Best Cleaners for BJJ Mats In 2021

Cleaning mats comes in different ways. You can either wash them, vacuum them, or mop them. When it comes to cleaning BJJ mats, you need to be extra careful. The best way to clean your gym mat is to use a cleaner for BJJ mats. This way, the overall fabric quality of the mat will be unchanged and at the same time, you will have a clean mat that maintains proper hygiene.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Parker Labs Disinfecting Cleaner

Parker Labs Disinfecting Cleaner

#2 Runner Up

Diversey-CBD540557 Virex

Diversey-CBD540557 Virex

#3 Third

Dollamur Mat Cleaner

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

You may think you know all the core details about getting a cleaner for your mat but let us remind you, this is not a regular mat we are talking about here. We are helping you find the best cleaner for BJJ mats. In that case here are some factors you must look out for while purchasing a cleaner onwards- 


Make sure the cleaner has a body that contains a spray. This way you can easily move it around places and spray on the toughest spot to clean the strongest stains.


Mats tend to sweat a lot and they are more prone to get fungi attacks. This results in spreading bad odor. If you want to get rid of a bad odor like this, make sure you get your hands on the types of cleaners that come with good fragrance choices. Don’t go for the ones with strong fragrances.

Germ Killing Power

A cleaner is supposed to clean the stains and germs. When you are getting a mat cleaner make sure that it can kill all types of germs and at the same time removes stains. If your cleaner cannot do both, switch to a new brand today. 

Now that you know the things you need to check before purchasing a cleaner for your BJJ mat then let’s look into the best cleaners we have picked for you

Best Disinfecting Cleaners for BJJ Mats

With the ongoing pandemic, your safety and hygiene should be your first priority. In this case, you have to level up your cleaning game. This one is one of the best cleaners for BJJ mats. It can clean all the germs that are living off your mat and take away all the unwanted smells you have been trying so hard to get rid of.

Cleaning mats can be a tough job but with this cleaner from Parker Labs now, cleaning will get ten times easier. You don’t have to change the containers in order to use this cleaner at your ease. This cleaner comes in a spraying bottle. So, you can simply spray it on your mat and you will be off to a good start. 

One of these containers weighs up to 12 ounces which means you can easily carry these around anywhere you want to. In addition, you can clean the mats while spraying directly from this bottle. This disinfecting mat cleaner will make your cleaning experience better than ever. 

One amazing fact about this cleaner is that, apart from cleaning mats, you can additionally clean washable walls and wooden furniture with this. This won’t deteriorate the quality of any of these mentioned items, but rather secure them from all the germs out there. 


  • It shields your mats from germ attacks
  • You can get rid of any type of bad odor from your mats
  • It can clean all sorts of mats
  • It is lightweight so you can carry it while cleaning
  • It has advanced spraying technology


  • We could not find any

Protect your gym family and yourself from the upcoming germ attacks, make sure you are keeping everything clean. That also includes the mats you are using. Now, clean your mats with the best mat cleaner you can find on Amazon.

This cleaner will disinfect your mats and kill germs up to 99.9%. When it comes to mats, cleaning, and disinfecting them are not the only things you need to consider. You have to additionally, take a few more factors into consideration such as the bad odor. Mats work under a vigorous workload and due to the non-breathable designs, they tend to spread a bad odor.

To eliminate the bad odor you can count on this magnificent mat cleaner we brought for you. This will not only kill all the germs from your BJJ mats but also keep all the unwanted odor off the mat.

While removing the unwanted odor, this BJJ mat cleaner leaves the mat with a lemon-scented odor that leaves the mat with a refreshing fragrance. This lemon-flavored mat cleaner comes in one gallon. This mat cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner so you can also clean your floor with this one. In addition, it can clean hard surfaces as well. 


  • It can kill germs up to 99.9%
  • It can kill different types of microorganisms from your BJJ mat
  • It leaves the fragrance of fresh lemons


  • It takes time to dry

Cleaning your mat is not as disastrous as it seems. We have brought one of the best cleaners for BJJ mats. You can try it yourself and see the fantastic results. These mat cleaners squeaky clean your BJJ mats as if you just bought them now. It won’t cause you much hassle to clean your mats as the dirt will come off easily once you will dip it into the solution.

These cleaners are fantastic in keeping mold off your mats. Molds and fungi attacks are so common when you are using a mat. In this case, using the Dollamur mat cleaner will ensure you extra protection from all types of fungi attacks. In addition to that, it will kill all the germs so you and your family can use any mat without panicking about getting sick. 

If you have any skin diseases then you must start using this cleaner for your BJJ mat from today as it can kill all the microorganisms living inside your mat. This cleaner can protect your overall health from the first use. To ensure the greatness of this mat cleaner, even EPA approved of this cleaner for BJJ mats. 


  • It adds great value for the money you will pay for
  • It can kill most of the germs hiding inside your mat
  • It is great for long term usage


  • It does not have any

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should BJJ mats be cleaned?

After every time you thoroughly use the mats, you need to clean them. The reason behind this frequent cleansing is because otherwise, these mats tend to spread a bad odor throughout the place. Over time, it becomes stinky. In addition to that, different types of fungus may attack the BJJ mat. So, clean as frequently as possible with a BJJ mat cleaner. 

What do you clean BJJ mats with?

The best way to clean a BJJ mat is to get a BJJ mat cleaner. It makes the task ten times easier. You won’t need to directly wash the mat with water. These mat cleaners soak very easily. In addition to that, these cleaners can remove the stains and bad odor from the mat. Just mop the BJJ mat with a BJJ mat cleaner and you will be good to go. 

How do you clean interlocking foam mats?

The best way to handle these types of BJJ mats is to directly vacuum them. Other side disassembling them to clean is a lengthy process, to begin with.



We have picked the best BJJ mat cleaners for you because we know how bad things can get health wise when you are using a mat on a regular basis. You can pick any of the mats and will get the most premium service from these brands.




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