BJJ Gi Brands List: The Top Guide for 2021

bjj gi brand list

The Gi is a training uniform that is worn by Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioners. In the world of BJJ, the training uniform is of the utmost importance. A quality Gi helps to enhance the performance of fighters. So people who want to get into this sport or who are already in it should learn about the best Gi brands. Every brand has their signature style and design. But at times, differentiating between a good Gi brand and a bad one can be a complicated task. 

Because of the variation in products, you have the option to choose according to your preference. You can go for a classic Gi attire, or if you’re planning to change things up, you can go for a more modern Gi. Having multiple options in your closet is a must in the current day and age. Find a brand that goes with your personality and be brave with it.

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Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Gi Brands

The following list is in no particular order. All the brands on this list are credible, and they have been producing quality Gis for years. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best BJJ GI brands on the market.


The Fuji brand was established by Frank Hatashita in 1969, who is the 8th Dan. Frank Hatashita is known for serving the role of vice-president at the International Judo Foundation. He is also the former president of the Pan American Judo Federation. Hatashita is a sensei to many academics and trainers. Being associated with multiple dojos and jiu-jitsu competitions, Hatashita has established a name for himself in the community. He is regarded as a visionary in the martial arts arena, and that’s why when he created this brand, everyone adored it instantly.  

Fuji creates the most affordable gears in the market, providing great value for money. They sell various sports gears and attires, including the Gi. Their tagline “Achieve Excellence” along with the mount Fuji logo resonates with the jiu-jitsu practitioners. 

People like Lia Hatashita and Jimmy Pedro are an integral part of the brand. It’s fair to say you can’t go wrong with Fuji Sports Gi.

Notable Features of the brand: 

  • Quality products at reasonable prices
  • Designed by professionals for professionals 
  • Available in most regions of the world


Anyone who doesn’t know about the Hyperfly brand might think of it as a part of Nike. But let me assure you, Hyperfly and Nike aren’t related. This doesn’t take away anything from the quality products Hyperfly makes. 

Hyperfly is relatively new to the market. This brand was established in 2011. Because of their unique Gi products, they have made a name for themselves within a short period. They want to build a community for the jiu-jitsu fighters. Their brand motto is, “You can’t teach heart”. This is something every fighter deeply believes in. 

Hyperfly is backed by some famous athletes in the martial arts arena. This played a huge part in their instant success. The tagline itself is eye-catching. They have some talented group of designers who come up with innovative designs and products almost every season. The aesthetic design, build quality, and the hand-picked raw material is the ideal combination to lead the market of Gi products. Occasionally they release limited edition cut and sew items that get sold out before you even have a chance to ponder on the thought.

Notable Features of the Brand: 

  • Modern and innovative design 
  • Backed by famous athletes 
  • Limited edition products 
  • The powerful tagline to match the branding


Shoyoroll is another established brand in the Gi industry. They are known for leading the line when it comes to combining style with performance with their innovative products. The brand has a streetwear vibe to it. So if you are into that sort of garment, you should check them out.

They have a unique outlook on their branding, and historically they have backed many underdog athletes in the martial arts arena who later on became legends of the sport. Back in the day, MMA fighters used to wear Gis during their entrance walk, which represented their heritage and teachings. Shoyoroll takes inspiration from that in various aspects of their product designing. 

The brand has a strong fan following as they combine streetwear and skate culture while making Gis. Most of the products disappear off the shelves within weeks. That’s why you constantly have to keep an eye out for their new drops.

Notable Features of the Brand: 

  • The stylistic approach to their branding
  • A mixture of streetwear fashion, skate culture, and vintage MMA
  • Top-end brand


The spelling itself is a hint of the edgy branding that Venum is trying to push. They make garments for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and even basic fitness clothing. What sets them apart from the competitors is their unconventional approach to design and style.

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu team of Venum consists of Gustavo Batista, Luiza Monteiro, Renato Canuto, Raquel Canuto, and Gianni Grippo. Gustavo Batista is famous for beating black belt athletes when he was a brown belt.  And Luiz Montero is at the forefront of her generation’s BJJ athletes. The brand’s association with such names truly complement their product.

A key feature of Venum’s Gi products is, when a Gi attire becomes a hit, they come up with versions and modify the existing structure. Venum challenger, which is their most talked about Gi, is currently running the 4.0 version. For the product to reach that stage, the previous versions had to be decent.

Notable Features of the Brand:   

  • Stylish product line with edgy designs 
  • Associated with world-famous BJJ athletes
  • Made for fighters 
  • Use of performance-enhancing weaving and material

Tatami Fightwear

After being established in 2009, Tatami Fightwear didn’t take too long to rise to the top of the Gi market. Since then, they never had to look back, and now they have diversified their product line by introducing sports accessories. 

The brand was created in South Wales by Gareth Dummer and Lee Jones. Gareth Dummer is a BJJ black belt athlete himself. The brand has managed to reach every dojo and BJJ training center across the globe. Selling high-quality products at a reasonable price is the primary aim of the brand. Coming from humble beginnings, the founders understand the importance of affordability.

Their rise to fame is mainly down to introducing innovative Gis’ that are affordable for the maximum number of athletes. They have contributed to the growth of the sport by partnering with fighters and training centers, and Tatami is associated with the Royal Marines REORG foundation. This perfectly aligns with their mission of making BJJ accessible to the general public.

The brand has evolved over the decade. They have introduced a new range of Gis, combat sports gear, and even leisurewear. The journey of this brand was mainly pushed by people sitting behind a desk, who constantly come up with innovative ideas and designs.

Tatami Fightwear supports pioneers like Vitor’ Shaolin’ Ribeiro, JT Torres, and Robson Moura. This has enabled them to have a loyal fan base who supports and loves the brand.


Notable Features of the Brand:   

  • Best quality Gis at an affordable price point 
  • Worn by both pioneers and rookies 
  • Different color options
  • Diverse product line


Gameness started its journey back in 1998, and to this day, the brand is still going strong. They managed to sustain themselves because of their eye-catching design and quality products. The attention to detail in the Gis made by Gameness is noteworthy. The backend team invests a lot of time in studying the BJJ sport. This allows them to implement performance-enhancing features to their products. The selection of material, weave techniques, and logo placement are fundamental traits that set Gameness apart.

Whether you are a pro fighter or someone who is starting their journey in the world of jiu-jitsu, you can rely on Gameness’ Gis. The price points of some of the Gis are comparatively cheaper than the competitors. This competitive edge over the rivals is the result of multiple factors. The pearl woven products, especially the Gameness Pearl Gi, is a solid choice for anyone. There is no room for complaints concerning the price you are paying for the quality.  

Identifying the exact size for your attire can be tough, and that is one aspect where Gameness has the option to improve. Chances are you will get confused by their size charts. But if you do a bit of research before buying, you will be able to find your perfect fit. 

Notable Features of the Brand: 

  • Comparatively cheaper price point than the other brands 
  • Good value for money 
  • Different woven Gis available 
  • Known for improving training performance of fighters because of manufacturing technology

Hayabusa Fightwear, Inc.

Hayabusa was founded by Ken Clement (CEO), Craig Clement (CFO), Luke Harris, and David Zikakis (COO) in 2006 with a vision of becoming a market leader in martial arts sportswear. Hayabusa is a Japanese word for Peregrine Falcon which is also known as the duck hawk in North America. At the start of their business, they only sold fighting gloves, innerwear like rash guards and fight shorts, and other necessary equipment. Later on, they branched out and started making high-end Gis.

Hayabusa aims to fill the needs of modern-day athletes with their technology and performance-driven product line. The brand itself is a representation of what 21st century corporate entities should be like. Hayabusa has partnered with world-famous companies from different sectors. Partnerships with Marvel, the Walt Disney associate, and renowned educational institutions like the University of Waterloo, St. Lawrence College, and the University of Cincinnati shows their corporate prowess and the superiority of the brand’s image.  

They are among the few brands that follow a research-based method in making their Gi products and other sports gears. Most of their products get tested at the University of Waterloo and the University of Cincinnati. Whenever they are making new products, the Hayabusa team focuses on providing a maximum amount of comfort, premium fit and feel, and lastly, safety, and performance. These elements have led to the success of the brand.  

The term Kaizen often gets thrown around in the world of martial arts. It translates to ‘Continuous improvement’. Hayabusa, as a brand believes in that ideology. If you take a look at their track record, you will see that the brand nor their products have ever been stagnant. They are continuously coming up with ways to better themselves. They are a good representation of the sport itself.

Hayabusa makes some of the best Jiu-jitsu products in the market, but they do come at a price. Their product line includes BJJ Gis, fight shorts, and rash guards. Their performance product line is something every other brand is jealous of.

Notable Features of the Brand:

  • High-end sports gears and BJJ Gi
  • The comparatively higher price point
  • Commercially successful brand 
  • Research-based manufacturing system in place


The history of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Mitsuyo Maeda go hand in hand. If Mitsuyo Maeda hadn’t traveled across oceans to reach Brazil, we wouldn’t see the modern form of BJJ. The Maeda brand follows the historical tradition of BJJ with its classic Gi and other sports gears.

Judo master Maeda introduced jiu-jitsu to the Brazilians. Carlos Gracie and the Gracie family spread the teachings of Mitsuyo Maeda across the country. The history of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu would be incomplete without giving credit to its first master. 

The brand takes great pride in having the same name as the sport’s creator. Their tagline, ‘Tradition within’ is elegantly expressed through their beautifully designed products. The timeless style, coupled with a clean and minimal approach to their Gi is something that the brand takes great pride in. They aim to be the leader in the jiu-jitsu Gi market, but the brand still has a long way to go from a commercial standpoint.

The Maeda brand has kimonos, belts, NoGi gear, and different apparel items in their product line. They provide sales, so be on the lookout to get the best deal.

Notable Features of the Brand:

  • Traditional and classic designs 
  • Provides sales throughout the year
  • Kimonos, belts, noGi, and apparels available in different variations

Guide for Buying the Ideal Gi 

When you start going through the Gi options that are available online and offline, you may get overwhelmed. That’s why you need to have a thorough understanding of what to look for in a Gi. This brief guide will help you to make the right decision. 


If you compare BJJ attire with other sports attires, you will see the difference in prices. BJJ Gis’ are comparatively more expensive than karate or judo uniforms. There are a few reasons behind it.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a niche sport. Plus most of the people who practice it are professional athletes. That’s why the price range is higher for the Gis. But the quality is also topnotch. So whatever brand you choose, you can be confident of getting a durable and long-lasting Gi.

Finding the Right Fit

There are certain size guidelines that brands have to follow. While most brands follow the traditional sizing chart, some brands make up their unique size chart. Gis’ have size variations of A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5. The size gets bigger as the number increases and the A stands for adults. Children’s Gi has sizes starting from M0 to M4.   When you place an order, you will find a relevant size chart. 

Pick a Gi that will fit your body justly. Don’t go for anything loose or tight as it will hinder your performance. As you will be wearing the only innerwear underneath the Gi, picking an oversized Gi won’t help your cause.

A Gi should be comfortable and easy to wear. Keep this in mind before you place your order. 

Picking the Weave Variation

Brands mainly use three types of weaves in stitching Gis- single weave, double weave, and gold weave. Some brands use their own weaving pattern. But those Gis are often more expensive.

The single weave Gis’ are expensive, and they are known for providing comfort. It’s a simple form of weaving. So, it doesn’t have any complications to it. But there are questions over its durability.

The double weave stitching adds extra traction to the clothing making it more durable. However, it is more expensive than a single weave. But double weave is better for competitions.

The golden weave combines the positive aspects of both single weave and double weave. It’s lightweight, durable and most importantly, perfect for tournaments and competitions. But it does come at a price.

Some brands use unique weaves like the pearl weave. Pearl weave and other similar weaves are known for being used in high-end Gi.


Concluding Remarks

When buying a Gi, people may have a personal preference. But you can completely rely on the mentioned brands to provide you with quality and comfort. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to start your journey in the world of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.




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