Best MMA Shorts for Kicking in 2021

Many people feel that specific MMA shorts aren’t necessary for training. And, to some extent, it is right that you do not require it. You can work out in gym shorts. However, having the proper equipment will undoubtedly improve your training greatly.

MMA shorts are particularly built to accommodate these kind of motions. They’re less restricting than gym shorts, giving you more range of motion. They can also withstand a lot more detriment than gym shorts without coming unraveled, as they will undoubtedly take a lot of hammering during MMA.

The correct pair of MMA shorts can provide you with a complete range of motion, letting you attack with ease. They’re also incredibly comfy and quick to dry, so you won’t be worried about sweaty shorts when working out.

Overall, if you’re serious about MMA, you should certainly invest in a good pair of MMA shorts. This post will provide you with an insight of some of the finest MMA shorts available.

Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts
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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Chikara 4 MMA Shorts by Hayabusa

Hayabusa Chikara 4 MMA Shorts

#2 Runner Up

Elite Sports Men’s BJJ Shorts

Elite Sports MMA Fight Shorts

#3 Third

Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

Anthem Athletics Resilience MMA Shorts

Buying Guide

Types of MMA Shorts

Board Shorts

Board shorts are frequently seen in combat sport, particularly in the UFC. Their design is inspired by classic board shorts, such as those worn for surfing or even recreational swimming. These shorts have a more relaxed fit and are usually knee length.

The elastic waistbands featured in board style shorts are a vital element that keeps the shorts in position during intense and fast-paced action. They are also generally equipped with a Velcro strap and a drawstring.

Hybrid MMA Shorts

MMA Hybrid-style shorts are precisely what their name implies: they combine characteristics from both the Vale Tudo and board short styles in order to get the best of the both. Hybrid shorts blend the elasticity of Vale Tudo shorts with the contemporary board short design. Because these shorts have each of these features, they are recognized for being practical, versatile, and comfy.

Vale Tudo

Vale Tudo shorts are similar to compression shorts and trousers. They are form-hugging and embrace your body, allowing for faster, freer motions without the risk of your opponent snagging and hooking the shorts.

While many MMA coaches and athletes appreciate the lack of friction and compacted sensation, some are concerned about the amount of exposure these shorts depict. As a result, individuals who want the compressed feel can choose shorts with a cup.


You should make certain that your shorts are constructed of high-quality fabrics. C ertain materials withstand wear and tear far better than others.

Some shorts include Lycra stretch panels as well as double-stitched, fortified seams, making them a very robust and flexible short’s choice.

Others include a polycarbonate core for relaxation and are constructed of military-grade elastics for agility.


The quality of the materials used is an essential consideration when choosing a pair of MMA shorts. Many brands are known for using super-durable fabric for their combat shorts. These shorts are often constructed of a multi-directional stretchy material that can withstand the rigors of grappling. Agility and endurance are essential, especially when practicing for kicking or takedowns.

Stitching and reinforcing regions are other key factors in determining how well-made the combat shorts are. Shorts that have been well-stitched will not tear and crumble at the first hint of struggling.


It is normal for one brand’s sizing to vary from each other. Typically, it is determined by the maker. When it comes to fighting shorts sizing, you don’t want them to be too snug or too open. You want the size to be accurate for the body type.

Try to acquire the measurement of the shorts and check what size you should purchase in a certain brand.


When it comes to combat sports, range of movement is essential, and a decent pair of MMA shorts would enable you to be totally flexible, ready to kick and stretch whenever necessary.

Most MMA shorts provide a slit on either side to offer a wide range of motion, which includes sidekicks, leg sweeps, lunges, and pretty much every other type of attack you can think of. The last thing you need is to be constrained from wearing your shorts.

Top 10 Best MMA Shorts for Kicking

Hayabusa is a world leader in combat clothing. Their status stems from their technological innovation and high-end items. The Metaru Charged combat shorts include an innovative tie mechanism and a webbed lining for a highly customized fit for the boxer.

The pattern on the shorts is sublimation dyed in the fabric, so it will remain as vibrant as the day you bought them, even after years of wrestling and washing.

These shorts’ sturdy construction ensures that they will last a long time, and its highly adaptable material ensures that your movement will not be restricted when you’re in the thick of a battle. These shorts are suitable for both amateur and professional fighters. 


  • Triple-stitched for added durability
  • There are five sizes and four designs
  • Seams that have been reinforced
  • Suitable for all types of training sessions, including wrestling, kicking, clinching, and so on.
  • It’s also one of the greatest shorts for tall guys


  • Mid to high pricing

Elite Sports is a recognized sports company that manufactures the most cheap equipment for even the most frugal clients.

Their MMA shorts are no exception, and as a result, they frequently sell out due to the high value they provide.

The Elite Sports MMA shorts offer a simple design with small slits on each leg. Its light, non-chaffing 150GSM polyester fabric is combined with spandex in the hip area for a wide range of motion.

Another basic but useful element is the mix of a Velcro fastening and a drawstring to make the shorts snug around the waist.

The only complaint many buyers have is that it is too small. If you purchase one, move up to a size or two from what you typically wear, specifically if you have big thighs.


  • Affordable
  • Design is simple
  • Flexible
  • Drawstrings and a two-fold Velcro fastening
  • Various color choices


  • Unappealing style
  • The measurement categories are too small

Anthem Athletics’ Resilience MMA Shorts is perhaps the most stylish product in our review, with over 20 patterns to pick from, so you will never be bored.

The shorts are typical board style MMA shorts that are stitched for durability. Its fabric is tear-resistant, draws moisture away, and the Anthem Athletics logo will not peel or split anytime soon.

It includes lengthy side slits on either side for mobility and unfettered range of motion, as well as a 4-way extend crotch region.

The shorts remain on the waist even during intensive wrestling and rolling workouts thanks to the two-fold Velcro fastening and lengthy drawstring.


  • There are about 20 different designs available
  • IBJJF criterion
  • Material that is long-lasting
  • Anti-moisture and quick drying


  • Some consumers complain that the fabric is fragile

The Pacific Shorts from Gold BJJ were initially created for no-gi Jiu-Jitsu, but many people discovered that they’re equally great for MMA, Muay Thai, and any other sport you can imagine. Gold BJJ is a respectable company, and while they’re recognized for grappling, they’ve been rapidly acquiring followers all through the MMA community, with their shorts in particular being one of the reasons for this.

The cloth they use is very lightweight and breathable, and these shorts don’t have any pockets, so you won’t feel limited. The fabric is a high-quality board shorts-style cloth that is great for wicking sweat and keeping your shorts dry and comfy.


  • Great for MMA and similar events
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable materials
  • Moisture-wicking fabric


  • Single color option

Fuji has long been recognized for producing Gis. However, the Fuji Baseline Grappling Shorts demonstrate that the brand is equally capable of manufacturing high-quality and fashionable no-gi apparel.

This product provides high-quality materials that allow you to workout in it for an extended amount of time. You won’t be complaining about tearing from accidental grabs, struggling, or attacking movement. 

Unlike other combat shorts, the Fuji Baseline does not feature a slit on the side. Rather, it provides ample space for your side-to-side motion and high kicks.

The design is also straightforward. Except for the brand’s emblem, there isn’t much to see. As a result, it became a staple amid competitors.


  • With the ultra-lightweight variant, you can easily roll out of a leg lock assault
  • The inner drawstring and Velcro waistline closure ensure a secure fit
  • Model with 360-degree extend flex panels that is very flexible
  • There are eight sizes available to accommodate a wide range of people


  • For the aggressive MMA game, you may require a pair of spats beneath

Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts were initially created for kickboxers. However, they were so popular in the combat sports community that they quickly released global versions that can also be used for MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, and other competitive sports.

These shorts are incredibly lightweight with a casual and flexible fit, making them ideal for lengthy training sessions. Because there is no metal or velcro straps connected, it is incredibly lightweight and comfy.

These shorts are also particularly created with a mid-thigh kickboxer cut to provide total freedom of movement during complicated kicks. A side-split design is also included to improve range of movement.

The colors and designs are also such that they will not bleed no matter how many times they are washed.


  • With this super-lightweight model, you’ll be able to kick quicker
  • Excellent internal drawstring
  • Superb movement, a terrific option for footwork and clinch master
  • It allows for good airflow of your lower body
  • Longevity is excellent


  • Not advised for tall or large males

Venum’s Gladiator combat shorts are an extremely popular option among MMA practitioners, and are manufactured to the excellent quality.

They have all of the characteristics of high-quality MMA shorts that we described before, plus they are made from a 100 percent polyester micro-fiber material that is both lightweight and resilient.

For further security, the shorts come with a Velcro strap as well as an inside drawstring. The shorts contain strengthened seams, which will considerably improve their life duration.

Split seams are also positioned on either side of the legs to increase the wearer’s maximal range of motion. This provides for unrestricted flexibility in the thigh and hip area.

These shorts are among the most-appealing and most functional products, with a strong design and traditional Venum logo.


  • Excellent closing method
  • No need for a jaw string since the 3-way Velcro works well
  • The flexible crotch does not limit leg mobility
  • Allows for unrestricted leg motion
  • There are several color options available


  • The design may not be suitable for everyone

The RDX R10 Blaze MMA Shorts are composed of anti-bacterial processed polyester and are highly durable, lasting, and sanitary. The airy material allows combatants to give it their best without feeling confined or burdened.

Wearers may have trust in these shorts because of the superior T3 stitching, which ensures they didn’t tear or pull easily.

The shorts have silicon printing that adheres to you, leaving nothing for opponents to grasp. The waistline is kept in place with a simple hook-and-loop drawstring clasp that is fully adjustable and snug.

With openings on the sides of the legs and nano-stretch fabric, these shorts provide total mobility and also comfort.


  • Comfortable and adaptable
  • Excellent stitching is long-lasting
  • Bright design


  • Quite short with a tiny fit


Do I have to wear MMA shorts?

No, MMA shorts are not required for training; however, a nice pair of MMA shorts would undoubtedly aid in several ways.

Is it necessary for me to have more than one pair of shorts?

This is determined by how frequently you train (and how regularly you do a wash). You likely wouldn’t need two pairs if you only work out once a week. If you work out on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to have a few pairs to alternate between while washing the other.

How should a cup be worn with shorts?

You may wear a cup beneath your shorts in two ways. If the shorts feature a built-in cup container, then simply place your cup inside and you’re ready to go.

Or you can purchase a jockstrap. You insert your cup into the jockstrap and then put your shorts on over the top.

Bottom Line

So we’ve reached the end of this post. As you can probably guess, there are an absurd number of MMA shorts accessible. Costly goods from well-known companies like would definitely be more comfortable, endure longer, and function better.

With that said, if you’re new to MMA but don’t wish to invest heavily on a pair of shorts, many of the affordable options we highlighted are a fantastic alternative.




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