 4”

209 – 265lbs

Best BJJ Gis For Stocky Build 2024

The ultra light Gi designed by Vector sports provides great comfort for athletes and leaves them focused on the roll with zero distractions. The flamma series has a soft inner lining for rash control and inner comfort. 

These Gis are completely patchless and extremely durable. They are made with pre-shrunk fabric, so you don’t have to worry about shrinking. These Gis come with a heat resistant rubberized collar that contains high tech EVA foam and  6 stitch lining. Also, there are no patches in the flamma series Gis.

Product Features:

  • Competition grade material – the jacket is made of 450 GSM double pearl weave fabric and the pants from reinforced ripstop fabric.
  • Strategically placed soft inner lining for extra comfort and protection from rashes.
  • Designed in a slightly tapered athletic cut that reduces extra bagginess, which makes it a great BJJ Gi for stocky build.
  • Quadruple stitching on the cuffs and borders.

Did you ever think that a legend could inspire the design of a Gi? That is the case with this one. The idea of Yuki Gi from Senso comes from the Japanese tale about the koi fish, which swam up a waterfall and became a dragon. You can tell that by seeing the mighty koi embroidered on the jacket and pants. 

There’s a Japanese saying that goes, “Koi No Taki-Nobori.” This means “Koi climbing the rapids,” which is also shown in the embroideries. This “legendary” Gi has Coolmax lining that features a big group of vibrant koi in a traditional Japanese pattern inside the gusset, jacket, and jacket skirt. It is also made from pre-shrunk fabric and includes an EVA collar.

Product Features:

  • 450 GSM pearl weave cotton
  • Perfectly balanced EVA foam collar.
  • Reinforced knee pads.
  • Ripstop lapel.
  • Brushed jacket.
  • Elastic drawstrings for the pants.

A must have requirement for athletes with stocky build is comfort without restriction. This heavyweight gold weave Gi is made with the finest cotton and has reinforced stress areas that provide the ultimate comfort while maintaining strength and durability. 

On top of that, it features a meticulously detailed design that makes it a great combination of fashion and function. The gold weave fabric delivers a customized fit and unmatched comfort needed for regular rolls and everyday training. It can withstand the pressure of everyday training and intense tournaments. The intricate details in the stitching and tailored cut gives you an unmatched look that can only be compared to that of a warrior’s.

Product Features:

  • 550 GSm gold weave cotton jacket and 12 oz twill cotton pants.
  • Stunning design with embroidery and patches all over the jacket.
  • Heavyweight build provides for extreme comfort and mobility.
  • Custom fit quality makes it great for anyone with a stocky build.
  • Built for regular use and heavy performance.
  • Attentive and hand crafted design.

Venum is quite well known for its professional level Gis. The Venum contender was quite unmatched for a while for its high quality build. With the contender 2.0, Venum just upgraded “unmatched” to the next level. 

Simply put, this one is more durable and comfortable than its predecessor. It features a premium cotton blend with reinforced seams. It has an EVA foam collar to help resist your opponent’s grip and counter their attacks. The 100% cotton pants are finished with reinforced insides and ankle cuffs.

Product Features:

  • Pearl weave durable cotton.
  • 350 GSM jacket, finished with rounded and reinforced slots.
  • 230 GSM cotton pants.
  • Pre-shrunk fabric ensures no further shrinking and optimal moisture management.
  • Ultra fast clamping system.

If you have any idea about athletic accessories, you must already know how active Vector Sports is as a manufacturer. While the Flamma series Gis are dedicated to competitive grappling, they also came up with this Gi, which is perfect for all kinds of use. 

It is a lightweight and sweat resistant Gi that can give you equal output in everyday training and pass time rolls. It is also ideal for all experience levels. The breathable cotton fabric allows you to stay comfortable during training sessions and tournaments and prevents overheating. The design is complete with stylish shoulder patches and embroideries.

Product features:

  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric.
  • EVA foam collar prevents opponents from grabbing.
  • Quadruple stitched cuffs.
  • Double reinforced knees and hips.
  • 10 oz ripstop pants.

For the best Gi on a budget for stocky build types, this model from Your Jiu Jitsu is an amazing choice. They guarantee the best price in the market. It is designed by an experienced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist. Because of this, it is very popular among BJJ specialists from all levels. The best part about these is that they have absolutely no patches – not even one by the manufacturers. You can customize these Gis however you like it. These are great for school tournaments and local BJJ gyms too. 

Product Features:

  • High quality cotton fabric.
  • Two different fabrics to choose from: standard 450 and light 350.
  • Durable material.
  • Rubberized collar.
  • Reinforced seams as well as pants

For our top pick, we had to choose something worth splurging. And what could be more worthy than a model declared number 1 by BJJ Black Belt Travis Stevens? 

It’s not just that the Fuji All-Around is an award-winning BJJ Gi, it has also been recognized as the best in the world by many industries and users. These Gis will give you a superior comfort fit and durability ensured by Fuji’s premium cotton blend design. 

Add the durable, reinforced stress points and the IBJJF competition certification to the mix, and you get the well deserved title of the best-selling and most trusted BJJ Gi build on the planet. 

Product features:

  • Mid-weight build, complete with Fuji’s special weave fabric.
  • Soft and comfortable cotton twill collar.
  • Cotton twill pants with cotton drawstrings.

Things To Consider Before Buying A BJJ Gi if You’re Stocky Build

The perfect Gi for you should be able to withstand the pressure from regular practices and fights. It should also be able to ensure you get the most mobility and stay cool and comfortable in the ring. You can also look into the following factors:


We know that this is not that much of an important factor. But if you want to go professional and plan on competing in the IBJJF tournaments, you should be aware of the officially approved colors. Though white is the more traditional standard for Gi colors, black and blue are also allowed in most competitions. If you just want to start training, though, then any color should suffice.


The typical lapel fills are usually rubber and cotton, with rubber being the more common one. Between the two, cotton lapels are advised by the experts because cotton lapels can be far more comfortable than their rubber counterparts and not as restrictive. 

But that does not mean that rubber lapels are any less comfortable. A good quality rubber lapel can be equally flexible, and they are not exposed to bacteria or germs like the cotton ones typically are.


You should know how the different kinds of weave can serve you in different rolling situations. Depending on your training regimen and the environment you roll in, some specific styles of weaves can be better than others. These are the common types of weaves:

Single Weave

The single weave Gis are the primary models and also the cheapest ones. They are also much lighter and less resilient than the more heavily weaved ones. These are perfect for beginners who are still in training. So, if you are a regular athlete, then you should never go for single weave Gis.

Double Weave

These are much thicker and more durable than the single weaved ones. They offer extra padding that can be great for defense and longer rolling sessions. These can also add significantly to your strength. However, double weave Gis are comparatively more expensive than single weave ones, but they also last twice as long, making them the more economic choice.

Gold Weave

If you tried both the single weave and the double weave but can’t decide between the two, then you can go for the gold weave one. These are much stronger and more durable than both the single and double weave. And yet, these still manage to be lightweight. This type of weave is best for the more experienced athletes or experts in BJJ.

Pearl Weave

The latest design in Gis are the pearl weave ones. These are as lightweight as the single weave ones and as durable as the gold weave ones. They are more popular in places with hotter climates.


What Does GI Stand For?

It doesn’t stand for anything. The word ‘GI’ is derived from the Japanese word ‘keikoGi’ or ‘doGi,’ which translates to “uniform for training.”

How often does a BJJ Gi last?

This depends on how you maintain and care for them. The typical lifespan of a standard Gi is 2 years. We have also written a full guide on how long BJJ Gis last.

Best BJJ Gi for Stock Built – Conclusion

The Gi BJJ sport is the more intellectual one between Gi and NoGi styles. That is why it is more popular among those who like to plan out their strategy before entering the mats. Picking the right Gi for your specific body type is a crucial part of your rolling plan, and the type of Gi you wear on the mats can influence how you perform. For this reason, you should be careful about the Gi you will use throughout your BJJ career.




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