8 Best BJJ Rash Guards in 2021 (Guide and Reviews)

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Rash Guards basically serve 2 purposes, don’t they?  First, they need to protect our skin from developing rashes and skin infections from the constant friction between skin and mats. Second, they need to look cool.

You need to buy proper gear to protect yourself from skin issues and a little bit of extra equipment will usually get the job done in making you feel like a ready fighter. 

You should also be expecting to work out for a few hours at a time and all this moving around is sure to get you sweating up a storm. This may lead to some chafing which is not something that anyone would enjoy. That’s why you should invest in a rash guard that can properly get rid of any chafing

Similar to most products in the market you have a lot of options but your knowledge about rash guards may be limited. You may be unsure about the qualities you need and what you should expect for the price so to make the final decision easier for you check out the following for a complete list of BJJ rash guards.


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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Venum 2.0 Rashguard Top

Venom 2.0 Rashguard Top

#2 Runner Up

Raven Fightwear Cybernetic Rashguard

Raven Fightwear Cybernetic Rashguard

#3 Third

Fuji Baseline Jiu-Jitsu Rashguard

Fuji Baseline Jiu-Jitsu Rashguard

8 Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards Reviews

If you are interested in a rashguard top that is less restrictive and allows a bit more mobility near your arms then you might be interested in this compression top from Venom. It hugs your body closely for safety and comfort but it doesn’t mean you have to feel restricted when you are hard at work practicing jiu-jitsu where you need to use your arms a lot.

It is made from 87% polyester which makes it the perfect fabric to battle against moisture gathering on your body and the other 13% is made from spandex so that the shirt moves along with you stretching in the direction your body is going.

What makes it such a good choice is how it boosts blood circulation in your body keeping you from going numb from your exercise which is better than your standard tight-fitting clothes. This keeps you pumping and moving efficiently without tiring too much through all your practices.


  • Perfect fit for an athletic build
  • Reinforced stitching clings to you firmly
  • The print will not peel from moisture
  • Helps to boost muscle recovery


  • Size may be misleading

Raven Fightwear provides you with the best in style and function while keeping the price in your ballpark. If you are worried about restrictions in movement then get rid of your fears as this rashguard is just the thing you need to get rid of the irritating feeling of chafing.

It features a futuristic cybernetic design that is available across multiple colors and the unique pattern on this top is sure to catch everyone’s attention but don’t worry about it fading as it is sublimated for a boost in durability so you can use it for longer.

Safety is guaranteed as this rashguard will protect you from any burns from grappling your opponents and dragging them across the ground.


  • You get maximum movement mobility
  • Lightweight does not slow you down
  • Rubber lining keeps the waist from riding up
  • Get 10% off with every two purchase



  • Might be a bit lose or inaccurate size

When it comes to getting their customers with products that have been built to last you can never go wrong with anything with the name Fuji and the same could be said for their rashguards. It ensures long-lasting quality to get the wearer through any rigorous sport with a reputation that is backed by many famous athletes across multiple sports.

For those who want something simple while still maintaining quality in functionality, the Fuji baseline series exists to meet all your expectations. It features a sublimated design to make it last through long periods of rough use and freedom of mobility that will have you gliding across the court in any gym.

It provides the best in healing and sanitation and all in a minimalist pack. The antibacterial fabric will keep you clean and dry no matter how hard you sweat and people around you won’t even notice you sweating. They have been approved across many boards as a standard for sports safety and cleanliness.


  • Safety against mat burns
  • Underarm mesh improves breathability
  • Stretches in 4 separate directions
  • It has underarm pads for added safety



  • The smallest size might be too small

Nothing screams “hardcore” more than the military and with this camo print long sleeve rashguard you can apply the same intensity to your regular workout. This stylish apparel provides the wearer with the best you can expect in both functionality and comfort while also bringing a stylish trail to any gym or training center you decide to go to.

This long sleeve design is perfect to keep your body functional and sweat-free during exercise in colder weather but it still doesn’t mean that your body will feel stuffy in this close seamed workout top. It will regulate your body to your normal temperature so that you don’t pass out from the heat.

It is made from a nylon and elastane material so you know to expect a quality efficiency in keeping you dry and functional while boosting your mobility so you are assured a free-range of movement. This stretchy material can adopt any shape by the movements of your limbs. 


  • It provides free range of motion
  • The drying effect is boosted with nylon
  • It has a longer fit so that it doesn’t ride up
  • It has a fastener for a tight grip



  • Size may not match your expectations

Give your best in every workout session while catching the eye of everyone in your vicinity with this high-quality top featuring a unique pattern running down the sleeves. It ensures you have a long sweat-free workout session with a quick-dry feature to get rid of that sticky and sweaty feeling from your body.


You can trust in the durability of this quality rashguard top as it has been designed to handle the rough conditions of any grueling sport so if you’re someone that plays more than one sport you’ll be glad you bought this.

The heatgear technology ensures you have a comfortable fit without minimizing your performance so you can perform at your best. This is supported by the fact that safety is also ensured as it has padded areas all over so that your muscles are properly protected from any kind of minimal injury.


  • It has a waterproof layer
  • Maintains circulation for quick warmups
  • Prevents your muscles from straining
  • Minimizes chafing to cause less irritation



  • The dye might stain

This is another rashguard from RVCA with a similar interest in maintaining the best that the customer wants in service.  If your regular rash guards are just not doing it for you anymore, then you may want to consider shifting your use to these quality pieces of gym wear.

What makes them so wonderful is how they take hold of the shape of your body no matter your size and they can adapt to all of your movements, keeping a hold of your muscles so that you do not experience any difficult injuries that discontinue you from exercising.

Similar to most quality compression wear this rashguard maximizes the wearer’s hygiene by keeping them dry no matter how much they sweat along with a layer of antibacterial fabric so that you do not end up smelling bad after hours of rigorous training. The mobility and padding it provides make sure that you along with the compression wear retain all your abilities so that you can work in a pair to maximize your overall performance.


  • Sublimated print for longer use
  • Made from waterproof polyester
  • The elastic property allows rough motions
  • It only requires a simple machine wash



  • The color might bleed through your Gi

Perform to the best of your abilities with a boost in performance and style with a unique nordic design that will have your friends dripping in jealousy wishing they had a similar rashguard as this top from Raven fighter. Put a bit of flair in your daily workouts and this stylish sportswear might give you the extra motivation you need to outperform everyone else who is training alongside you.

Style isn’t the only thing it has going on as it maintains an optimal condition for you to exercise in with a quick-dry feature to get rid of that icky feeling of gathered sweat. It keeps you clean and ready for anything.

It features a tight hugging design that contours to the shape of every corner of your muscles keeping them in tip-top condition for your future workouts. Keep yourself free and moving with this restriction-free rashguard top.


  • It is sublimated to maintain long-lasting design
  • The rubber design keeps it locked around your body
  • The lightweight fabric lets you move at peak speed
  • You get the full range of motion you need thanks to the elasticity



  • The fabric might be thinner than you expect

If you are an experienced individual in the world of sports and everything related to it then this might not be the first time that you have come across the name under armor. It is a standard of sportswear so always expect the best in customer satisfaction with this rashguard.

If you like you can fill up your closet with multiple colors as they allow a variety to choose from with each color providing the best in quick-dry services for your workout benefits because the less you are covered in sweat the more you feel good about yourself.

Maintain maximum hygiene by keeping yourself dry and insulated while boosting your mobility and reflexes with this short sleeve sportswear to maintain your peak condition.


  • You can wear it all-day
  • Compression technology perfectly molds your muscles
  • You receive protection against UV rays
  • It has a 4 way of stretching mobility



  • Quality might decline quickly after use

Final Thoughts

To ensure you have an effective and safe training experience we want to give you the best you need. These rash guards will allow you to take your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the next level in terms of training, skill, and mobility. So, to give yourself that extra edge in the competition take a look at the list above and make a final decision on what you think is the best rashguard.




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