Best BJJ Knee Braces in 2021 for Injury-Free & Safe Training

BJJ is one of those physically demanding hobbies, we all can’t seem to get enough of. But how do we protect our knees from the constant physical stress?

Just like any other martial art form, all avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ enthusiasts need a reliable knee brace brand to heal from injuries or protect themselves from further impact.

Don’t worry! From this point on not only you will get the help to choose your knee braces but also will get an all-around knowledge regarding the usage and purchase of the right one!

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

CAMBIVO 2 Pack Knee Brace

CAMBIVO 2 Pack Knee Brace

#2 Runner Up

POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve

POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve

#3 Third

McDavid Bionic Knee Brace

Neoprene Knee Support: McDavid Knee Compression Sleeve

Types of BJJ Knee Braces

Here in this article, we have mainly focused on the prophylactic knee braces that are specialized for post-injury support and professional/amateur daily usage or all-around early protection. Depending on the need of the client one should choose the right kind. 

Open Patella Design

These types of BJJ knee braces are more common for extreme compression or high performing activities. This design particularly has an open cut out in the patella region of the knee that gives all-around support on the knee. Not only that! Because of the cut out the compression increases and provides a more perfect fit for your injured knees. 

These kinds of knee straps or braces often come with straps or sometimes there are no straps at all depending on the design. The strapped designs are more secure for heavy work out and sport sessions and also these are more adjustable due to the need. On the other hand, the strapless ones are prone to get slipped more but easier with motions comparatively and more flexible. 

Sealed Design

These braces are mostly knee braces without any cut-out or designed in 360-degree compact protection. These kinds of knee braces focus more on the material and breathability of the product. The material plays a great role here as it determines whether the brace is going to be a good fit for the customer or not. Also, these kinds of knee braces focus more on the anti-slip material for the flexibility of the user. These kinds of braces also come either with or without straps depending on the usage and need.


Why Should You Buy BJJ Knee Braces?

Injuries and orthopedic harms are not uncommon in sports and martial arts at all. To address all these issues and more, medical experts always suggest knee braces. Especially the people who are into heavy martial arts like BJJ needs either post-injury healing or preventive measures. The knee braces help with blood circulation, provide great muscle compression and hold the structure in the right place. It also helps with conditions like swelling, inflammation, arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, etc.


How to Pick the Best Knee Guards?

There are tons of options in the market to choose from! But the right knee braces require some key features to be kept in mind while purchasing. Especially for the BJJ enthusiasts some things always need to be focused on so that one can get the best out of their purchase. 


The flexibility and ergonomic design are very important when it comes to choosing the right knee braces. The BJJ sessions require extreme movements and the whole body gets involved while making a particular move. This not only needs enough room for making the movements but also enough support and strength in the knee region. The flexibility of the material helps with the BJJ session making it a breeze and the design plays a big role here.


The material quality of the fabric of the knee braces is very essential for proper ventilation, blood flow, structural support, and durability. As BJJ sessions are quite hardcore martial art that has a lot of outrageous activities involved the material better be high-quality neoprene, nylon, spandex, or other synthetic ones. The material quality and the stitch quality not only determine the durability but also provides comfortable anti-slip protection, great compression, moisture protection, breathability, etc. 


No one wants a wet, tacky knee brace right after every BJJ session. This is why it is very important for anyone to choose a knee brace that is waterproof or moisture-proof to protect the braces from any external moisture or provide sweat protection. This helps a lot with the washing hassle every time and also helps with the odor problem a lot of people go through.


A well-branded product doesn’t only give you the assurance of good quality service but also provides great warranty service for a long time. The brands’ performances are based on good customer reviews and bestselling services on the market. So, it’s always a smarter choice to go with a trusted brand with a good reputation. 


While choosing good BJJ knee braces always remember that breathability is the key. If the design doesn’t suit the ventilation needs then it will be very uncomfortable to carry on with such products. So, material ventilation is very essential for proper air circulation and the comfort of the knee area. Otherwise, this also causes a bad odor which surely no one wants to experience while having an intense BJJ session.


A good design is a key to everything else. A smartly executed design can make all the other features come alive in a proper way. The right size, the right amount of compression, activity type, and durability should be kept in mind while choosing the right knee brace design type.

Top 5 Best BJJ Knee Braces

For those who are going through light knee/leg injuries from excessive training or an unfortunate match or just have returned from the rehab, a good knee brace is a must that supports the injuries to heal. Cambivo knee braces can be that trusted companion of yours. 

Especially those who have swelling, inflammation, arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis can easily use this to rejuvenate their pain. This provides utmost comfort with its clever design. The design includes reinforced double-stitching along with strong Velcro closures. It is made for any professional or medical use as well as personal use.

The knee brace provides you sufficient air circulation and warmth to heal the injury faster due to its design. The braces are specifically made with fabrics that maintain optimal joint temperature. 

These knee braces also come with an anti-slip silicone design for the utmost comfort. Great for any extreme or outdoor sport and even home gym. Sports like martial art and BJJ can be easily done because of their super comfortable and flexible design made for any activities and motions. 


  • Unisex design
  • Anti-slip silicone material
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Flexible usage


  • Falls short in the looks

These knee sleeves are perfect for any heavy-duty service like extreme sports or martial arts! So, this can be one of the best choices for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. 

This provides amazing support across your knees and gives you a phenomenal guard from the injuries. Not only that it provides an ample amount of support for those who are going through knee injuries. This is specialized in any extreme usage along with your daily activities.

It’s great with motion and extremely flexible. The fabric is made in a tight and compressed manner to help with its breathability and avoid any irritation or itchiness. The materials are 80% nylon and 20% spandex and come in a chick black color perfect for anyone on any occasion. 

It is also sweat absorbent and odor-free. This comes in an anti-slip design that helps with heavy usage in competitive sports. 


  • Unique design
  • Anti-slip design
  • Moisture absorbent
  • High-quality material


  • Not easy to wash

This product is specifically made for high compression on your knees to heal faster and increase blood flow. It is a perfect fit for those who are looking for post-injury care and something for daily usage. 

The design and the material are cleverly chosen for keeping the purpose in mind. It comes in the color black and it is made of high-quality neoprene material. The material and the design quality are so slim and light that it is fit for daily outdoor workouts for your practice sessions along with yoga sessions. The stitching quality is extremely durable and it has 5 needle stitches for creating a seam that is flatter and stronger. 

This one is also a great preventive item for your knees from future arthritis, tendonitis, patella alignment injuries, bursitis, meniscus tears, etc., and can help heal existing injuries much faster.

The quality and the material of the fabric is very productive as it helps with sweat and odor and itchiness.  


  • Water and sweat-resistant neoprene material
  • Circular cut out for maximum compression
  • Extremely lightweight and sleek
  • High-quality stitch


  • More suitable for daily usage than heavy usage

Are you looking for a wholesome knee brace that will be the perfect value for your money and packed with smart features? Then, this one is just right for you. This knee sleeve is not just a high performing product but also some of the best bestsellers in the market! The reviews and the performance say all about it.

It has a really sleek design that matches its purpose and is extremely durable – just perfect for your heavy-duty BJJ matches. Extremely good for pain relief whether it be a post-injury situation or pre-injury situation. The high compression sleeve has the unique quality to stabilize and support the joint in terms of extreme situations like arthritis or orthopedic pain.

This product is specialized for any extreme heavy-duty sport or outdoor activity like basketball, soccer, golf, hiking, or regular gym session. So, you can sense how perfect it will be for all your BJJ sessions. The material is spandex, nylon, latex fiber.

The flexible ergonomic design allows the knee sleeve to perform in an efficient way without creating any hindrance in the motion or regular activity. Comes in several color variations and almost all sizes that will fit everyone. This is also a great fit for unisex use that promises to provide the utmost comfort in any situation. 


  • Strong and durable build quality
  • Comes in a lot of color and size variations
  • Flexible and ergonomic design 
  • Sweatproof and itch-proof 
  • Perfect for unisex usage 


  • The design can seem too tight for some users

For those who are more of a fan of an open patella design, this Amazon’s Choice bestseller is a suitable companion for your BJJ sessions. This knee brace has a unique design fit for the ultimate compression and comfort for your knees. Packed with high-performing features this one is a great catch for any BJJ or extreme sports enthusiast who is going through orthopedic issues on their knees.

Built with high-quality material that suits your needs this knee brace offers you an experience of ultimate comfort. The design comes in 4-way support for your knees. Where most of the knee braces have only 2 to 3 straps of no straps at all this one comes with 4! This enables a wider range of motion and provides anti slip and flexible design for every movement. The brace is designed especially for 360-degree protection around your knees. 

This is particularly made for all-day support while doing any sort of low effort or extreme activity. Perfect for your daily workout sessions and practice matches this brace is made of a material that is extremely lightweight and soothing to the skin.

The material is neoprene which is quite breathable and it comes in the color black. The design is well suited for unisex use and has a great variety of size ranges fit for anyone. The open patella design that has a circular cut out in the middle provides extreme compression and helps heal the injury with great blood flow. 


  • Extreme compression
  • Size variants and unisex design
  • 4 adjustable straps
  • 360 protection and flexible for motion


  • High-end price; not very reasonable

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Should You Take Care of Your BJJ knee braces?

Always remember to keep your knee braces in a separate section away from other gear. This will make sure that the knee braces are safe from fungal attack (which is very unlikely) and maintain their durability. Try to carefully handle the knee braces and keeping them clean is a must! Cleaning the knee braces according to the manufacturer’s guidelines is compulsory and also it helps with odor and dirt build-up. Other than these knee braces are quite easy to maintain. Just don’t mix it up with your mates’ ones!

Is There Any Downside to BJJ Knee braces?

BJJ knee braces can be bad for you if not used correctly or you choose the wrong ones for yours. Hence, it is extremely important to keep your size, activity type, special medical need, material, and design, etc. Otherwise, it can create a wrong type of compression on your knees which will create further problems in your knee structure. However, like everything else excessive usage is not allowed here too. Excessively using knee braces can weaken your knees eventually and make your knees more prone to injuries for not taking enough care.

What are the Benefits of Using a BJJ knee brace?

The usage of BJJ knee braces can provide you multiple benefits. Such as:

Post Injury Recovery:

From amateurs to proficient BJJ artists everyone requires good orthopedic support while it comes to post-injury or post-operative care. The knee braces are highly recommended by medical professionals for better recovery and faster healing process and for those who suffer from conditions like inflammation, swelling, arthritis, etc. knee braces are a must!

Early Protection:

Knee braces are great for protecting the structure and the bones of the knee from any future injury, strain, or ligament/tendon issues. This gives an all-around comfort for everyone. It also drastically improves the health of the knees and existing light issues due to proper usage and care.

Final Thoughts

Now you have all the required knowledge about the BJJ knee braces to suit your needs! So, look no further and make a wise decision today according to your preferences. But if you ask us then we would suggest you go with the CAMBIVO 2 Pack Knee Brace. It not only provides wholesome protection, but it will also provide great value for your money within a moderate budget. This best seller is also loved by many customers for its all-inclusive design and quality service. So, don’t wait and grab yours now!




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