10 Best Detergents for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis 2024

best bjj detergents

You’ve mastered the Triangle Choke, but have you mastered the much-needed art of keeping your gi clean?

Similar to any other athletic gear, taking care of your Gi properly can allow you to maintain it for many years to come. When it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the Kimono is undoubtedly a really big part of it, having the name “BJJ Gi” as proof. The simple yet often overlooked procedure of washing, drying, and removing the stench from the Gi contributes much to longevity of it, as well as your morale. A clean uniform boosts confidence, and not having to worry about smelling like a monstrosity helps to focus on training. Want to achieve that? Get the best detergent for your BJJ Gi and clean your Gi regularly.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

best bjj detergents

WIN Sports Detergent

#2 Runner Up

Tide PODS Plus Febreze Sport Odor Defense

#3 Third

Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent

Handling Your Gi – A Soapy Guide

The process of maintaining the Gi starts as soon as you’re off the mat. It’s extremely important to wash the Gi after training as soon as you can to prevent the smell of sweat from settling into the material. The more time they spend unwashed, the more time the bacteria, blood, and sweat have to eat away at the fabric, thus harshly decreasing longevity.

Also, washing the stain off quickly stops a permanent patch from forming, which is very visible if you’re wearing a light-colored Gi. Of course, not washing it immediately will cause it to smell and stink. No one wants that from themselves or neither from others.

No matter how much you rolled on the mat, you should always wash your Gi post-practice. After getting home, your first thought should be to take out the Gi and throw it into the washer. While on the topic of putting things into the washing machine, you need to find the perfect detergent for washing your Kimono. It’s not going to be like the rest of your clothes, so it’s advised that you follow some basic instructions while using a specific detergent for it.

Should You Wash Your Belt?

Here’s a more controversial topic in the world of BJJ. Many people prefer not washing their belt because they’re just plain lazy; others associate the belt and how it is somewhat dirty with “acquired knowledge” and think washing it “washes off” the training. Many simply don’t want the stripes to wash out. However, we believe you most definitely should wash your belt. Bacteria can persist on most surfaces, and it thrives on cotton, so you really should consider throwing your belt in the washer.

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of washing your Gi, let’s get onto what you should wash it with, ergo, the best detergents for BJJ gi. Here are our top picks:

10 Best Detergents for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Finding a detergent that’s soft and effective on your Gi is hard enough, but finding something which won’t irritate the hypersensitive skin is another thing. Presenting the Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin detergent! This detergent is strong enough to get the dirt out, yet remains gentle on the skin.

The brand has been a staple in many households for the great quality and affordable price tag. The dermatologically-tested formula is free from perfumes and dyes. It was made especially for sensitive skin, so it is hypoallergenic. The low-suds formula provides a nice, clean rinse. On top of that, the formula manages to maintain the signature baking soda freshness of Arm & Hammer and removes body odor and sweat smells. Another great thing about this detergent is the biodegradable surfactants, which are significantly better for the environment. You can soak clothes in it, use it regularly, or place it in the washers devoid of water temperatures.


  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Low-suds formula.
  • Dermatologically-tested to be gentle on skin.
  • Good cleaning powers

When it comes to old washing and cleaning and everything laundry, Tide has been a household name for ages. This Ultra Stain Release Liquid is particularly effective on tough stains that won’t seem to budge.

The extra concentrated formula is ready to take on dirt stain on any piece of fabric. It has a steady success rate of 99%, no matter what temperature you’re washing the clothes in. You can pour it into the designated place of the washer, or you can directly apply it on resilient stains for a better, targeted approach. 

When it comes to best detergents for BJJ Gis or even sportswear in general, this detergent will do wonders on taking out the tougher marks. This particular design features the company’s special patented Zap! Cap – a new kind of cap that comes equipped with scrubbing bristles to pretreat the clothes that have taken on a bit too much.


  • Excellent for aggressive stains
  • The unique Zap! Cap
  • Cleans and brightens clothes
  • Active enzymes

Although bulk-buying probably isn’t needed for someone owning just one Gi, the Boardwalk Low Suds Industrial Powder Laundry Detergent boasts great cleaning capabilities along with the monster pack it comes in.

With this, you will never have to worry about restocking for a while. So while you think that it would probably waste a whole lot of good detergent, we recommend using this for your regular clothes as well, because this is, in fact, a good cleaning option. 

This massive 40-pound pail is labeled as a janitorial product; that’s why the formula is great at removing those tough stains and eliminating odor. It’s a powder detergent, so it can be used for hand wash or in a machine that supports powders. It leaves the clothes with a fresh yet not overly powerful lemony scent. The tip of the iceberg is honestly the pricing, and the large amount of product you get for it.


  • Affordable
  • Will last ages
  • Cleans rigid stains
  • Removes smell

If you’re looking for the best natural detergent in the market that will do an excellent job at cleaning you Gi but won’t leave your head buzzing from the strong smell of chemicals, the Sports Suds Laundry Detergent is our top pick for you.

The non-toxic, fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic formula ensures that your clothes leave the washer squeaky clean and odorless – no parabens, or bleach, or harsh sulfates. It disperses the bacteria and oils accumulating on your Gi very gently, leaving them clean and fresh without the use of chemicals. 

It’s also safe for sensitive skin. It’s made from products that are entirely naturally occurring, which means there is no speck of animal-based products. One zipper pouch of Sport Suds has the capability of rinsing 140 full machine loads clean. We also like how it leaves no residue behind. 


  • Made from all-natural products
  • Causes no irritation even to the most sensitive skins
  • Lasts a long time
  • High yield from even a tablespoon

Regardless of the type of fabric you’re planning to clean, the Nathan Power Sports Wash is the all-rounder that’s guaranteed to work for you; and it’s definitely one of the best detergents for BJJ Gis you can get in the market.

The neutral pH formula paired with the all-natural formula does an impressive job of removing almost 99% stains and odors. You can expect your clothes to leave the washer clean and fresh. 

This detergent doesn’t strip off the natural colors of the clothes, which is a big problem with many other multipurpose detergents. Without compromising the fabric or the moisture-wicking properties of your garments, the detergent removes dirt and oils from your Gi efficiently. 

It’s free of bleach, brighteners, fabric softener, and fragrances. We also love a detergent that’s kinder to the environment with its biodegradable composition and is thus eco-friendly. This detergent works its magic on natural fibers and synthetic workout clothes too.


  • Works great for performance fabrics
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly
  • Strips off 99.9% dirt and stains
  • Doesn’t dull the color of the clothes

A caring washing partner, the Woolite All Clothes Liquid Laundry Detergent is a cult-favorite on today’s list of best detergents for BJJ Gi. The great formula rids the fabric of irritating smells while retaining the newness of it.

As suggested before, this laundry detergent doesn’t cause your Gi to stretch, fade, or shrink (however, that can be done when needed). It doesn’t contain any optical brighteners, phosphates, bleach, or dyes, and works on brightening the clothes naturally. It’s formulated to be compatible with both regular and high-efficiency machines, and it’s perfectly suitable for your washing machine too. 

It’s gentle on sensitive skin and even gentler on the clothes, but it takes out the stink and stains very effectively. If you have allergies, you’ll love Woolite, and so will your Gi. It’s pricey, but people love it for the utility it offers.


  • Doesn’t cause irritation to skin
  • No use of overly potent chemicals
  • No stretching or fading
  • Great value for money

Very aptly named, the OxiClean Odor Blaster is composed of a color-safe and chlorine-free oxygen-based stain remover that’s determined to remove even the strongest of odors from your clothes. Especially after a very demanding training session that has caused you to sweat intensively, this detergent can be a life saver.

This product works well in removing the musty scents out of everyday clothes equally well. The instructions recommend you to make a pre-soak for the clothes that are smelling extra bad, and the highly recommended time is six hours. 

It works well with most washing machines and is available in a handy five-pound tub. It’s a great selection for workout clothes and will do good for your regular clothes as well, but we recommend keeping it for the first purpose.


  • Focuses on the strong odors
  • Works good in removing stains
  • Affordable

The special formula of Sweat X Sport Laundry Detergent was made to remove the odor-causing germs and bacteria from your clothes, returning its original freshness just like the day you bought it.

The organic, nontoxic, and biodegradable formula is equally gentle on sensitive skins, and it’s very lightly scented with fragrant essential oils to give you that natural, zesty/floral smell. The detergent works well in almost all water temperatures and can be used traditionally or in HE washers. 

It’s formulated super concentrated too, with one capful per load being enough to clean the dirtiest of clothes, even your gi. It’ll work well for the occasional bloodstains you get during training, the ones that are relatively difficult to remove. One bottle will last you about 45 loads, which is pretty great value for money. 


  • Restores fabric performance
  • Concentrates on tough stains
  • Subtle, pleasant smell
  • “A” on value for money

Another addition from the fan favourite Tide brand, the Tide PODS Plus Febreze were made for sports garments, so rest assured that they’ll be one of the best detergents for your BJJ Gi. It’s what they specialize in, after all!

Powered up further by Febreze, these Pods bring incredible changes to your otherwise sweaty, smelly gi after training. In just a single wash, these pods will bring a renewing fragrance to your clothes – one that you will be able to feel (or smell). 

The signature 4-in-1 technology works on cleaning, brightening, fighting stains, and freshening the fabric. They dissolve effortlessly in all water temperatures. One pod has the strength equivalent of 10 whole cups of laundry detergents, even from the leading brands! Depending on the intensity of the smell, you may need an extra pod or two to your load of laundry. These pods work well both in regular use as well as HE washers.


  • Four-fold benefits
  • Very effective
  • Delivers freshness to clothes
  • Made specifically for performance wear

According to Amazon, many reports, and satisfied customers, WIN is the best-selling formula in sports detergents, so you can blindly trust on this to become your new favorite among all the best detergents for your BJJ Gi.

The formula is specially created to tackle the odor-causing bacteria and germs that cling to your gi, and other athletic apparel, so you don’t end up stinking. It’s not tested on animals, and the packaging is 25% post-consumer recycled plastic! Those are just some extra pluses. 

The brand itself is beloved among athletes of all kinds – yoga instructors, cyclists, runners, and anyone who sheds sweat working out every day. You can easily use WIN on other kinds of fabric, like cotton. The detergent’s compatible with all water temperatures as well as HE washers. It offers three versions – active teen, active fresh, and free and clear. There are often offers on the detergent on Amazon, so keep a lookout for it.


  • Best-selling detergent for sportswear
  • No more odor on gi, thanks to this
  • Cruelty-free
  • Works amazingly on almost all fabrics

Basic Tips on Washing Your Gi

The detergent and form of washing play significant roles when it comes to washing your gi, but here are some thumb rules that you should abide by to maintain the newness of your Gi for a long time.

No Bleach: The strong chemical won’t do much except destroy the natural fibers of the Gi quicker. Find a detergent that has no added bleach but has a combination of other strong materials to remove stains and smells.

Don’t Wash it with Other Clothes: Wash your Gi by itself without mixing it in with your regular load, especially avoid the colored apparel that tends to bleed. In addition to that, too many clothes can substantially decrease the results of the wash cycle.

Use Cold Water for the Wash: Warm water speeds up the shrinking process, which isn’t typically what you’d want. The cold water also helps preserve the colors better.

Inside-Out Only: Safeguard the exterior of your precious gi by turning it inside out. This protects the patches and keeps the color intact. This isn’t a huge deal with white Gis, but highly suggested for the colorful ones.


Best Soap to Wash Gi 2024 Conclusion

After a lot of nitpicking and testing, we think that WIN Sports Detergent checks all our boxes and qualifies to be the best detergent for BJJ Gis. The chemical composition, plus the cleaning and stain-removing properties, has made this a staple in many cabinets around the world of athletes, and we also believe in their choices. With that being said, any of the options mentioned on the list will do a fine job of cleaning your gi as well as maintaining the fabric.




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