Tatami Zero G V4 Review 2024: Is this BJJ Gi worth your money?

Tatami is the perfect brand for all beginner BJJ fighters. They sell their gear at a very affordable price. One of their best and latest gear is the Tatami Zero G V4 BJJ Gi.

You may think that it would lack in quality, or compromise durability or something. But Tatami does not do that with their gis. Tatami started with the idea of creating high-quality gear affordable for beginners and students of BJJ. So what would be the point of starting the brand if they could not manufacture high-quality products at a budget-friendly price?

Even though the Tatami Zero G V4 is their latest BJJ gi, is it good enough for the competition? In this review, we will find that out.

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A Short Introduction of Tatami

Gareth Dummer first imagined this brand. The idea came to his mind when his students were having trouble affording high-quality Jiu-Jitsu gears. In 2009, Gareth Dummer founded Tatami with Lee Jones.

Together they have been working and researching for manufacturing high-quality BJJ gear at a budget-friendly price. Their target market is BJJ students and beginners. 

But anyone can use their product if they want. Some of their BJJ gear like the Tatami Zero G V4 gi is IBJJF approved. They can wear it to international competitions if they want to.

From this small introduction of the brand, we can easily understand how the brand aims to maintain high-quality standards in its products.

The Tatami Zero G V4 Gi Review 2024

The Tatami Zero G V4 gi is Tatami’s most unique gi yet. It is durable, reliable, sized to be a perfect fit and the design is iconic.

The Tatami Zero G V4 gi is perfected by learning from the flaws of its previous versions. Moreover, it is designed and tested in association with some famous BJJ fighters. 

The gi jacket is lightweight. It is crafted with Pearl Weave cotton.

Pearl weave cotton is the most lightweight fabric approved by IBJJF. So this is the most lightweight gi you can get for an IBJJF competition fight. It is also durable and comfortable. The pants are made of twill cotton fabric. They are both comfortable.

The design of the gi is very unique. It features Tatami branding on both shoulders.

Why don’t we get a little more technical with the Tatami Zero G V4 gi’s features? It will help us understand it better.

Features of The Tatami Zero G V4 Gi

Perhaps the best feature of this Tatami Zero G V4 gi would be its affordability. There are more. But we will keep our focus on material, quality, sizing, design, comfort, and price of the gi.


The material used in this gi is pearl weave cotton. It is rated 475 gsm. The jacket is only constructed with this material. The pants are constructed with 9oz twill weave cotton.

Both of these are good choices for making a lightweight and durable gi. The Tatami Zero G V4 gi has them both.

Alo this material makes it very comfortable to wear, even in hot weather.

The jacket has a nice texture to it. Even though it is a budget gi, you will find some premium feel into it.


The quality of the Tatami Zero G V4 gi is top-notch. Tatami did demonstrate their will of providing the highest quality gear to the BJJ fighters with this gi.

The jacket is constructed with pearl weave cotton. It is the most lightweight fabric approved by the IBJJF. The pants are made of twill weave cotton. Both of them are really good materials and they are very durable.

The pants have a rope drawstring closure, which will make them stay in place throughout the fight.

The design is very attractive. It has an iconic design with the Tatami logo on both shoulders.

So judging by its overall properties, the Tatami Zero G V4 gi has no lack of quality in it.


The Tatami Zero G V4 Gi is designed specially to fit perfectly across all sizes. The available sizes for this gi are from A1 to A5. There are also in-between sizes available from A1 to A3.

You will not have trouble finding the right size of this gi. Just look up your body measurement in Tatami’s Zero-G gi sizing chart.

However, there is one problem. The Tatami Zero G V4 Gi is not made with pre-shrunk materials. So don’t be surprised if the gi does not fit you after the first wash.

According to Tatami, you should expect at least 7% shrinkage in all dimensions for the gi.

Is it acceptable? We would say yes. They are manufacturing high-quality BJJ gi at a budget-friendly price. So there had to be something to compromise and this shrinking was that compromise.

You can easily counter it by a chain a bigger size gi. After washing, that gi will shrink and fit into your size. We would suggest you buy one size bigger, even if in-between sizes are available.

So choose one size bigger and you will have no issue with the shrinkage.


The design of this gi is very attractive, It is IBJJF approved. The gi is available in two colors. Black and white. Both of them have the same visuals.

The visual elements are two Tatami logos on both shoulders. That creates an iconic look. 

Then there is a small Tatami logo in the back.

There is one Zero-G branding in the right hip and one Tatami branding in the left thigh. Overall, it creates a minimal, yet iconic design.

The cut of the jacket is square. This creates a baggy feeling, which is kind of not appreciated. So that is another compromise of this budget-friendly gi.


We think that the material of the Tatami Zero G V4 Gi says enough about its comfort. The jacket is made using pearl weave cotton. It is lightweight and super breathable. So, on the top side, you will have no discomfort. Not even in hot summer and intense fighting sessions.

The pants are made with twill cotton fabric. It is slightly less breathable than the jacket’s pearl cotton fabric. But it delivers good comfort.

Both the jacket and pants of this gi are cotton. So, you will not feel any lack of comfort. However, it will get soaked up in your sweat and create a wet towel feeling. We all know how irritating that is.


The price of this Tatami Zero G V4 Gi is less than $150. It is more near the $100 range, just a little above.

For such a price point, you are getting a high-quality pearl weave jacket and durable twill cotton pants. So, we would say that it is a very good deal. All you need to do is pick the right size for your body.

So that is our technical analysis on the features of the Tatami Zero G V4 Gi. We must say, that is a lot of good stuff for such an affordable price. Tatami did deliver what they promised. All you need to do is keep some considerations in mind.

For this Tatami Zero G V4 Gi, that would be the shrinkage of the gi. According to their official statement, it will shrink up to 7%. So you should pick one size bigger when buying the Tatami Zero G V4 Gi.


  • Pearl weave cotton
  • IBJJF approved
  • Includes a Tatami carrying bag
  • Lightweight and durable jacket
  • Iconic design
  • Affordable price


  • No belt included
  • The gi will shrink up to 7%

Tatami Zero G V4 Gi Review 2024 Conclusion

So that was our Tatami Zero G V4 Gi review. Is it good enough? Yes. Everything about this gi is solid. It is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It can also last for years. 

Just the fabric will shrink. So, keep that in mind and choose one size bigger. 

We hope our review was helpful!




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