What are the 10 Best Women’s BJJ Rash Guards?

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Pressure Grappling Women's Premium BJJ Rash Guard

#2 Runner Up

Raven Fight wear Women's Aerial Assault Premium BJJ Rash Guard

#3 Third

Sicchic Women's Rash Guard BJJ Rash Guard

All Top 10 Women’s BJJ Rash Guard

This black and green premium BJJ rash guard has everything an athlete looks for in her rash guard. The product is made from a mixture of wikpro polyester and spandex fabric making it flexible and stretch proof. Even when you’re down on the mat and grappling your opponent the fabric will stay in place because of its elasticity. The added belt closure ensures that your rash guard stays in place. The flatlock reinforced seam throughout the rash guard gives the product much-needed durability. The stretchy athletic fit of the rash guard can accommodate any body shape.  

Design and Quality: 

Fully sublimated graphic design on the back and the chest gives this rash guard a vibrant look. The Pressure Grappling logo stands out on the canvas of the fabric. You won’t have to worry about the design wearing off as the designs are laser-printed.

Key Benefits: 

  • Includes belt closure 
  • Completely sublimated graphics that are vibrant 
  • Supports many body shapes
  • 4/6 flat-lock reinforced seams

This full sleeve all black rash guard will look stunning on any body type. The grey accent on the sleeves makes it look even better. The fabric is lightweight and breathable which means you can practice for hours and hours without feeling agitated or uncomfortable. Raven fight wear brand used a unique four-way stretchable fabric that can stretch in all directions on this product. This will allow you to move freely and get the better of your opponent on all fronts.

Design and Quality: 

Most of the current BJJ rash guards use sublimated graphics design on the fabric. This method ensures the prints don’t fade even after multiple washes. The quality of the print is way better than the typical prints and it lasts for a long time. The brand logo is perfectly positioned on the left chest and the grey feature prints on the arm give this BJJ rash guard a rigid character. The stitching is reinforced flatlock stitching which means it can handle the pulls and locks from your opponents.  

Key Benefits: 

  • Full sleeve 
  • Sublimated graphics with grey accents 
  • Reinforced flatlock stitching 
  • Four-way stretchable fabric

Sicchic has made this black BJJ rash guard with blue arms especially for athletes It looks great on all body shapes and the full sleeve protects your arms and elbows. The product is made from 3% Lycra and 97% polyester. This makes the clothing lightweight and durable. The moisture soaking fabric will keep your body dry and muscles relaxed even after exaggerated training.   

Design and Quality: 

This BJJ will catch everyone’s attention because of its stylish design. The vibrant blue on top of the black gives life to this product. The ultra-smooth finish of the design and material will keep you comfortable. It stays tight to your body to give that skin-like feel. Not everyone is a fan of it but it’s good for your performance. You get good value for money with this product.

Key Benefits: 

  • Full sleeve with blue accent 
  • Lightweight and high-quality fabric 
  • Vibrant design 
  • Stays tight to your body

Lotus Fight wear has brought two different color variants of the same design. All the other factors except for the color is the same on both the BJJ rash guards. This one has a pink and white zigzag design on the arm giving it that unique look. The material is made from 86% polyester and 14% spandex. The blend of spandex and polyester is good for durability and flexibility. By using a rubber strip on the hem they have ensured that the rash guard doesn’t slide up when you grapple your opponent.

Design and Quality: 

The Lotus brand logo on the back might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but from the front, the rash guard looks decent. You can wear it as a casual outfit as well. Fully sublimated printing ensures that the designs don’t fade off with time. You won’t have to hesitate when going to the ground by grappling your opponent as this rash guard protects from scrapes and cuts.  

Key Benefits: 

  • The full sleeve protects from scrapes and cuts
  • Made from a blend of polyester and spandex
  • Rubber hem keeps it from sliding up your back 
  • Fully-sublimated printing

Pressure Grappling comes up with another quality women’s BJJ rash guard with long sleeve. Now, many athletes may not prefer long sleeves but there’s no denying that it protects you from scrapes and cuts. This rash guard is made from a mixture between WikPro polyester and spandex. The material is stretchy and lightweight which means it can accommodate any type of body shape. Most importantly you will feel comfortable wearing it. Flatlock stitching, silicone lockdown, this rash guard ticks all the boxes of a quality product.

Design and Quality: 

The aqua blue color with ocean blue accent on the arms makes this rash guard lively. A lot of the rash guards have very dull colors and designs but not this one. The silicone lockdown hem will keep your clothing in place during fights and you can wear it for hours. Overall the quality of the product makes it ideal for different sports like swimming, surfing, and even Crossfit. Fair to say this is a multi-functional rash guard 

Key Benefits: 

  • Aqua blue color
  • Material is a mixture of Wikpro polyester and spandex
  • Silicone lockdown hem 
  • Stretchy fabric; accommodates different body shapes

Fuji is a very well-known brand in the BJJ gi industry. This is their very first BJJ rash guard for women and they didn’t disappoint with the quality and design of this product. Once you get a hold of this product you will feel that they have been making women’s rash guards for years. It has a tapered waist that is ideal for lean body athletes. You won’t have to compromise in style with this one. It is comparatively a bit more expensive than its competitors. But sometimes you need to pay a few extra bucks for the brand value. 

Design and Quality: 

The Kimono fabric design of the rash guard is a bold look for any athlete. But if you are confident enough you can easily pull it off. It has yellow stitching throughout the body which complements the whole design of this rash guard. Fuji has ensured that their designs and prints won’t crack because they’ve used sublimated printing on this product.

All things considered, this is a great deal and you shouldn’t miss out on it. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Kimono design with yellow stitching 
  • Tapered waist 
  • Industry grade fabric made for contact sport

Be a beast in the arena by wearing this excellent rash guard made by the Black Widow brand. Its sleek design, skin-like fit that stays tight to the body, and moisture soaking fabric have earned it such a high spot on the list. This rash guard is very durable because it has reinforced seams throughout the body. It was specially made for female fighters. Once you wear it you will notice the tailored fit and it will instantly boost your confidence for the fights and training.

One important factor about this product that should be mentioned is a portion from every sale is donated to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence. By buying this you are not only getting an excellent product but you’ll also be supporting an important cause. 

Design and Quality: 

The ‘Beast’ writing on the chest truly catches the eye. The blue they used on this product is vibrant and eye-catching and not one of those mundane colors. The sublimated graphic printing ensures that the designs don’t fade. This rash guard has a tight fit and it was influenced by the Brazilian style rash guards. So, if you prefer wearing a looser fit, then get a larger size.

Key Benefits: 

  • Tailored fit 
  • Designed for female fighters  
  • Sleek design, moisture soaking fabric
  • Reinforced seam throughout the body

O’Neill has put a lot of emphasis on their product’s material. The fabric they use is UPF50+ certified and on top of that this product is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. The fabric is a mixture of polyester and spandex making it comfortable and flexible. A lot of the times hard stitching causes rash but the minimal seam positioning on this rash guard won’t cause you any harm. You can use it in different contact sports and even for swimming, and sailing. 

Design and Quality: 

This product has a minimal design. It doesn’t have any significant patterns or designs that will catch your eye. But sometimes simplicity is the best choice for fashion. The O’Neill logo on the chest looks decent. Other than the black colored rash guard they offer different varieties of color choices. The crew neck design is ideal for contact sports and it lets your skin breathe. Simple and durable truly explains this rash guard from O’Neill perfectly.

Key Benefits: 

  • Simple and durable
  • Protects from UV rays and rashes
  • Crew neck design 
  • Skin Cancer Foundation recommended product

Female athletes who prefer wearing short-sleeved rash guard instead of full sleeve ones can go with this one. This product is a customer favorite mainly because of the quality. It is made from a blend of polyester and spandex.  You can wash the product in your washing machine without having to worry about fading. This rash guard has a UPF 50+ rating. So you will be safe from UV rays which means you can use it for outdoor sports as well. 

Design and Quality: 

The round enclosed neck goes well with the half sleeves. There’s a beautiful design on the hips but other than that the canvas is plain and simple. The material is flexible and comfortable to wear. You will be able to maneuver on the mat smoothly with this rash guard.

Key Benefits: 

  • UPF 50+ rating for UV protection 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Round enclosed neck with half sleeves  
  • Machine Washable

The number one spot goes to this rash guard from Wanayou. Overall this product provides the best value for the money. The material is top-notch and it checks out all the right boxes. The fabric is a blend between polyester and spandex. As you’ve read already this blend provides the best comfort and fit. The fabric can soak up the sweat, letting your body breathe. You will stay dry and comfortable all day wearing this product.

Design and Quality: 

Being simple is elegant, at least that’s what Wanayou believes. This product has grey stitching which is a nice touch. Plus, the crewneck goes well with the long sleeves.  You can choose from multiple color options if you don’t prefer black. No matter which color you choose the quality will always remain topnotch

Key Benefits: 

  • Moisture soaking fabric 
  • Material made from a blend of polyester and spandex
  • Crewneck, long sleeves and a straight hem  
  • Seamless look

Final Thoughts

In the end, it comes down to what type of BJJ athlete you are and your personal preference. But no matter which women’s BJJ rash guard you choose from the list you won’t be disappointed.

All of the women’s rash guards on this list provide great value for money. So order away without any hesitation.




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