5 Best Judo Gis for Big Guys in 2021

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The game of Judo is gaining more popularity over the years. You can see Judo enthusiasts in most high schools in America. This classic style of martial arts has won millions of hearts ever since its oriGin. And the cycle continues. With so many young and aspiring Judo enthusiast, the sales of Judo gear have risen tremendously. But not every brand brings the XXXL sizes in their lineup. So it gets a little tricky for the big guys to find a Gi that will fit well.

That being said, it can often get a bit difficult for big guys to find their perfect fit. That’s where we come in. In this article, we’re going to bring you a comprehensive buying guide for Judo Gis and help you choose the best judo Gi for big guys. If you’ve been blessed with a taller than average height and you’re struggling to find the best Judo Gi, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the one that’ll suit you the best!

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Mizuno Shiai Judo Gi

Mizuno Shiai Judo Gi

#2 Runner Up

Hayashi Judo Gi

#3 Third

Ronin Judo Gi

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Don’t just go out and by the first large-sized Gi you see. I understand that it can get hard to find that size, but a little patience will help you out in the long run. Here are some of the key points that you should consider while choosing a Judo Gi.


The first thing you need to consider before purchasing your Judo Gi is how durable it is. No matter how expensive the Gi is, it won’t do you any good if it can’t Give you a year of service. Judo incorporates numerous types of takedowns and grapples and many of them involve grabbing your Gi. So the Gi needs to be durable to withstand all that.


Nowadays you can get Gis made completely out of cotton or with a cotton and polyester mix. Using polyester in the blend is a great way to improve the overall durability and life of a Gi. The synthetic polyester Gis can be a worthwhile choice if you’re over 6 feet tall. They add a bit of strength to the Gi and they can stretch further too.


The game of judo incorporates various types of grapples and swift techniques to pull your opponent down on the floor. Many of these techniques involve grappling the Gi itself. The judo belt colors signify the ranks of the students. Make sure the Gi you buy comes packed with a belt so that you don’t have to buy it separately.


Just like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo Gis also have multiple types of weaves. The most common weaves in Judo are the single and double weaves. If you’re interested in buying a lighter Gi, you can opt for the single weave versions. If you want thick reinforcement by compromising weight, you can get the double weaved Gis.


Unlike BJJ, Judo Gis in professional matches only allows the blue and white colors. But if you just want a Gi for training or sparring sessions, you can get creative. 

Thickness and Weight

Most of the thickness aspects of a Gi come from the type of weave. The double weaved Judo Gis incorporate a thicker build while the single weaved ones are much more light in weight. The collar thickness is also a deciding factor when it comes to choosing Gis. No matter the size you choose, get a Gi with a thick collar so that it’ll be difficult for your opponent to grab onto you.

Choosing the Right Size

While tall skinny guys have to deal with short sleeves or trousers, the problem with big guys is the complete opposite. Some Gis is available that will have longer sleeves and trousers. So the primary option would be to fold the sleeves. But folding your trousers may sometimes lead to accidents. 

Another neat trick the big guys can try is buying a non-pre-shrunk Gi. If you choose this route, you start with a Gi that has long sleeves and trousers. But after every wash, it gradually shrinks. Using the shrinkage to your advantage is a cool trick when it comes to choosing Gis for big guys. 

With that said, let’s dive into our list of the best Judo Gi for big guys. For the blessed big guys, the choices are fairly limited. So you have to be careful as almost all the choices in the market can be hit or miss. That’s why we’re going to Give you a rough idea about the top Gis for big guys.

5 Best Judo Gis for Big Guys Reviewed

The first Gi on our list is the Mizuno Shiai. This Judo Gi has made quite a reputation for itself. This is one of the only Gis in the market that comes with 10 size options. So you can guess why this would be a splendid choice for big guys. Judo Gis is a bit different from BJJ Gis as the games differ slightly. So you can’t use BJJ Gis for Judo matches. 

Likewise, you can’t use Judo Gis in the BJJ matches either. This Gi from Mizuno comes in the traditional blue and white colors. So these are surely IJF friendly. The Gi isn’t too flashy which some people like. With such limited options when it comes to Gis for big guys, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

You even get half sizes with this Gi. The minimal design might fool you first, but you will feel its premium quality after putting it on. You can either go for the larger size and fold your sleeves and trousers or opt for the shorter Gis.

The package comes with a free Judo belt and a pair of trousers too. So you can pretty much guess that this is the whole deal. You can freely choose the larger sizes without worrying. If you’re short but you’ve put on a bit of weight, choose the largest size. On the other hand, if you’re tall and skinny, you can choose the size without shorter sleeves and trousers.

Product Benefits:

  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Strictly maintains the IJF rules
  • The shrinkage can be used to your advantage
  • Minimal traditional design

Next up on our list is the Hayashi Judo Gi. This one is a single weaved judo Gi from the brand. If you’re on a tight budget and want a Gi that will cater to your basic needs, you might want to check this one out. 

The fabric is breathable and incredibly lightweight. The sign weave ensures an overall reduction in bulk too. This eventually helps you move around swiftly and you can pull off all your grapples quickly. The Gi is only available in blue so that might be a bummer to some people. You can still get this blue Judo Gi in 10 sizes. So the choice of sizes is a huge plus point if you’re looking for a Gi for big guys.

IF you’ve put on a bit of weight, you can still pull off your amazing holds and grapples in this Gi. Depending on the size you get, you might have to fold up your sleeves or face the short-sleeved dilemma. But either way, you will get a pretty sweet experience.

What’s great about Judo is that you can still participate in the tournaments even if you aren’t in perfect shape. So gaining a couple of extra pounds won’t affect you severely if you get your Gi size right. If a low range Gi with great breathability is your priority, we certainly recommend the Hayashi.

Product Benefits:

  • Single weaved so its light in weight
  • Unique rice grain weave and diamond pattern
  • Reinforced impact areas
  • Durable seam covers for extra durability

Ronin has made its mark on the Judo gear market a while back. The company has risen to the ranks of one of the most popular brands for Judo Gis. Ronin Gis exudes quality and durability and this one from ronin is no different.

This is a single weaved judo Gi that offers a pretty good value for money. You can get this Gi in 9 sizes which means you get a ton of room to choose. But you do need to be a little careful while choosing the size as most of the larger sizes aren’t always available. Whether you’re looking for a training Gi or a full-on competitive judo Gi, the Ronin Single Weave will have you covered.

The bleached premium cotton of the Gi helps keep the entire Gi light in weight. If you notice around the impact-areas, you can observe that they are reinforced with extra padding. So you can get an idea that Ronin cares about their customers. The pants offer versatility and you can easily get them altered to a shorter height without compromising the quality.

If you’ve chosen a Gi with longer sleeves, feel free to keep your sleeves folded, or better yet cut them and sew off the edges. Ronin has made it quite easy for the customers to do. So if you have a plan to customize the Gi yourself, this one is a solid recommendation.

Product Benefits:

  • Ronin’s breathable technology
  • Available in 9 sizes
  • Highly customizable
  • Premium bleached cotton

The next Judo Gi in our lineup is this single weave Gi from the Tiger claw. You can get this Gi in 3 color variants which include a more classic unbleached variant too. If you have a slightly lower budget and you just want a Gi to get through your sparring sessions, this will certainly be the best choice.

This Gi from Tiger Claw comes in 10 different sizes. The size 8 can be a great option for both skinny tall guys and big guys. The Gi is well on its way to becoming one of the best Gi for big guys with all the Benefits that it offers. The stitching shows off how classy the build quality of the entire Gi is. The Gi can take quite a beating considering the lower price point.

Extra padding is used for reinforcement of the shoulders and knees which is a pretty welcome addition. The natural fabric makes the entire Gi light in weight while keeping you comfortable. If you’re a fan of the rice grain weave, you are surely going to love the Tiger Claw!

This Gi has made its mark as one of the best budget big guy judo Gis. The bigger sizes are Given more priority with extra padding too. So you can rest assured that you’re going to get a top-quality Gi for the money.

Product Benefits:

  • Light in weight
  • Unique diamond pattern
  • Extra padding for durability
  • Can withstand quite the beating

Our last recommended Gi for you is this premium Judo Gi from Fuji. As a brand for Sports gear, this one doesn’t need any introduction. All Fuji products deliver the quality that it promises. This double weave Gi is nothing different.

To start, the Gi comes in a total of 10 sizes. So you can pretty much get all the sizes you can ask for. Fuji even offers an easy way to customize the Gi if you still face difficulties while putting it on. The thick collar and double weave make the Gi a little heavier, but also adds strength. 

Whether you just want a Gi for weekly sparring sessions or you want to go professional, this double weave Gi will suit your needs. Fuji sources out the premium cotton while making their Gis. So you can expect to-notch quality from this Gi. The Gi might seem a tad overpriced at first, but this is an investment that will last you at least a couple of years.

The inner lining of the fabric absorbs the sweat fast and tries to reduce the odor significantly. You can get this Gi in two variants, the traditional blue, and white. But the freedom to choose different sizing is certainly a blessing.

Product Benefits

  • Highly durable with extra paddings
  • Premium materials used
  • Guarantees comfort
  • A wide range of sizes to choose from

Customize Your Gi

If you’re still having a bit of trouble finding your size, just get any size that comes close and choose the customizing route. This is one of the most effective alternatives to get a perfect size. If you have a short build as a big guy, you can easily pick up a size 9 or 10 Judo Gi from the top brands. 

After that, you can take the Gi to the tailor or start the customization yourself. All you need to do is shorten the sleeves and trousers according to your length. The whole process wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. And you can customize the entire Gi to fit you snuggly. 

Choosing this route is a safe bet if you failed to find the perfect sized Gi for you. So just pick out any good quality Judo Gi and bring it to your local tailor. With a few extra bucks, you can easily make the Gi fit you perfectly. You can still choose to keep the sleeves longer, but that might bring you to a competitive disadvantage. 

Go Custom made

If you’re still struggling to choose the perfect Judo Gi for your size, there is always the option to get a custom made Gi. Many brands even have the option to make you a customized Judo Gi. This is probably the best option if you’re someone over 6’7”. Brands like Gorilla Gear make amazing tailored Gis for customers of all sizes. 

Alongside their top-selling Gis on the market, you can see an option to order a custom-sized Gi just for yourself. So if you’ve put on a bit too much of weight, you can easily get a Gi tailored for a little extra charge. So you can surely take this route if you still can’t find the perfect size for you!



Can I get a Gi tailored anywhere?

You probably can. But to ensure the best quality, try out the custom options from big companies.

How long will it take for a Gi to shrink down?

If you opt to go for a readymade version and get a larger size, you need to spend around 5-8 wash cycles to shrink it down to your size. 

Can I use BJJ Gis for Judo?

It depends. If your BJJ Gi complies with all the rules of the IJF, you will probably be able to use it.


Bottom Line

To conclude, if you look hard enough, you can find the best judo Gi for big guys. Go through the options that we’ve listed for you. These are all professional Judo Gis and they will provide you the best experience. If you still can’t find the perfect fit, opt for a custom-made Gi. You can’t go wrong with that.




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