10 Best BJJ Gis under $200 2024 - Save Money With a Quality Gi

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Jiu-Jitsu, better known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is a grappling oriented martial art that evolved significantly in Brazil from its Japanese roots. It focuses on ground fighting and uses multiple techniques to force one’s opponent to submit.

This game of human chess allows small, lighter opponents to defend themselves against a larger, dominating person. Many have dedicated themselves to the jiu-jitsu lifestyle and the market is now filled with Gis of different styles and sizes.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Gold BJJ Aeroweave Gi​

Aeroweave Gi by Gold BJJ

#2 Runner Up

Zero G V3 BJJ Gi by Tatami Fightwear

Zero G V3 BJJ Gi by Tatami Fightwear

#3 Third

Goorudo 3.0 Gold Weave Gi by Hayabusa

How are Jiu-Jitsu Gis Different from Other Martial Arts Gis? 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis are different from others because they are constructed from a more durable material. This is because the Gis are constantly being grabbed and pulled during combat.

The thinner material found in Gis for other martial arts like Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, and other non-grappling martial arts wouldn’t last. Other Gis also has wide sleeves. 

This places you at a disadvantage because you want to give your opponent as little material to hold onto. Wide sleeves could also trap your hands inside. This is why BJJ Gis is more form-fitting than others too. 

The Gis have shorter sleeves and harder collars. Essentially, the design makes it difficult for practitioners to grab, grip, or control opponents.


Best BJJ Gi under $200 Considerations:

Firstly, your Gi needs to fit you properly. You don’t want it too snug or too loose, especially the bottoms. Let’s look at some other factors. 

1. Length 

This mostly depends on your personal preference. Many might prefer the traditional style and length where your hems hit your ankle joint. Others like their Gis shorter.

No matter what your preference is, your jacket should cover your thighs and your sleeves must cover your wrists when your arms are extended down by your sides.

2. Weave 

This is perhaps the most important factor to look into. The weave determines which materials to pick and how everything is sewn in together. It puts together the Gi’s weight, thickness, and durability. There are four types of weaves.

Single Weave: This weave is commonly found and is constructed from a lightweight material. It’s the most budget-friendly too. It may be less resilient than other weaves but it’s the best choice for those who train in humid locations.

Double Weave: This weave tackles long hours of tough training. It’s the most durable Gi among the four. It’s expensive too, but they’re more economical in the long run for the elevated quality.

Gold Weave: The gold weave isn’t too different from the double weave, but the construction makes it difficult for opponents to grab onto your Gi. If you’re looking for something “top of the line” then this is it!

Pearl Weave: Manufacturers are dabbling with their Gis and the pearl weave is one of the better outcomes. It’s certainly the best pick among the four because it’s not only comfortable to wear but strong too.


3. Color

Traditionally, Gis is found in white. BJJ Gis branched out to black and blue too. They’re the official colors used in competitions. The color doesn’t matter when you’re just training though. It also depends on the academy you’re going to.

Many academies require you to wear white only. Some brands offer a wide range of colors though, starting from white to red, grey, yellow, you name it! You can even customize it yourself.

4. Material

Cotton is the go-to choice in the case of Gi materials, but ripstop is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a durable polyester material that withstands wear and tears better than cotton fabric. It’s also lighter and doesn’t shrink easily.

5. Weight

Lighter Gis is more preferable. It’s great training in those in hot weather. They don’t stick to your skin uncomfortable and provides you room for swift movements.

6. Thickness

The thicker the Gi, the better. This is because your opponent can’t maintain a strong grip. Thin materials make it easy for competitors to grip the cloth in their fists.

7. Collar Fill 

BJJ Gis use cotton or rubber to fill their collars or lapels. Cotton is traditional, but rubber collar fills are harder to grab as they’re lighter, less flexible, and more difficult to grab. They also don’t absorb sweat!

Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis Under $200 2024

The Aerowave by Gold BJJ is ultra-lightweight, durable and the perfect fit for beginners. It’s more breathable than traditional cotton Gis, which is great because you sweat like crazy while training.

The pants are made of ripstop material that makes leg movements easier. The design is minimalistic and easy on the eyes. The Gi also has foam lapels and reinforced stitching.  

It’s pretty snug around the midsection and the collars have a foam layer. The Gi also doesn’t shrink easily. The material is a tad stiff which makes it harder for opponents to grip.

Product Benefits: 

  • Sports four colors including the IBJJF approved black and white
  • It’s 40% lighter than regular pearl weaves
  • Comes in multiple sizes including L (long) and H (heavy)
  • There is reinforced stitching

The Zero G V3 Gi by Tatami Fightwear is a great choice for competitions. Not only is it extremely comfortable to wear, but it also has a unique design that is specifically made for sports. 

It’s reinforced properly without being too constrictive. You’ll also find diagonal stitching in the pants panel, which is also double reinforced by a light, ripstop material.  

That’s not all. The collar is rubberized and covered in ripstop material. This serves two purposes. One, it stops moisture during training. Two, it’s guaranteed to last a long time. 

Just don’t use a dryer! It won’t shrink too much but the change is noticeable during training.

Product Benefits: 

  • Made with light, but sturdy, material. 
  • Comfortable to wear. 
  • Can be used in competitions

This BJJ Gi will impress you even if you’re a seasoned veteran. The soft material and feathery weight of this material will fall gently against your body. The Gi is constructed from a gold weave with reinforced lapel and designated stress areas.

What’s unique about this Gi is that it has embroideries on the lapel, chest, shoulders, backs, and legs. They’re adorned with inspirational kanji such as courage, strength, or respect. 

The material is strong and durable, making it the perfect companion for long hours of training. It’s best not to wash it in the dryer because it will shrink. 

Product Benefits: 

  • Hard to grip because of the gold weave
  • Unique but fashionable design
  • Meticulous embroidery
  • Comes in three colors

This BJJ Gi is constructed of a premium cotton blend that ensures comfort. Fuji’s BJJ Uniform is a frontrunner in the market for a long time. It’s a popular choice amongst beginners because of its price and durability. 

It uses a special, mid-weight cotton weave which is unique to Fuji. It’s more traditional in design and misses the modern touches you can find in newly manufactured Gis.

The Gi has multi-layered reinforcement all over the stress points. There’s a thick collar too. The pants use a cotton drawstring. It may be a popular choice for beginners, but long-term practitioners may find this a tad restrictive. 

Product Benefits: 

  • Certified by IBJJF
  • Comes in five colors

While it’s a little pricey for beginners, the Air Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi is perfect for lightweight training. It’s fully made of cotton that’s not only breathable, but also strong too. Compared to other pearl weave fabrics, this Gi offers superior comfort. 

The pants have a wicking feature that absorbs moisture from your body. So you won’t have to feel an added weight from perspiring during training. They’re also made of a ripstop construction.

The design is rather simple but the Gi has tonal stitching and four extra belt loops. The drawcord contains high-density foam that won’t loosen once tied. You should only cold wash and let dry naturally.

Product Benefits: 

  • Comes in three colors
  • Has a moisture-wicking feature

The entire outfit is 100% cotton. It’s a pearl weave so it’s strong and comfortable. It’s more durable too, unlike previous models by Venum. This Gi doesn’t come with a belt though. 

The jacket collar is reinforced with EVA foam. This helps resist grips and increases the chances of counter-attacks. The pants are also reinforced inside the leg and ankle cuffs.

Product Benefits: 

  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • It’s pre-shrunk
  • Easy to clean and dry

Comfortable, durable, and fashionable; what more can you want from a Gi? It may come with a pretty price tag but it makes up for it in terms of quality. If you want something high-end, then this is the one you should invest in.

There’s a rash guard neck liner that can’t be found in other Gis. It’s constructed with a gold weave so you know it can take some wear and tear. The pants are ripstop so you won’t have to worry about any stilted movements.

The design was inspired by Dia de Los Muertos. The Gi comes with a skull pattern that adds a touch of flair to the overall look.

Product Benefits: 

  • Offers three colors
  • Constructed from a gold weave
  • Durable and comfortable

This is perhaps the best budget BJJ Gi out there, but that’s not all. There’s a reason why Elite Sports is such a market favorite. They’re renowned for making high-quality martial arts gear at affordable prices and this is no different.

This Gi is pre-shrunk so you won’t have to worry about it changing in size. It also won’t leave you feeling constricted and sweaty during training. It’s also infused with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties so your skin remains free of infection.

The best part? The lightweight material allows sweat to disperse more easily. So you won’t have to worry about lingering odors distracting you from the task at hand. You can also just wash by hand.

Product Benefits: 

  • Has over 5 different colors
  • Comes with a brand new belt for beginners
  • It’s IBJJF approved!

This product takes the second place on this list simply because it comes in a multitude of sizes. The Gi has a pearl weave constructed from high-quality yarn resulting in a soft, comfortable finish.

The Gi comes with a belt so you can use this in competitions. It also sports a sleek design with minimal patches so you can customize it as you wish. There’s a pre-shrunk weave jacket with a rubber collar.

The bottoms are made of ripstop material with reinforced stitching. It’s light, airy, and provides great room for movement. It’ll withstand endless hours of trainer and hundreds of washes.

Product Benefits: 

  • Comes with a wide range of sizes
  • Approved by IBJJF! 
  • Easy to clean and store

This Sanabul Gi provides the best deal in terms of price and quality. It’s constructed from a blend of pre-shrunk fabrics that makes it durable and easy to wash. 

It’s the ideal choice when you’re training in hot and humid environments. It has a traditional, uncluttered design and the stitches are strongly reinforced so it’s a snug, comfortable fit.

It doesn’t come with a belt, which is a bummer if you’re just starting. The Gi might be single weaved but it’s much stronger than most because of its unique blend of clothing. It also has rubber collars that are hard to grip.

On top of that, the fabric has antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment so you won’t have to worry about infections.

Product Benefits: 

  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • Sports the classic Gi look
  • Ideal for heavy-duty

Got questions? We did too!

How many Gis should you own?

That depends entirely on how much you train. It’s safe to have to because you get to wear a fresh Gi every time you walk into training. If you wash the same one over and over again, you’ll just decrease its lifespan.

It also depends on the type of Gi you’ll invest in. A quality Gi would be able to withstand multiple washes. A cheap quality one wouldn’t. In that case, you should certainly keep a few.

How frequently should you wash them

After every practice! Brazilian Ju-Jitsu will leave you knackered after every training session. It comes with a fair share of sweat and tears. So always wash them after every session. 

This helps you from catching any skin infections and stops your Gi from getting any odors. Make sure you read how to wash your Gi before doing it. Some require more careful handling than others.

Any tips on washing?

Use warm water and avoid bleach! If you come across a stubborn stain, then just stick to a simple stain remover. Bleach just ruins your Gi because it makes the threading weak. 

Many will claim that warm water will shrink your Gi, but that’s not the case. It’s hot water that you should avoid as it weakens your fabric. Cotton shrinks regardless. Your real enemy is the dryer. 

Finally, don’t add any sort of softener. Adding chemicals to your Gi will just weaken it.

How should I dry it? 

Definitely not with a dryer. Unless you’re trying to shrink it in purpose. It’s still not advisable as your Gi will weaken and might rip in unsuspecting places. Let it dry naturally instead.

Best BJJ Gi under $200 2024 Final Thoughts

You won’t enjoy putting on a Gi for the first time. It feels foreign and somewhat restrictive. You’ll undoubtedly fiddle with your belt, but that’s okay. Everyone starts the same way. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis come in a wide range of brands, colors, sizes, design, and prices. Don’t let that intimidate you. Let this guide help you instead. They’re not that hard to pick.

Modern-day Gis has evolved from the traditional cotton ones. Choosing the weave might be a little tricky but you only need to ask yourself: comfort, durability, or price? Take your pick after sorting your priority.

Your BJJ Gi is your mark as a practitioner. It reflects your style and form. So it’s important to make the right choice, don’t you think? Pick a style, check the material, find the right size, and make your purchase!

Most importantly, take care of your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi and let it take care of you. After all, it’s your partner during training, on stage, and against your opponents.




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