Fuji Sekai 2.0 Review: A Household Name Gi

The Fuji Brand was founded in 1969 and since then, has been a reliable name in the martial arts kimono industry. It is without a shred of doubt that we say they know their stuff. Initially, they entered the market as a judo brand, and that’s what earned them their name and fame. However, with time, their business expanded for the better. They now produce durable, affordable, and top-notch jiu-jitsu gi’s. 

Their Fuji Victory Single Weave became a signature product and best-seller of their brand. It would be hard to walk into any BJJ academy and not spot at least a few of those.

Fuji Brand’s first attempt at making high-end gi’s for the market came in the form of Fuji Sekai. It saw instant success, especially in competitions.

Unlike some other companies that focused solely on the weight of the ultralight and light gi’s, Fuji had different plans. They didn’t want to settle for simply a light gi. Instead, they came up with the Sekai – a gi that’s the perfect combination of lightness and durability. Combining longevity, comfort, and an eye for detail, the Sekai truly has no match in the market.

But can the Sekai 2.0 fill the very large shoes? This Fuji Sekai 2.0 review has the answers.

Fuji Sports Overview

Fuji Sports is a leading brand in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu market. They offer high-quality BJJ and Judo no-gi, gi, and gear, and some of the biggest names in the industry represent them. Together with Hatashita Sports, Fuji Sports was founded in 8 June, 1969. The founder, Frank Hatashita was the President of the Pan American Judo Federation, and the Vice-President of the IJF (International Judo Federation). Other notable positions include an IJF referee, owners of multiple dojo and more.

According to the brand, they skip out on the glitz and glam. Bling bling isn’t their thing. They believe in plain top-notch gear at competitive prices.

They sell a wide range of products for men and women of all ages. Apart from the sportswear, they also stock hoodies, shirts, spats, and shorts. You can also shop for kids from Fuji – their range is quite impressive. 

From Fuji Sekai to Fuji Sekai 2.0

The Sekai was pretty amazing in itself. But how could a brand stay relevant if it wasn’t constantly developing, reimagining itself? The Fuji Sekai 2.0 was equipped with all the features that made the original unforgettable – the high-quality construction, unparalleled durability, and clever design.

The first model came with a gigantic rubberized world map printed on the inner side of the rash guard, directly linked to the word “Sekai.” This unique embellishment was an homage to the Japanese word for “world” which is, you guessed it: Sekai.

And although their intentions were great, they received some negative reviews about that decision. People found that the texture could occasionally irritate the skin. So, as a development, the Sekai 2.0 featured the world map on the soft shoulder lining.

In addition, Fuji also revamped the aesthetics of Sekai but chose to stay true to their first model. The entire time, their products always had a classic, elegant vibe. They removed the clunky “Sekai” embroidery from the shoulders and added a charming vertical Sekai patch going down the spine. There’s also a matching patch on the upper right-hand sleeve. You will find the quintessential Fuji Kilimanjrao logo in big fonts over the left part of the chest. Moreover, the logo is present in the wrist area of the left sleeve too, but with colors that aren’t as contrasting, you might not see it very well.


The Sekai 2.5 is available in six different colors: blue, brown, white, purple, black with red accents, and black with grey accents. Branding patches can be found along the shoulders and biceps. Also, a detailed picture of the world map is printed across the body of the rash guard.

Similar to most gi’s from Fuji, the Sekai aesthetics are understated yet pleasing. One would really appreciate the design of Sekai if they liked the simpler, cleaner approach. Plus, since the graphics are sublimated, they will never peel, fade, or crack.


Customer reviews of Sekai have claimed that the fabric feels soft and light against their skin, barely feeling like a rash guard. Compression fits are harder to perfect since you want the support but you don’t want it sticking to your body. To maximize comfort, Fuji has added soft underarm panels. This will prevent your body from overheating after it’s taken in too much warmth. On top of that, the fabric is microbial. Sweat buildup feeds various germs and bacteria, causing you to get sick. Well, this rash guard will fight the harmful microbes that cause sweat and odor.


Given how the rash guard features a compression fit and was from Fuji, we knew it wouldn’t face too many issues with durability. Multiple rows of fabric reinforcements and stitching can be found in the pressure zones like armpits, chests, shoulders, cuffs, and waistbands. Sekai is definitely one of the more well-reinforced gi’s in today’s market.

Close to zero reviewers have discussed “Sekai ripping”. However, thanks to the large portions of reinforcements, the material lasts much longer and provides great performance. It is arguably one of the best-made rash guards on today’s market.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Fuji Sekai 2.0 is machine washable. A lot of times, these delicate fabrics can’t be put into the washing machine. However, since the sublimated graphics prevent peeling and the fabric of choice is great, there’s no problem. After a machine wash, you have to hang them out to dry.

Bottom Line

That draws the line on this Fuji Sekai 2.0 review. After careful evaluation, we have found that this rashguard is definitely one of the superior ones in the market. A combination of great fabric and intricate seams makes it the top choice.




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