Best BJJ Grappling Dummies To Improve Your Game

A grappling dummy can be a perfect friend for you to achieve success in a variety of martial arts particularly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Not only does it help you have a productive training session but works to better your skills and strength regardless of your level of expertise. 

But you cannot just randomly pick one from the market. For this, we’ve selected the 6 best BJJ grappling dummies for you. But before getting to the reviews, let’s learn a bit more about the grappling dummy and factors that you should consider while buying. 

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Combat Sports Fitness Jiu-Jitsu Dummy

Combat Sports Fitness Jiu-Jitsu Dummy

#2 Runner Up

ROLL HARD Brand Ground & Pound Dummy

ROLL HARD Brand Ground & Pound Dummy

#3 Third

LEATHERAY Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Dummy

LEATHERAY Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Dummy

About Grappling Dummies

Grappling Dummy refers to a human-shaped model that has been designed for martial-art training purposes. It serves as a substitute for the human body.

With this, not only newbies, but also professional fighters can practice their solo drills and perfect their dexterity. As a result, it helps save their training partner from getting hurt. 

Grappling dummies play a significant role in the world of BJJ and MMA. While some of them are ideal to practice submissions, some are used for striking and throwing. 

A decent grappling dummy should be flexible yet resistant. It should be designed in a way so you can put it in different positions to practice different styles of grappling.


Types of Grappling Dummies

When it comes to the types of BJJ grappling dummies, there are several available for fighters. Different designs help them better a particular style of grappling. 

Throwing and Striking

The throwing and striking dummy is used to practice hard take-downs that could potentially hurt a training partner. It also serves as an ideal substitute for a fighter who wishes to practice their pound and ground combat game. 

Throwing and striking dummies often come with fixed standing stances and rigid limbs that make it tough to place them in a grappling position.

Grappling and Submission

A grappling and submission dummy is an excellent pick to drill a certain submission from the guard, mount side-control, and more. It typically weighs less for which it may not translate well into takedown practice as other grappling dummies do.


Factors to consider when purchasing BJJ grappling dummy


One of the most significant factors would be the flexibility of the BJJ grappling dummy. Make sure it’s flexible enough so you can lock it into any realistic submissions just like how you’d put a human in. The dummy should return to its original shape too after you release the submission. 

If you want a dummy for strikes and takedowns, then you can consider one with stiff limbs. If it’s for submission, then focus more on perfect flexibility. 

However, unearthing a dummy with an ideal balance of flexibility and stiffness can be a bit tricky. If it’s over-flexible, then you may not get much resistance. On the other hand, if it’s too stiff, then you may have a hard time putting it into realistic submissions and locks. 


BJJ grappling dummies can come in different sizes. But that doesn’t mean you can pick one randomly. Make sure you don’t go too big or small, rather choose a size that will be similar to you or your opponent. This way, you can properly practice your drills. 

Typically, you may find three kinds of sizes of a grappling dummy. 

2’6″ to 3’9″ (80 to 120cm) for children

4’2″ to 4’9″ (130 to 150cm) for teens

4’9″ and above (150 and above) for adults



A filled BJJ grappling dummy can be very weighty which can range from 20 kg to 75 kg. So, it’d require a lot of effort to move it compared to a human being. In such a case, you need to get one that will weigh way less than you. However, the dummy should also have a perfect weight so you can put in some effort to move it. 

That said, you can fill a dummy to make it lighter or heavier. Make sure you check with the manufacturer before making a purchase.

Filled vs. Unfilled

Grappling dummies can come either unfilled or filled. It depends on the producer but both have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

The filled dummy boasts high-quality filling. It typically can be shredded cloth or sand that is filled throughout the dummy uniformly and densely. Filled ones also help leave your worries about choosing and stuffing the filler behind. 

However, since the dummy has fillings, it will be heavier, making it costlier to ship. Moreover, you will find it hard as well to set it up at your studio or home. 

An unfilled dummy will arrive empty inside. It will be lighter to carry and cheaper to ship. One great thing about a dummy like that is you can stuff it with different fillers. Many fighters use clothes as it’s easier to work with than sand. 

However, such dummies can be harder to fill uniformly. As a result, it may end up taking more time to fill. Another disadvantage is that it can cost more because of the external need for filler material. 


To get the best BJJ grappling dummy, make sure you get one of high-quality material. This ensures their endurance of frequent abuses and beatings. As you’ll be practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll need the stitching and seams of the dummy to hold well together, particularly in the joint areas. 

Speaking of material, the outer layer can be either made of genuine leather, high-grade PVC, or canvas. These 3 can ensure high-wear resistance and safety. 


– Dummies with handles 

Such dummies are basically boxing bags that have handles in different regions. Not only they are designed for rehearsing throws and drops but for punches and kicks too. 

You will find them more reasonable than other shapes. However, they may lack a wide variety of movements. 

– Dummies with limbs

Such a dummy comes with just limbs in a seated position with the legs bent and arms in front. You can mount some of them in an upright position too. 

Because of their efficiency and reasonable price, the majority of the fighters prefer them over other shapes. Dummies with limbs can let you practice several sorts of BJJ moves. And they are perfect for different kinds of groundwork and wrestling although, there are some exceptions. For instance, you can’t train wrist locks with them as they don’t have hands.

– Dummies with limbs and hands

Dummies that have both limbs and hands come in a seated position too. And you can use it upright as well. As for the cost, such dummies can be way pricier than other shapes. 

But they are worth buying because of the versatility and uses they offer. You can practice different kinds of groundwork, blocks, and locks with them. Not just that, you can use it for any style of martial arts too for the presence of feet and hands.

Top 6 BJJ Grappling Dummies

This model has almost everything that you mainly look for in the best BJJ grappling dummy. Combat Sports has designed this dummy with military-grade vinyl construction that ensures durability.  

The filling used for the dummy is textile flap shreds which makes it pretty solid yet stiff. This can be a pro and a con but you’ll love using it to rehearse Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques, throws, takedowns, and other moves. Not just that, the dummy can stand up to hefty throws right into strikes as well as submission shots.

Moreover, you’ll find the legs and torso more on the flexible side. Hence, you can work from positions such as side control and back-mount as well as open and closed guard. 

The arms do feel a bit shorter yet it works well for rehearsing triangles, arm-bars, and so on. 

One great thing about the dummy is that it comes with hands on the ends of its arms. With this, you can practice joint manipulation as well as try technical moves for arm attacks.

As for the weight and height, it is around 120lbs and stands 5′ 10″ which is great for adults. 


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Decent price to value ratio
  • Great for different grappling styles
  • Articulated joint movement
  • Easy to clean
  • Filled


  • Too stiff
  • Shorter arms

This can be the best BJJ grappling dummy for someone amateur who is on a tight budget. Roll Hard has used solid military-grade Cordura for the construction to make it big and human-like. Since the material is heavy-duty, it can endure several practice sessions easily. 

The dummy comes filled with high-quality stuffing where the half shin leg area has been stuffed with sand. This can be very helpful for you to improve your leg strength. Not just that, you’ll love its flexibility and bendability too that let you practice different kinds of BJJ moves be it takedowns or throws. 

When it comes to weight and height, it weighs around 55-60 pounds and stands 6 feet tall making it great for adults. 

The dummy can sit on its legs while remaining stable. You’ll find the base strong enough for better gripping to the mat and for a better position. 

The big plus of the dummy is that you can also practice complex BJJ moves. It can be ground and pound, wrist and feet locks, as well as submissions. 

However, a small issue is that the material is not waterproof so it can soak up water. As a result, it makes the dummy take a longer time to dry. But if you want to avoid catching a distinct odor, you need to air dry and clean it regularly. 


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Great for different and complex grappling styles
  • Reasonable
  • Easy to move
  • A strong base ensures better stability and grip
  • Filled


  • Not waterproof
  • Not for pros

Coming unfilled, this best BJJ grappling dummy can benefit you with durability, thanks to high-quality, waterproof synthetic leather. Because of the double stitches, the dummy can tolerate all the hits and tortures. 

Starting from boxing, throwing, to wrestling, this dummy can be incredible for different martial arts. It can give complete 360-degree mobility for elbows, knees, kicks, tosses, strikes, punches, and other lock tactics for training. 

One primary feature of the dummy is that it’s unfilled. So, you have the freedom to stuff it with any kind of filler you want. However, the brand suggests you avoid filling it up with sand. This can be a small con but this shouldn’t bother you. 

Speaking of cons, it can be a hassle for you to fill up the dummy. But after the stuffing phase, you are good to go. The zipper is solid enough as well to lock and hold the fillers. 

Once you stuff it up, it may weigh from 77 to 121 lbs depending on the filler type. If you are about 5-6 feet tall, then this can be the perfect pick for you.


  • High-quality material
  • Freedom of stuffing it up with any material
  • Great for a variety of martial arts techniques
  • Provides complete 360-degree mobility
  • Solid zipper
  • Easy to clean


  • Cannot fill sand
  • Takes time to fill

Having been constructed with special artificial leather, you’ll find this best BJJ grappling dummy from Classyak extremely durable. As the material is waterproof, it’s easy to clean.

The big plus of this dummy is that you can practice your martial art techniques while standing. It’s because the brand has designed it in a way so you can make it stand upright. 

One primary benefit of such a standing dummy is that it’s incredible for single as well as double leg takedowns. However, the arm is pretty short that can limit your ability to work on arm attacks. That said, it can offer complete 360-degree mobility around the body too so you can practice elbows, knees, kicks, tosses, strikes, punches, and other lock tactics for training. 

Moreover, you can stuff the dummy with several materials too as it comes unfilled. It doesn’t matter if you go with raw textile shreds or sand, the dummy will accommodate everything. Filling the product up may take some time but this shouldn’t be a big deal. 

The dummy typically stands 4-6 feet tall while weighing around 77 to 121 lbs. It can be a great pick for both teenagers and adults. 


  • High-quality material
  • Freedom of stuffing it up with any material
  • Great for different kinds of martial techniques
  • Provides complete 360-degree mobility
  • Solid zipper
  • Easy to clean


  • The arms are too short
  • Takes time to fill

The Dummy 3.0 of Ring to Cage feels very realistic to use. You will find it ideal for bettering several positions and submissions that often many dummies fail to provide. 

This dummy has used heavy-duty 22-oz. polyester coated vinyl that is both durable and tear-resistant. It comes waterproof so it won’t absorb water that makes it easy to clean. 

Moreover, the brand has constructed the product with a super-endurable system so it can fit Arm Choke drills, Arm-Bar, and Triangle. Starting from turtle position and inside guard to train guard, you can use it to practice different sorts of start position, back control, north-south, full mount, and side mount. 

Not just that, you can also try leg locks, ankle hooks, and knee bars by keeping its legs up. However, it may not be ideal for takedowns but that is a minor drawback. 

If you are someone youth, then this can be an ideal pick for you. It’s because the Blue/Red one weighs around 30 to 35 pounds while standing 4.6 feet that can match the height of a teen appropriately. 


  • Heavy-duty material
  • Great for different grappling styles
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to clean
  • A strong base ensures better stability and grip
  • Filled



  • Not for takedowns
  • A bit pricy

CELEBRITA manufactured this dummy keeping the children’s safety in mind. Its concealed zipper will also be very safe to use for all the kids. 

It has been made of high-quality canvas that guarantees you to last long. The seam has been triple-sewed strongly as well to add more durability. 

Its weight and size have been made very perfect for the kids. It can be stuffed up to 70lbs and can stand 3.5 feet long. 

Moreover, the dummy has legs and arms too to practice a variety of techniques and better the skills of newbies. 

However, one small con with the dummy is that it becomes imperfect once filled with sand. So, it will be better that you go with other fillers such as textile shreds to make it easily usable. 


  • High-quality material
  • Freedom to stuff it up with any fillers
  • Great for different kinds of martial techniques
  • Solid zipper for safety



  • Not great for using sand as fillers

Frequently Asked Questions

What fillers should you use to fill an unfilled dummy?

A: The majority of the people use filler materials such as sand, cotton batting, poly-fill, textile shreds, or punching bag stuffing. Some also mix different materials. 

Make sure you go with the one that will make the humanoid better for you. 


What kind of grappling dummy would you recommend for a newbie?

A: If your budget isn’t tight, then you can pick dummies that have hands and feet. They will help the beginners a lot to improve their strength and skills. Although you will start with learning basic movements, eventually you will get the knack of it as you progress. 

However, if you don’t have much money to spend, then you can get yourself a simple bag with handles. It serves the same purpose albeit there will be some limitations. But you don’t need to worry about that if you are a beginner. 


What size and weight of a dummy would be ideal for the children?

A: If you are looking for a dummy for a kid, then the ideal height should range from 80cm to 120cm i.e., 2ft 6 into 3ft 9in. And the ideal weight should be around 44-55lbs.


Final Thoughts

We know how hard it is to select the best BJJ grappling dummy when the options are countless. That is the reason why we narrowed them down to 6. Now, it should be easy for you to make a decision. 

Just make sure that you buy one that fulfills your requirements. Focus more on the flexibility and durability of the dummy. This should help you get the best.




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