8 Best BJJ Grappling Shorts for Jiu-Jitsu Players in 2021

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Every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player, whether you’re a beginner or you’re about to take part in a competition, needs BJJ grappling shorts. For any training or competition, you should be equipped with the right gear for enhanced performance. Grappling shorts are designed to ease various movements during fight and to provide enough flexibility.

Nowadays, grappling shorts come in a vast range of sizes, colors, and prints, which is fun to choose from. However, when you’re purchasing a pair of grappling shorts you must go for the ones that can also withstand ripping or tear due to friction during a grappling session.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

ARD MMA Fight Shorts

ARD MMA Fight Shorts

#2 Runner Up

Hayabusa Metaru Charged Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Shorts

Hayabusa Metaru Charged Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Shorts

#3 Third

Venum Men's Camo Hero Fight Shorts

Venum Men's Camo Hero Fight Shorts

Types of Grappling Shorts 

Board Style Shorts

These are the most common type of grappling shorts which resemble typical surfing shorts. These shorts have a dual secure system on the waist – an internal drawstring to ensure an accurate fit, as well as a Velcro strap on the outside to add snugness. They also have slits on the sides to improve flexibility in all ranges of motion.

Vale Tudo Shorts

Vale Tudo shorts are shorter in comparison to board style shorts and mimic compression underwear. These shorts are skin tight so it’s advisable to wear a cup for extra protection during training. Not everyone would be comfortable with the design of these shorts, but if you are, you do you!

Hybrid Shorts

As the name suggests, these shorts are a hybrid between board shorts and Vale Tudo shorts. The fabric and look from the board shorts combined with the flexibility of the Vale Tudo shorts make these hybrid shorts. Since these newer styled BJJ shorts have the best of both shorts, they’re more expensive.


Things to Consider When You Buy BJJ Grappling Shorts


It’s crucial to get the grappling shorts with accurate sizing because your performance in BJJ training depends on it. Different brands have different measurement charts that you can compare your true size with before you make a purchase. However, multiple brands set their sizing based on the actual body measurement. For example, if you have a 37-inch waist in your denim, you should size it up and get 38-inch for your BJJ grappling shorts.


It’s a given that during a BJJ training session, you’re bound to sweat a lot. Therefore, the grappling shorts should be made of a fabric that is sweat-proof or dries fast. Plus, the material should be durable and tear-resistant so that it can withstand all the aggressive movements during the fight.

Cut and Length 

Some grappling shorts have slits on the sides while others don’t. It depends on your preference for styling when it comes to choosing a pair based on cuts. As for the length, you may either go for the ones that hit the knee mark for you, or you may also opt for the slightly shorter ones. Again, select the length that you think will be most comfortable for you during the BJJ training.

Ease of Movement

The grappling shorts that you select should allow you to perform explosive movements. Flexible material in the crotch area or a 360-degree stretch flex panel should help you achieve that.  


Of course, when it comes to design you’ll be more inclined towards getting the pair that seems most appealing to you. But if you are a competitor, the design should meet the requirements of the BJJ organizations otherwise you’ll not be able to take part in the BJJ matches.

10 Best Grappling Shorts for NoGi Jiu-Jitsu

These BJJ grappling shorts from ARD are made to withstand the most aggressive movements without a worry of tear as the seams are T3 stitched. The waistband has a tie system with high-quality Velcro closure. 

Unrestricted movement is ensured by the multi-directional stretchable fabric. Plus, it’s comfortable to wear for long hours because these shorts are constructed with the perfect combination of rugged cotton and elasticized polyester. 

These shorts are of amazing quality. So, if you would like a budget-friendly pair of grappling shorts in a bright color, you must get this one from ARD.

Product Features:

  • Multiple flex panels at the right places 
  • Comes in a bright orange color 
  • Affordable

Made especially for no-gi players, these Hayabusa Metaru Charged BJJ grappling shorts are highly durable thanks to the reinforced T3 stitching. Also, they will not tear through the toughest training sessions as they are constructed with a PolyDirectionalTM stretch fabric. Movement is made extremely easy due to the stretch panels in the right places. 

These shorts are true to actual measurement so it is suggested to purchase a bigger size if your true size is an odd number. They come in a hardware-free waistband which might be uncomfortable at first to pull up, but once you wear them they are indeed comfortable. 

One thing is certain that with these shorts, you do not have to wear about any rips or tears, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting pair of BJJ shorts, this is a great option.

Product Features:

  • Made of PolyDirectionalTM stretch fabric
  • 100 percent IBJJF Approved
  • Comes in 5 colors

Venum is known for making high-quality BJJ grappling shorts. These Camo shorts are perfect for BJJ as they have a 3-way closure as machine-stitched seams so it withstands a full range of motion during fights or training. They look amazing as well in an aesthetic neutral camouflage design. 

It is made with a long-lasting combination of mesh panels and microfiber fabric which also has fast-drying properties so no matter how much you sweat you’ll remain fresh during the vigorous training sessions!

Although these Camo shorts from Venum fall on the higher end of the price spectrum in comparison to the other BJJ grappling shorts featured in this article, the quality, and features of the product make up for the price. So if you’re willing to spend a little bit more on fight shorts, you should get this amazing pair.  

Product Features:

  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Made of high-quality polyester fabric
  • Sweat-proof due to moisture management properties in the fabric

Clinch Gear products hold a reputation for high-quality products therefore these BJJ grappling shorts can be guaranteed to withstand rips and tears. What supports this confirmation is the fact that these shorts are constructed with the same material that is used to make Special Ops. These shorts are made of soft suede microfiber fabric that’s not just lightweight but durable as well. 

It comes in a sleek design with Double-grip waistband in the form of hook and loop closure so it remains secure no matter how aggressive the movements are during your training session. Plus, its SuperStretch feature with 360-degree side flex panels allows you to smoothly carry out the toughest moves. 

The Clinch Gear BJJ shorts are highly popular in the market due as it ensures utmost comfort and durability which is necessary for any sort of combat sports, as they can make or break the fight.

Product Features:

  • Made of suede microfiber fabric
  • Has 360-degree side flex panels
  • Easy hook and loop closure

hese BJJ grappling shorts from SOTF come in a unique design with a grey base, ideal for someone who likes loud graphic prints. The prints are made using excellent technology which prevents them from fading or cracking no matter how long you use them. 

These shorts are made of soft and ultra-lightweight fabric that is comfortable to wear for long hours. Also, the fabric delivers utmost stretch-ability so it can endure the highest kicks without any tear. You can customize your fit on the waist with the help of Velcro and drawstring. 

If your accurate fit is in between two sizes, it is suggested to purchase the bigger size as the fit of these shorts is true to your actual measurement. These BJJ grappling shorts are ideal for someone who’s looking for a high-quality pair that is affordable as well. 

Product Features:

  • Smooth fabric that reduces friction while grappling
  • High-quality drawstring closure
  • Affordable

These grappling shorts from OPTIMAL HUMAN are made of sweat-proof fabric to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your BJJ training sessions. They are designed to ensure all sorts of movements during fights. Comfort is a high priority during combat sports such as BJJ, and these shorts provide exactly that.

The design is extremely simple with no outside pockets or zippers, just a single pocket that has been integrated into the design. Although it delivers a snug fit, there are 4-way stretch panels on the side of the shorts that ensure a full range of motion during BJJ training or competitions. Also, the waist has elastic and a drawstring for a customized fit.

If you are looking for a simple, yet high-quality tear-resistant BJJ shorts, these from OPTIMAL HUMAN would be perfect for you given that they are designed to withstand the toughest training sessions. Plus, the sleek design will make you look great!

Product Features:

  • 4-way stretch panels for maximum flexibility 
  • Simplistic design with a single inside pocket only 
  • 100 percent IBJJF Approved

If you are in search of unique prints in BJJ shorts, the ones from Anthem Athletics would be perfect for you as they come in more than 30 stylish prints. Plus, the quality of the print is excellent so it will not peel or crack no matter how much you wear them. 

These high-grade grappling shorts are made of tear-resistant polyester so it’s perfect for both training and competitions. Also, optimal movement is ensured by the aggressive side slits and the 4-way stretch crotch. 

The waistband has a drawstring on the inside and two-fold Velcro on the outside for customized fitting. Note that these shorts are constructed in a way to fit your true measurement, so if your waist measurement is an odd number, you should purchase the one with a size up.

This brand is known for making high-quality athletic gear for MMA, BJJ, CrossFit, and Kickboxing. Therefore, durability is guaranteed with these shorts from Anthem Athletics. 

Product Features:

  • Optimal movement promised by a 4-way stretch crotch
  • Made of tear-proof, fast-drying fabric
  • Two-fold Velcro waistband

These shorts are ideal for someone who wants to use them for training as well as for fights. The lightweight fabric of the FUJI grappling shorts is tear-resistant therefore, you do not have to worry about accidental movements.

Although these shorts do not have side slits like most of the grappling shorts, they are designed in a way that there’s enough fabric on the sides to ensure high kicks and side to side movement. 

The simplistic design only has a logo of the brand on the bottom right of the shorts as well as the FUJI writing on the waistband. Its plain design is what has made it a popular option among Jiu-Jitsu fighters. 

Plus, the brand FUJI has established its mark for many years for both in Judo and BJJ. Previously, it was known for making Gis. But with the Baseline grappling shorts, the brand has proved that it can also make stylish no Gi shorts.

Product Features:

  • Designed with 360-degree stretch flex panels
  • 4-way stretch-ability ensured with ultra-lightweight fabric
  • Stylish and comfortable

With athletic cuts on each side of the shorts, this pair is tailored to provide unbeatable mobility during BJJ training. The supreme durability of these shorts is promised by T3 stitching which ensures resilience and strength. For an accurate fit, these shorts have a dual-design on the waistband – an interlocking drawstring on the inside of the waistband and an improved Velcro strap system on the exterior. 

The RDX BJJ shorts are made of high-quality fabric that has beneficial features that are suitable for BJJ training and fights. The lightweight fabric is anti-odor as well as anti-microbial so no matter how much you sweat, these shorts will help to keep you clean and infection-free!

These grappling shorts come in a loud design with three colors to choose from – blue, yellow, and green. So if you’re into simple designs you might not be prone to purchasing this one. However, the RDX BJJ shorts are ideal for someone who is planning to use them in the long term as the construction of the fabric makes them highly durable.

Product Features:

  • Made of high-quality, breathable fabric
  • Maximum mobility ensured with ergonomically-designed cuts
  • Tear-resistant

One of the top priorities of BJJ shorts is the combination of their comfort and functionality. The Elite Sports BJJ shorts has a two-fold non-chaffing Velcro as well as an inside drawstring in the waistband therefore it will provide you utmost comfort during movements. Another feature of these BJJ shorts that promotes easy movements is the side slits.

The quality of the fabric is worth mentioning, as the 150 GSM micro-fiber is tear-proof so it ensures that no damage takes place even if you indulge in the most aggressive movements during the fights. Also, when you wear these shorts, you can be assured that you’ll not end up with any sort of staph infections, as it helps to diffuse the sweat instantly. 

The design of the BJJ shorts is pretty simple with the Elite logo on the Velcro belt as well as on the bottom left of the shorts. Depending on your BJJ belt level, you can opt for one of the eight colors of Velcro. 

Plus, these high-quality BJJ grappling shorts are extremely affordable. So, if you’re in search of a pair that is both simple and budget-friendly, this one should be right up your alley. 

Product Features:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Constructed with extremely soft, high-quality microfiber fabric 
  • Improved leg work ensured with side slits

How to Take Care of Your BJJ Grappling Shorts

Grappling shorts are bound to get dirty or have a bad odor after those long sessions of BJJ training. Therefore, you must follow certain tips to take care of them so that they last for a long time. 

  1. Coldwater Wash: You should wash the grappling shorts in cold water, and then tumble dry. Washing them in warmer water will cause them to shrink (unless that’s what you want because you’ve purchased a bigger size). 
  2. Use Mild Detergent: Grappling shorts are made of lightweight fabric so it’s important to use mild detergent on them, void of any harsh chemicals. You may also use fabric softeners and stay clear from any bleach. Tide Sports and Woolite will be great for grappling shorts. If there are any stains, you can use OxiClean to get it removed. 
  3. Wash Them Right Away: You must wash your BJJ grappling shorts as soon as you’re out of the training session. If that’s not possible, hang it to dry before you have a chance to wash them. 
  4. Turn Them Inside Out: When you’re washing your grappling shorts turn them inside out since they are dirtier and have an accumulation of sweat on the inside. Also, grappling shorts that have prints on them might crack or peel after years of use. So, it’s suggested to wash them inside out so the prints are preserved for a longer time.

Final Words

A durable, tear-resistant BJJ grappling shorts will act as a catalyst to make the training sessions better. They should provide you flexibility, yet be able to withstand aggressive movements. That’s exactly what all the BJJ grappling shorts featured in this article will do for you. So, go ahead and select any of them to enhance your BJJ training experience.




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