Best Hemp BJJ Gis in 2021

KO Sports Gear MaGic Dragon Hemp Blend Gi

Hemp Gis are some of the finest there are – for plenty of reasons to be honest. No bacteria are hosted, and these are more robust than typical Gi fabrics. Because of the hemp’s qualities, it defeats bacteria naturally, breathes well, is 4x tougher than cotton, and is also good for the environment. Even better, whilst remaining reliable, hemp softens up with every rinse.

We have listed our top picks for the top-notch brands on Amazon for reliable hemp Gis for you. The following ten picks have the best quality BJJ hemp gear, so stop spending time hunting for the dream hemp Gi and check them out.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Flow Kimonos Pro Series BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi​

Flow Kimonos Pro Series BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

#2 Runner Up

KO Sports Gear Magic Dragon Hemp Blend Gi

KO Sports Gear Magic Dragon Hemp Blend Gi

#3 Third

KO Sports Gear Akagi Hemp Blend G

What should you look for when buying a Hemp BJJ Gi?

A hemp BJJ Gi should be of solid quality and durable. Apart from the sheer respect for the traditions of the art, it’s also a matter of practicality. This martial arts form involved heavy elements of physical grab and pull. So, the types of materials found in Gis for other martial arts such as Karate or Judo, won’t do the trick. They would possibly loosen at the seams or tear within the very first warm-up sessions.

Known brand means trusted Gi

If a brand has a good reputation, then it will produce products that offer value for money. In most cases, it’s best to go for a brand that you have an idea about. It will work in your best interest to buy from a brand with a lot of positive reviews. After all, they produce products a lot better than any ordinary brands.

Price versus value

Pricing is a factor everyone is keen about. Involves a psycholoGical issue where you have to think about keeping some cash in hand. But then again, price and value differ. If your hemp Gi Gives you high utility, a premium price can still be paid. Moreover, hemp Gis have a reputation for becoming softer with usage. Fortunately, a decent quality hemp Gi is value for money. And, the choices and variety are quite a lot.

Close price indifference can be confusing, to be honest, but some good research can still tackle this scenario in both of the products. Comparing and contrasting which one outweighs another needs to be done. If the additional merits appeal better, go for that one.

Read our reviews below to find your next Hemp Gi!

Top 5 Best Hemp BJJ Gis

This is a wonderful essential suit to withstand prolonged usage and is offered at a reasonable price. You would be more impressed with the Gi itself than with the hemp. The air feels remarkably lighter with this; the design is excellent with no threads and no loose seams. The jacket’s interior is combed, and smooth and cozy. The best thing, though, the pants are insanely light, so you’ll feel extremely comfortable while practicing.

Design and QualityIt has contrast sewing, decorative elements, and specifics in style, athletic cutting. This means this Gi makes you look visually appealing alongside an excellent training tool for Jiu-Jitsu.


  • For the pants, the elastic rope drawstring is even finer than the cloth-based ones on low-priced Gis
  • Even if you sweat heavily and drenching, this Gi still feels comfortable as ever.
  • The sleeves are really a smidge long, so it suits perfectly after a few runs in the dryer.

The Hempo is made of 100 percent organic hemp fabric (no color or bleaching) with a soft beige hue. It will drag on for years of rigorous training, perfectly aGing, and getting more comfortable with the passage of time. 

Design and QualityIts fabric is pre-shrunk, which means you won’t have to worry about it shrinking after some days of use. The lightweight fabric can be washed easily. Its excellent material makes this item durable and strong.


  • Comfortable and breathable hemp blend material 
  • Its lightweight material dispenses the sweat and keeps you odor-free even after hours of practice
  • The inner lining has custom artwork of AkaGi Warrior imprinted

Coming to our 4th suggestion on our list, we have a cool looking BJJ uniform that will definitely Give the feeling of being a ninja. Get a KO Sports Kit Special Dragon Gi and stand out from the crowd.

Design and QualityIt is not only a cool looking one, but its quality is quite good as well. The thick collar will Give you extra comfort, and its multi-layered clothing will ensure your full protection. 


  • Made from ultra-comfortable, airy hemp blend material ensures maximum comfort while you practice
  • The high-end material confirms its long durability
  • Unique orange stitching and trim

Well, if you’d like to buy a Jiu-Jitsu BJJ, which has a lighter fabric, we think this one may be a good option for you! The good thing about this Gi is that the excellent quality hemp material makes you feel lighter when training. The custom Akagi Warrior etched on the inner lining Gives it a very traditional look.

Design and QualityThe quality that it comes in is more than you would expect. Its simple design is what makes it unique. 


  • Rubber insert in collar makes it extremely easy-going.
  • Its breathable and lightweight fabric makes it extra comfortable
  • The Gi comes in suitable sizes for you to choose the one that fits perfectly

Who doesn’t love the classic navy blue color? If you want your BJJ Gi uniform to be in royal, navy blue color as well, have a look at this, cool Gi. Its full blue uniform and small white stitches will make you stand out among all. The printed drawstring makes it look even edGier. It also comes in white and black, which is spectacular.

Design and quality– You can get this hemp blend BJJ Gi in different sizes, so you choose your preferred one. The neck lining is well-designed, and the jacket vents Give it a unique look.


  • 550 GSM 
  • Extra-long knee padding for super protection
  • Crotch area layered with thick fabric for protection 
  • Woven lining cuffs for detailed design

Frequently Asked Questions

How tight should hemp Gis be?

Ans: The skin to your hemp Gi ratio completely depends on the practitioner’s preference. Though the IBJJF rules and regulations require you to have a 7cm gap between your skin and the Gi, it’s somewhat subjective.

Some prefer the traditional style, where the cultural aspect is better highlighted. In this way, the Gis hit specifically under the ankle or wrist joint. But you may want yours shorter—entirely your choice.

What should I wear under my Hemp BJJ Gi?

You as a BJJ trainer may like compression undergarments: it’s more easy-going, breathable, and doesn’t soak much sweat. But it’s not like you can go without it. Old-fashioned cotton underwear works just fine. You can also choose to wear shorts under your Gi.

Does Gi color matter?

Well, many arguments have been placed. But honestly, there isn’t any meaning regarding the color of a Gi. However, BJJ belts may have some significance—black, red. It kind of warns you about your opponent’s level of expertise. But, then again, Jiu-Jitsu Gi colors don’t really carry any significance.

What size BJJ Gi should I go for?

Jiu-Jitsu students come in different shapes and sizes; thus, when it comes to selecting a Gi size, it can always be difficult. BJJ Gis typically come in sizes beGinning with A0 (the smallest) to A6 (the largest). The A is for Adult. Different sizes for women vary from F1 to F4, and sizes for children vary from M000 to M4. Beyond that, there are two other types of sizes.

How often do you wash your Hemp Gi?

When it’s too hard to wash after each workout, you should just wear a brand new Gi each time you practice and throw it away when it is done. Wouldn’t that be a dream? The dream will soon be over when you realize how expensive it will be.  You may be able to cover your Gi completely with a saran-wrap before rolling, just make sure to use additional wraps on frequently confiscated areas.

More useful tips: If odor is a problem since you don’t want to end up being the “smelly” guy in the lot, be a good teammate, and wash your Gi after every session. You can also put some Fabreeze on yours to make sure it smells fresh and clean.


Final Thoughts

To summarise, the Gi you’re most comfortable with is crucial and can be a deciding factor whether or not to get one in the first place. The variety and clarity of both of these Bjj Gis are somewhat similar; if not, the quality varies. Your training and defense mechanism is largely impacted by the fear you choose to be in. 

A poor quality Gi will increase hurdles while training, making it uncomfortable, and sometimes even injuring yourself. At the same time, the perfect fit will make your practice not only effective but also worthwhile. 

Thus, it’s crucial to do a thorough study and then choose which Hemp Gi to purchase so that you’re off to flaunt and develop your caliber!




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