Best Lightweight BJJ Gis 2024


If you regularly train in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi, then the word “lightweight” will definitely grab your attention. That’s because while training Jiu-Jitsu in a thick and heavy Gi is fine in cold seasons, it can be quite uncomfortable and make you feel overly stiff in the warmer times of the year. Continuing BJJ training in hot weather can be really convenient if you wear a lightweight BJJ Gi.

They are absolutely durable, long-lasting, and since they are made of pearl weave, the air can easily pass through them. It allows great mobility and the fighters can put in some extra sessions in those comfortable Gis as it won’t tire them like the heavy and rough ones.

Also, when you’ll feel cozy in a lightweight Gi, you’ll look forward to wearing them even more. Wearing BJJ Gis for practice or competitions won’t be challenging anymore if you have the right ones. The following list will offer you detailed ideas about the best BJJ Gi for hot weather, as well as the factors you need to consider while purchasing them.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Fuji Suparaito BJJ GI

Fuji Suparaito BJJ GI

#2 Runner Up

Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi

Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu-Jitsu Gi

#3 Third

Flow Kimonos Air BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Flow Kimonos Air Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Things to Consider While Buying Your Lightweight BJJ Gi 2024

Weave Type and GSM

Weave refers to the way the fabric is knitted and it makes the differences in the weight and strength of your BJJ Gi. Various styles make a variation in the heaviness of the Gi along with affecting the durability of it. In general, pearl weave is the ideal style for a light and durable Gi. The other styles are gold weave, single weave, and double weave; even though single weave is lightweight too, it doesn’t seem to last as long as pearl weave. 

Another factor to consider when looking for a Gi is to check the GSM. You might be wondering why it’s important! Well, it’s ‘grams per sq meter’, which refers to the weight of your Gi. Now, if you want a lightweight Gi, you’ll go for a low GSM under 450.


If you want to buy a Gi to use for tournaments, then you need to get one that’d be approved by IBJJF. IBJJF has some rules so that everyone can be on equal grounds and one of them is color. Gis with a different color other than white, black, and royal blue will be out of the picture.

IBJJF Certified

You are required to ensure if your Gi is IBJJF certified or not. This thing certifies the Gis as competition level and not wearing one of them means that you can’t be allowed to compete. If they are certified, that’s certainly for a reason; so, always double-check that your Gi is IBJJF certified, or else, you might end up preparing so hard for nothing.

Size of the Gi

It’s a must to buy the right size. The Gi must fit comfortably and comply with the IBJJF rules. Here, an important piece of information is that while you wash a Gi for the first time, it’s prone to shrink, despite it claiming otherwise. Keeping that in memory, it’s better to buy a bigger size so that you don’t face any issues later. 

Collars and Sleeves

Since collars and sleeves can impact your performance while practicing, you need to consider some points regarding it. The sleeves of your Gi can’t be hanging loose as it may lead to entanglement. As for the collars, thicker and stiffer ones are better than the thinner ones because your opponent can’t establish a grip on you.

The Cost

A general guideline for Gi is that standard Gis are expensive. But obviously this doesn’t imply that you’ll go and buy any Gi that you see with a high price tag; you need to verify if it’s got all the qualities to justify that price. You can also check out our review of cheaper Gis.


You’ll always want a Gi from a high-quality manufacturer. For lightweight Gis, you’ll want it even more, just so it doesn’t tear when someone gets a grip on you. However, some brands of Gi are staples in the game for a good reason and you can always trust their products. Keep reading the article to know more about them.

Best Lightweight BJJ Gi 2024 (& Suitable for Hot Weather)

This Gi has superior quality, long-lasting design, and can fit just about everyone. It has used the pearl weave to make it lightweight but has been made from the firmest fabric which makes it really durable. You’ll definitely stand out in a crowd wearing such a unique and flashy Gi. For a brand like Fuji, the quality can do the talking.

Fuji has come up with half sizes, just so almost everyone can get a perfect fitting. As it will fit you closely, there would be no excess material and it’d be a bit tougher for your competitor to get a grip. On the other hand, it has royal blue, white, and black color, which means all the colors that are IBJJF certified. After washing, it will shrink very little, still giving you incredible mobility and breathability. All things considered, this amazing lightweight Gi won’t stretch or tear easily and you’ll love everything it offers.

However, the issue faced right out of the gate is its price; but you’ve got to understand what you’re getting for that cost. The service it provides is top-notch!


  • Has a variety of sizes
  • Pearl weave
  • Triple reinforced ripstop pants
  • IBJJF approved
  • Perfect design for competitions
  • Good range of colors


  • Expensive
  • The fabric might feel a bit strange

Hayabusa, being among one of the famous names in the game is very familiar among martial artists. They are quite famous for their high-quality gear. It’s been made using pearl weave cotton material which is the sturdiest type of weave used in the construction of lightweight Gi. You’ll be extremely comfortable in this remarkable lightweight and durable Gis. This one is available in nine different color combinations, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Unfortunately, the product is costly. But if you seriously want to find a long-standing lightweight Gi, you’ve to know that good gear is worth breaking out the wallet. Also, it will meet the demand of anyone on the hunt for a good Gi.


  • Can withstand years of training and competition
  • 420-gsm pearl weave cotton fabric
  • Subtle design
  • Feels wonderful because of the premium fabric
  • Comes in nine colors
  • Comes pre-washed to hold the color


  • High cost

The Flow Kimonos Air Gi is on the list of best BJJ Gi for hot weather for tons of different reasons. To start, it’s understandable that the company pulled out all the stops possible to pose their best work. The jacket is made from 350-gsm pearl weave fabric, and as you already know that this fabric is tough, long-lasting, and light. It’s got some pretty solid seams on the collar which makes it a bit stiffer than the collars without a double stitch. Now, for the pants, they are made from tough ripstop cotton material so it won’t split easily while you’re doing some heavy rolling. 

Besides, you might already be aware of the fact that a lot of cotton Gis can shrink upon you. But this Gi claims to be ‘pre-shrunk’, so even if it shrinks, you won’t notice it. Similarly, you’ll have a wide range of sizes at your disposal and you can easily find a Gi that fits you.

Even during hot summers, you won’t feel like you’re drowning in a pool of sweat, as the lightweight Gi is wonderfully breathable. This IBJJF compliant Gi can be used in tournaments too; so, it won’t be necessary to swap out of your gear while getting ready for it.

Lastly, we’re going to have to look at the price tag and that’s somewhere between average and high. Overall, for everything they offer, the price is reasonable.


  • 350-gsm pearl weave
  • Comes in nine sizes to fit anyone
  • 8oz ripstop cotton pants
  • Lightweight 
  • Breathable
  • Pre-shrunk
  • High-density foam is used for the drawstring


  • Not the cheapest Gi out there

This lightweight summer Gi is no less than perfection. If you are new to this sport, then this is just what you need to have in your cupboard. It’s ‘pre-shrunk’ and won’t shrink much after the first wash. It comes in six colors along with a good variety of designs. You won’t have to spend a fortune to buy it either. This Sanabul Gi is very durable and is going to last for a long time. They come with some special factors like rubber collars, dens-knit embroidery, and a free belt, which makes it a perfect package for anyone. 

The only drawback it has is its limited size but if you have the desired size, then you’re good to go for it.


  • Lightweight
  • Single weave design
  • Fair price
  • Stays dry and clean


  • Limited sizes

It’s one of the best BJJ Gis for hot weather because of its moderate price and high-quality. You don’t have to spend as much as you would for good quality Gis out there; it’s quite budget-friendly. For the lightweight design, pearl weave has been used. With only 350-gsm, this is a soft, light, and comfortable Gi for both training and tournament.

Speaking of the design, it doesn’t have tons of patches on it; there is simply the Gameness logo on the arms which are not that huge and flashy. So, it’s not overdone with branding. On the other hand, you’ll be glad to know that it comes in blue, white, and black i.e., all the IBJJF certified colors. It’s got a basic and subtle look, so you can go for it if you want something cost-effective.


  • 350-gsm
  • Pearl weave
  • Ripstop pants
  • IBJJF approved
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Subtle design


  • Half sizes not available
  • Shrinks a bit more after the first wash

The Gold BJJ Aeroweave is one of the lightest Gis out there. But due to its reinforced stitch, it’s super durable. It has been made from 275-gsm material using the aero weave. The manufacturer made it ultra-lightweight by maintaining its strength and stability. This would be ideal for training during the summer as you won’t be drenched in sweat. You also get 10oz ripstop pants along with it, isn’t it a great upgrade over the cotton Gi pants? That is because these pants are more breathable and firmer, saving you from the splits during training.

The Gi is available in black, white, navy, and grey, but only the white and black one is IBJJF approved. The collar is another important part of Gi which should be solid and stiff just so it doesn’t become a liability for you. Gold BJJ Gi provides such collars to give you comfort. Besides, it comes in all the common sizes, so everyone will be able to fit into these. The price point of these Gis is also quite fair as it’s strong enough to be used consistently.


  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • 275-gsm
  • Moderate price tag
  • Can be used in BJJ competitions
  • Comes in four colors with minimalist branding
  • 10oz ripstop pants



  • The sizes might be a little bigger

Elite Sports already has a good reputation in fighting gear and they offer one of the best Gis. This Gi is great as it’s not costly but still provides everything that you require in the product. 

Its fabric is pre-shrunk; thus, you won’t have to bother about it getting smaller. Following the instructions while washing it would be enough. Now to speak of the materials, its lightweight 400-gsm is quite light and sturdy. You can even use these on the mats for a long period without having them torn. In contrast, the pants are a bit less safeguarded against damage since ripstop fabrics are not used in them.

The collars in these Gis are great too. It’s extra stiff and thick, so your opponent can’t grab you easily. You’ll also love the color variation that’s available for these Gis. If you like a little stylish outfit, then you can go for the exotic colors. 

For such a low price, it’s a solid design and durable Gi which will be worth your every penny.


  • Comes in 10 sizes
  • Wide range of colors
  • No shrinkage
  • IBJJF approved
  • Free white belt
  • Reduces the risk of bad odor
  • Affordable



  • Pants are a little less durable

It’s a great entry into the list of best lightweight Gi. Since it’s IBJJF certified, you can wear it during the competitions. It’s available in two colors and its unique stitch in the jackets and the pants make them stand out a bit more. You can find all the normal sizes for this Gi from A0 to A6 and almost all people can comfortably roll in it.

As for the material, the jacket is made with some strong material using pearl weave of 475-gsm. It’s slightly heavier compared to the other lightweight Gis that we have mentioned. Furthermore, this Gi is constructed from twill cotton and doesn’t claim to be pre-shrunk either, so you need to be prepared to see a fair amount of shrinkage after the first wash. Considering this shrinkage, it would be sensible to go for a bigger size while purchasing the Gi.

Now, if you look at the pants, you’ll notice that they have got quite strong seams in them. Even though the diagonal stitches look unusual, they are really helpful to keep your pants together. You can conveniently train and compete in this Gi without the material hindering your movement. It has moderate pricing with pretty good service. Not to mention, they are also available in female-cuts now, so you can say goodbye to your unisex Gis.


  • Stylish
  • Diagonal stitching in pants
  • Huge variation in sizes
  • Branding patches make it tougher to form a grip



  • Not the best lightweight Gi
  • Not pre-shrunk

Best Lightweight BJJ Gi 2024 Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has made the Gi purchasing process more convenient for you. Now you know which brands have the best BJJ Gi for hot weather as well as what they offer. Get the one that serves you best and experience a non-irritating and non-sweaty training session!




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