Best BJJ Rash Guards for Big Guys 2024

As a BJJ fighter, you know that it is important to get a rash guard with the right size for yourself. Otherwise, it would be very disadvantageous for you in a fight.

Rash Guards are not just a uniform for fighting in a BJ match, it certainly has lots of perks and it does make you look cool when fighting in a BJJ match. But, getting the best rash guards for fat guys is a daunting task if you don’t know how to find one. 

So here are our top 10 picks for BJJ rash guards for big guys 2024 out there.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Gold BJJ Foundation Rash Guard​

Gold BJJ Fundamental Rash Guard​

#2 Runner Up

Gold BJJ Store Camo Rash Guard

Gold BJJ Store Camo Rash Guard

#3 Third

Raven Fightwear Quetzalcoatl Aztec Rash Guard

Raven Fightwear Quetzalcoatl Aztec Rash Guard

BJJ Rash Guard for Big Guys Buying Guide

In the past, BJJ was played without any sort of rash guards. Fighters used to wear no tops or a cotton shirt. That created a lot of trouble than advantages.

But then, surfing rash guards changed the BJJ culture and soon it evolved to its genre of clothing. Now, BJJ rash guards are not just a fighter’s choice, it is also a part of the official uniform. So, there is definitely a lot to consider in buying the right rash guard for your BJJ fight.


A lot of you guys already know that the idea of BJJ rash guards originally came from the surfing rash guards. Some of you may not differentiate the two kinds, and may end up wearing a surfing rash guard in a BJJ fight.

This is the first mistake you should avoid. There are reasons why the garments’ industry made a separate clothing department for BJJ rash guards. It is not just about fashion or to look cool or to make more money by fooling you. BJJ rash guards are made with different techniques.

They have more durable materials than regular surfing rash guards. The stitching is not sturdy enough to withstand all the grappling and tension in a BJJ fight.

Also, it will feel inappropriate for grappling sports. BJJ rash guards, on the other hand, are made of more durable materials and the stitching is a flatlock that can withstand all the pressure and tension in a BJJ match.

So, be sure to check if the rash guard you are buying is purposely built for BJJ or not.


The most important thing about any clothing is if it fits perfectly or not. In the world of BJJ fights, fighters prefer to wear rash guards that are usually tight. These tight rash guards fit perfectly in their bodies and hug the body tightly. 

Some expert fighters prefer this tight fit because they say that it helps them in their movement and muscle recovery. But, there is no significant scientific evidence supporting it. Then again, veteran fighters speak from their experiences which should have some reliability. So, it is up to you to decide whether you want your BJJ rash guard to be skin-tight or not. 

A word of caution- if you want to buy a body-tight rash guard, make sure that it isn’t too tight. If you do wear rash guards that are too tight, you may end up finding yourself in a very uncomfortable and suffocating situation when you are in a grapple with your competitor.

So, make sure that the rash guard isn’t too loose or too tight or for you to suffocate. Pick one that may be tight, but does not affect your breathing much.

Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve?

BJJ rash guards come in both long and short sleeves. There are no requirements in the rule about this. So, it is your call of making the choice.

But, technically speaking, long sleeve BJJ rash guards give you an upper hand in the fight where you can use the friction of the long sleeve to lock your competitor in a tight submission. If you want that advantage, then go for a long sleeve BJJ rash guard.


Make sure to buy your BJ rash guard from a brand/ garment that stands by its product and its durability. BJJ fights tend to have a lot of grappling and pulling. It is a nightmare for the garment industry to see such activity on their garments. Only the best brands make rash guards that are durable enough to withstand the tension.


The materials used in the rash guards matter a lot. Usually, spandex and polyester are used for making these rash guards. But, it is safe to double-check and make sure that the company did not use cotton.

Polyester and spandex-made rash guards will hug your skin throughout the match and wick away all your body sweats. They also dry quickly in the air. This way, those rash guards will keep you dry and cool during the match.


One of the main perks of wearing a BJ rash guard is that it makes you look cool. BJJ Rash Guards come in a lot of different designs and patterns. There is no big restriction on wearing what design you want. So, you are free to choose rash guards of any design you want. Just make sure it does not go against the rules of the game.

You are buying a rash guard for the long term, not just for one match. So, make sure to buy one with the design you love.

Also, the design should not wear off too easily. Pick a rash guard that has a dye-sublimated design and artwork as that will last for a long time. Screen-printed designs will hardly make it until the end of the week.


There may not be any active regulation about the design and pattern of your BJJ rash guards, but there are certain rules regarding their color.

You can wear any pattern or design of any color. But at least 10% of the design color must match your belt-rank color.

But, outside of the official matches, when you are practicing in the gym, there is no regulation about what color BJJ rash guard you should wear for the match.

10 Best BJJ Rash Guards for Big Guys

Gold BJJ is a relatively new brand for BJJ clothes. But luckily, the designers here are BJJ and MMA players themselves. They know exactly what makes a BJJ rash guard perfect. Hence, these rash guards from the Gold BJJ foundation are at the top of our list.

They feature mesh underarms and flatlock stitching. Moreover, the color of this rash guard can be easily matched with your belt rank and saves you from getting disqualified.


  • Mesh underarm
  • Sublimated graphics
  • Approved by IBJJF


  • No artwork or pattern design

Here’s another great BJJ rash guard from Gold BJJ Foundation. This one has a more versatile design and attractive outlook. The sleeves come in a unique camouflage to make you look cooler. These rash guards for fat guys come in two colors- white camouflage, and black camouflage.

Just like the previous one, this one also comes with a mesh underarm and flatlock stitching. So it will be durable and comfortable for a BJJ fight.


  • Available in XXL size
  • Perfect fitting
  • Mesh underarm


  • Limited design available

Raven Fightwear has been around for a while and they are famous for manufacturing some of the most eye-catching designs in BJJ rash guards. Their designs are well detailed and thorough. The sublimated designs don’t crack or fade away easily.

The rash guard has four-way stitching and it is available in 3X Large size for extra chubby guys.


  • Attractive Aztec design
  • Four-way stitching
  • Bottom rubber lining



  • A bit costly

Here’s another great art piece from Raven Fightwear. This one comes in an Egyptian theme, featuring an Egyptian God standing and summoning other mummies.

The artwork is sublimated graphics, so it won’t fade away. The rash guard has four-way stitching. The benefit of such stitching is that it can take tensions from any direction. As a result, you get much more freedom of movement. The fabric used in it has a premium feel.


  • Flatlock and four-way stitching
  • Premium fabric quality
  • Durable build quality



  • High price
  • Not suitable for IBJJF tournaments

Hayabusa is a much-respected brand in the BJJ rash guard industry. You might have seen some players wearing rash guards from this brand. These rash guards deliver a lot in body fitness, elasticity, and durability.

It features plain yet stylish graphics and the rash guard comes in many colors to match your belt rank. Thus it makes a great pick for the IBJJF tournaments. Moreover, there is a silicon waistband at the bottom which keeps the guard in place while rolling.


  • Silicon waist belt
  • Plain design
  • Available in many colors



  • Not available in XXL

We all have our spirit animals and we love to show them off. Pressure Grappling gives you that opportunity by wearing their rash guards. Their rash guards have many artworks- tiger, shark, volk, and wolf.

The outlooks of these rash guards are very attractive and they have the spacesuit and vaporwave designs as well. All these graphics are sublimated. The rash guard has a flatlock design which is very durable and ideal for BJJ training and fighting.


  • Sublimated graphics
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Elastic band at the bottom
  • Available in XXXL size



  • A bit expensive

This Rash Guard from Hawk Sports can be declared as an all-rounder. It is not only perfect for BJJ sports, but also perfect for other activities like hiking, surfing, and weight lifting.

The fabric is comfortable and quickly dries in the air. The underarms are vented for extra comfort and the stitches are four-way, ensuring maximum mobility in all directions.

Hawk Sports is a well-reputed brand in all sports industries. So, you can give their product a try with full confidence.


  • Suitable for all activities
  • Vented underarm
  • Four-way stitching



  • Less durable than other BJJ rash guards

Here comes one of Anthem Athletics’ best, the Helo-X rash guards. It features a beautiful design with a unique pattern. One of the best advantages of this series is that it comes in 18 different colors. You can easily match your belt color with it.


  • Flatlock stitching
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Available in many colors



  • No pattern design

Available in many colors, the TSLA rash guards are one of the most unique looking rash guards for BJJ sports. The design is plain and simple with different lighting. The rash guards are available in many colors which allow you to match them with your belt rank color.


  • Four-way stitching
  • Unique design
  • Durable material



  • Thicker fabric

Made of 100% polyester, this rash guard has antimicrobial properties that will protect you from all the bacteria in the mat.

It has a unique design and the sleeves come in different colors than the rest of the body. The underarms are vented for maximum comfort.


  • Attractive patterns on the sleeve
  • Available in different colors
  • Available in XXL



  • Too expensive

Additional Info

Let us explain why you, as a BJJ fighter, should wear a rash guard. The benefits of it are many and surely they should be considered. 

Muscle Recovery

BJJ rash guards are meant to be skin tight and the main reason for that is muscle recovery. These rash guards sit tight into your skin and hug your muscle.

This compression of muscle fibers speeds up recovery from the fight. It also contributes to preventing injury. There is some scientific proof showing rash guards speed up the recovery of the muscles.

Rash and Allergy Prevention

As the name suggests, rash guards protect you from allergies and rashes. BJJ is a sport where you and your opponent get into a grappling fight. A lot of physical contact occurs between you two there.

So, there is a good chance of getting infected by another person’s rash and allergies. Even if the other fighter does not have any sort of rash, the floor you are fighting on may have those.

A rash guard works as an extra layer of skin for you which safeguard your body from this exchange of rashes. And that is why, you should wear a rash guard, and also choose the ones with long sleeves.

Moisture Control

BJJ fights are very intense and sweaty. You don’t want to end up in sweaty clothing in the middle of the match. That creates a suffocating and uncomfortable experience. BJJ rash guards are made of polyester and spandex which are lightweight and wicks sweat from your body. Also, they dry quickly in the air which gives you moisture control.

Bacteria prevention

The mat of the arena and the gym is filled with bacteria, and God knows what other sort of harmful things! A rash guard works as an active barrier against these infections.



Why should you wear a rash guard?

You as a BJJ fighter should wear a rash guard for preventing yourself from getting in contact with bacteria and infections. Also, it boosts muscle recovery.

Can I wear a surfing rash guard in a BJJ fight?

No. Surfing rash guards are not very durable to withstand the pressure and tension created from the grappling of BJJ. BJJ rash guards have special stitching and it is made of more durable materials. So, wearing a surfing rash guard in a BJJ fight will be a disadvantage in the fight.

Will wearing a tight cotton shirt give me the same result as wearing a rash guard?

No. Cotton shirts will be suffocating and uncomfortable with all your sweat. Rash guards are made of polyester which will quickly dry after absorbing your sweat. So, it is not the same.


Big Guy BJJ Rash Guard 2024 – Final Thoughts

Rash guards have become an essential part of the BJJ uniform. It gives the fighter much comfort and also aids them with rash, bacteria protection, and muscle recovery.

But, as we fat guys know that the world does not care about us much, they make most of the fashion based on the fit guys. But, we have to fight our way out of this. So, what we can do is find the best rash guards for fat guys and make our way into the fight.




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