Best MMA Gloves for Sparring [2021 Review]

Sparring is an essential element when it comes to getting good at MMA. Using gloves that you normally also use for training in sparring is not a good idea. You need something more appropriate for this.

Sparring often needs gloves that are a bit more flexible, but also well protected. This is a fine line that may be hard to attain for ordinary MMA gloves. Fortunately, we have got a list of the best gloves for you to try for your sparring.

Hayabusa Tokushu MMA Gloves
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Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7 gloves

Everlast MMA Gloves

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Combat Sports MMA Gloves

Combat Sports MMA Gloves

Buying Guide

The things you should be concerned about when you are buying a pair of gloves for sparring are here. Remember that while these factors may vary from user to user, some of the things are simply maintained by the standard.


Weight is essential to know about when choosing MMA gloves. Sparring requires your gloves to be mobile and lightweight but also must be packed with padding. To achieve this, you need weights that are in the middle somehow.

Too heavy means that your speed will suffer hindrance, while too light will mean your hands are not well protected. 7-10 ounce gloves are perfect when picking gloves for sparring.  


This might be the most important thing to be concerned about when you are choosing a pair of gloves. You want gloves that fit your hands perfectly. For this, you need to know your own hand measurements first. Just take some measurements of your palm.

You will be able to compare the measurements of your own hands with gloves available in the market as most gloves will display their measurement specifics when being sold. 


Padding is very important when you are out buying a pair of gloves for sparring. Essentially, you will want ample padding, but not so much that your speed is lessened. The perfect way to know what amount of padding is right for you is to try them on yourself first.

No amount of window browsing will be able to confirm your padding requirements. Remember that the most important thing during sparring is to make sure your hands are balanced and are not ending up with an injury.

Best MMA Gloves for Sparring

Coming from one of the best brands for MMA, Hayabusa, this is another excellent piece of gear. A construction that is able to improve the pre-curved design by 30%. These gloves are great in order to protect your hands from damage.

Sparring is made easy as these gloves are not only well protected but are also comfortable to wear. They are installed with AG inner fabric, which keeps the gloves from being infected by fungus or poor odor on the inside. 

For odor and ventilation, the X-Static XT2 is added to the glove. These make sure that the interior of the gloves stays free of odor and sliminess from sweat. 


  • Two great color schemes to choose from that add to visual aesthetics
  • Dual-X closure makes sure that your potential grip is firm on the gloves
  • The anti-cooling system is excellent which keeps the gloves odor-free


  • It takes time for your hands to break in and get used to the gloves


These gloves focus on curved padding around the knuckles. This gives you the advantage of training and fighting without the fear of an injury of knocking anyone out cold. These are perfect for sparring all around.

The padding also continues more on the thumbs. Thumbs can be really critical if injured and will hinder your progress as an MMA performer. These gloves will prevent your thumbs from being injured this way.

These gloves are sturdy and strong, while also maintaining the key aspect of being mobile. 


  • Sturdy and strong in practice, perfect for sparring within the ring
  • Extra padding to prevent your hands from any injury or harm
  • Cooling is perfected through a mesh ventilation system at the top


  • Poor in terms of durability when compared to other Everlast gloves


For competition or training, the Combat Sports MMA gloves have got you covered. One of the main reasons that these gloves are so notable is from its popularity. These are lightweight gloves with enough padding for sparring.

Additionally, the open palm design is able to give you the confidence you need to spar without worrying about being slowed down. This flexibility is a big reason why it’s good. 

The synthetic leather used for construction is considered to be one of the best for durability. Beginners who want to spar can wear these gloves without any worry of injury. They are both lightweight and have the necessary padding.


  • Great for MMA performers of all ages including youngster beginners 
  • Eight different color schemes to choose from making it versatile
  • Meets all the requirements and standards of professional MMA 


  • Not very good in terms of durability compared to other gloves here

These gloves are very affordable and they have great quality. The Venum Challenger pair is able to deliver the support and comfort that you need for sparring. They will fit easily and are lightweight for your hands.

Velcro makes sure that your gloves are well-fit and adjustable. This also prevents risks of slipping and wrist injuries. The foam is heavy-duty, thus ensuring that your knuckles stay protected.

PU leather is implemented with these gloves, thus being one of the trademarks of the Venum brand. Shock absorption is achieved by the stitching and additional foams. 


  •  Five different options to choose from in terms of color schemes
  • Layered foam architecture to make sure shock absorption is achieved
  • Made by Venum from Thailand, one of the most competent brands in MMA glove manufacturing


  • Palm protection is not ample, which leaves risk for slipping

These gloves are familiar for you if you have watched any of the first three seasons of the Ultimate Fighter TV show. These gloves are the original MMA training glove, and they feature rounded padding.

These are able to make sparring possible without bulky, cumbersome builds. The padding is excellently put in, while also ensuring that the gloves remain lightweight for proper sparring training.

Additionally, the leather construction is able to endure a lot of force and abuse before they give in, breaking down or falling apart. These gloves are one of the best in the market for practicing or training, and additionally, sparring as well.  


  • Very well built from leather for extra durability and longevity
  • Lightweight despite having ample amounts of padding inside
  • Very popular amongst the MMA community for familiarity


  • Not very easy to find in the market as these are not mass-produced

Built for endurance, the RDX MMA gloves are able to live up to the name of their brand. It has excellent shock absorbent ability, as it has extra-thick, triple-layered padding on the inside. The foam that is responsible for shock absorption also covers the knuckle area.

For your wrist, the padded block stretches out to the wrist-joint area and protects it. All over, these gloves are excellent when it comes to protecting your hands. This is what makes them great for sparring. 

In terms of price, it is very affordable. Moreover, the price you can get it for is almost unmatched for the amazing quality it will provide. The cowhide leather is one of the most notable features of these gloves. They make it very durable.


  • Velcro straps to make sure you can adjust the gloves with your hands
  • Fully authentic cowhide leather construction makes sure your hands are protected
  • Micro-fabric absorbs moisture and sweat that may collect when you spar


  • Feels very stiff in the first days and takes a long time to break in properly

Sparring is made easy with the RDX 12 MMA gloves. These gloves are resilient and durable, with the Maya-Hide construction. They last long, although increasing your budget can give you more durable RDX MMA gloves.

The affordability of these gloves is one of the reasons why it is so popular. In fact, it is a big reason why we included it. Simply put, you will not find the quality of this level unless you increase your budget very significantly. 

Since sparring will make your gloves very hot every now and then, your hands will sweat a lot. The moisture-wicking micro-fabric that is installed into the lining of the interior is what saves the day. It takes away extra moisture and sweat and adds breathability.


  • Four different color schemes to choose from for all kinds of performers
  • Sparring requires great durability which is achieved by the Maya-Hide construction
  • Extremely affordable for the quality you will be receiving with these


  • There are far more durable RDX products in the market with an increase in budget

For the last item on this list, we tried to go an extra versatile route. While these gloves are great for sparring, they are also great for striking and grappling. This feature makes it possible for you to shift your style of MMA without changing gloves. 

Fitting adjustment and comfortable fit are achieved by the Velcro strap that is installed into it. The locking mechanism makes sure that your hands are able to stay inside tight without the gloves falling off when you are sparring.

Additionally, the anti-microbial lining is able to make sure that your hands stay dry and cool. Sweat and odor is also avoided as this technology takes care of that too. 


  • A Velcro strap makes sure that your gloves stay on tight 
  • Three different color schemes to choose from so it looks impressive
  • Anti-microbial lining makes sure that your hands stay comfortable


  • Breaking in might be difficult with these gloves as they are stiff


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for sparring gloves?

MMA gloves in general are best when constructed from leather. Cowhide, deerskin, and sheepskin are considered the best materials for constructing gloves for sparring. 

Aside from leather, there are many polymers that are used. However, they don’t fare very well in the long run in terms of durability. So if you are looking to buy gloves for sparring, leather ones are your best option. 

Is padding important in sparring?

Padding is extremely important in sparring because it protects your hands from injury. You will be throwing massive amounts of force with each strike, leaving room for risks of injury. This is when the padding factors in.

Padding is able to protect you from the extra forces repelling back into your hands. This protects your knuckles, thumb, or wrist from withstanding unexpected forces at awkward angles.

Do I need to wrap my hands during sparring?

Yes, essentially. Wrapping your hands before sparring is a great idea and a great way to protect your hands from further risks. You will not know how important it is to protect your hands in MMA unless you encounter an injury with them.

Wrapping your hands with additional protection will let you move your hands more freely, and pack the most powerful punches you want to when you are sparring. 


It is rather difficult to choose a pair of gloves for sparring. We tried to narrow down the possibilities available to you. However, it ultimately falls down on you how well these will fit or suit you. Remember that comfort is one of the most key aspects of MMA.

Sparring takes force, effort, and practice. We hope your gloves are able to give you the service that your hands expect them to, while also letting you pack a great punch.




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