10 Best Women’s BJJ Gis 2024

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been a male-dominated sport traditionally. But over the past several years, its popularity among women has also increased due to its manifold benefits. Especially because it helps women in self-defense. But like every other sport, BJJ training also needs to be incorporated with appropriate gear.

A perfectly made Gi specifically for women will help them in becoming better at the craft. The best women’s BJJ Gi will be the one that will check all the boxes for a female martial artist in terms of comfort and quality.

BJJ is a martial art based on the art of grappling. The party which can bring the opponent down by pulling. The Gi worn by the opponent is mostly used for pulling. That is why the quality of Gi plays such a significant role in the victory at this game. It is important to remember that not all Gis are made in the same way.

A lot of things need to be brought into consideration while looking for a Gi. The material, fitting, the size, all of these are important factors while finding the best women’s BJJ Gi. So, we are going to bring in front of you the guide to buying the best quality Gi along with some product reviews.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Fuji BJJ Gi

Uniforme Fuji BJJ

#2 Runner Up

Fluory Women’s Gi

#3 Third

Tatami Zero GV3 Gi womens gi

Tatami Zero GV3 Gi

What Is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Gis?

Before starting the guide to buy the perfect Gi for women, we need to address the differences between men’s and women’s Gi. The design and color of both the Gis are different. Besides that, the main difference is in the anatomy of male and female bodies.

The Gis made for men are mostly focused on the size. But in the case of the ladies, the fit and the cut is a lot more significant. The waist and bust sizes are important differentiators in finding the right Gi for a female grappler. And as such, there are many variations of sizes and colors of Gi out there in the market, made especially for women.

The perfect fit of a Gi is the key to a winning performance. That is why female Gis come in a variety of sizes. In the case of male Gis, they are just focused on giving it an athletic cut. In the making of female Gis, the hip and bust ratios are important and that is why there are several options. That is why a size chart can come real handy in this case. Shrinkage, material, weave, weight, and price, all these are the issues faced by both male and female.


Things to Consider While Looking for The Best Women’s BJJ Gi

Like we already mentioned, there are some criteria to look for while looking for the best women’s BJJ Gi. Now we will discuss in detail all those criteria and tell you what makes a Gi stand out from the rest of the Gis available in the market.


Besides cut, the weight of the Gi is a very important criterion. Weight depends on the weave of the Gi. The rule of thumb is, the heavier the Gi the more complex the weave is. And as such, the heavier Gis longer lasting and durable. They can take on a lot of grappling that happens in a match.

On the other hand, the lighter Gis cannot take on so much and do not last long. But one perk of having a lighter Gi is that it is easier to move in it and comfortable to wear in warmer climates. 


Since weight is so important, the material needs special attention as well. Because the weave depends on the material. Cotton is the best in terms of the weave. It comes in several kinds of weave-golden, pearl, single, double, etc.

The pearl weave seems like the perfect option as it makes a very durable Gi and also very lightweight at the same time. 


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has a very limited number of color choices for Gis. And they are very particular about it as well. Only black, white and blue colored Gis are allowed in the official UAEJJF/IBJJF competition. There are also restrictions about customizing your Gi. There are specific locations and numbers of patches that are allowed on the Gi.


As already mentioned, the perfect fit of the Gi will make the performance ten times better. That is why a woman’s Gi should perfectly fit her body. That is why the size chart is very important.

It helps to find the perfect size for a woman based on the bust and waist size. If the Gi is too loose or too tight, in both cases it will create distractions in movement while in a fight.


We should ensure that we are getting a good value for the price we are paying in case of any purchase. So, while buying Gis, we should keep this simple philosophy in mind. A good quality Gi does not have to burn your pocket. There is much good quality Gis at affordable pricing.

Best Women’s BJJ Gis 2024 Review

This is a best-seller among the Gis. It is made of high-quality cotton fabric that ensures superior fit, comfort, and heavyweight. That is why it is perfect for trainees. It comes in 4 colors black, blue, pink, and white. It gives a good value for the price that it cost. It comes in a variety of sizes to ensure the right fit for different body-types. It is affordable but also of great quality. That is why it is the trusted choice of many BJJ artists. A white belt comes with it. The Fuji Gis are also made in the size of the children which has an elastic waistband to secure it. 


  • Premium quality if cotton is used
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Affordable 
  • 100% cotton is used as material


Fluory has an experience of ten years in manufacturing uniforms for different kinds of Gis. And BJJ is no different. So, you can rest assured about the quality of their products. This particular Gi is made for the female grapplers. It has been made with pre-shrunk fabric, so it does not shrink. And since it is very light, it ensures comfort for the trainees. This product is suitable for all kinds of training. There are three rows of cuff lining so that opponent cannot get you into their grip easily. The three rows of ankle lining make the ends of the trouser very strong. Due to its high quality and superior strength, it is one of the best Women’s BJJ Gi available in the market.


  • 100% cotton used 
  • The pre-shrunk fabric used so that the Gi does not shrink after washing
  • Cuff and ankle lining increases the durability

The Tatami Gi is one of the lightest Gis in the world. It has been manufactured after months of designing and redesigning. The Gi comes with patches on it that are put according to the standards set by IBJJF. The jacket is made with pearl weave. Pearl weave is the best for any material used in manufacturing the BJJ Gi. It has a rubberized collar to protect the Gi from moisture absorption due to sweating while training. 10 Oz of heavy stitching has been used all over the jacket to ensure durability.


  • Ripstop material on the collar to avoid tearing
  • Pearl weave
  • Rubberized collar to prevent moisture absorption
  • 10oz of heavy stitching all over the jacket

The Venum Gi is made in collaboration with Luiza Monteiro. It is made of premium quality pearl weave and is perfect for all levels of players. The collar, cuffs, shoulders, and knees have reinforcements. The reinforcements protect the Gi from ripping off due to grappling and increase durability. This product only comes in blue color.


  • 410 GSM pearl weave
  • Light-weight Jacket
  • Pants made of twill cotton
  • No belt included

The clean and simple design of the Gameness Gis is attractive and comfortable at the same time. Reinforcements are given in all the right places. So that it can endure years of tugging and pulling. The superior quality of the cotton used in the product can be felt to touch. As an upgrade to the already perfect product, twill pants have been added. The material used for the pants is a blend of cotton and poly. The Gameness Gi has the right balance of functionality, comfort, and style. That is why it is one of the picks for the best women’s BJJ Gi. 


  • 24 Oz twill pants
  • 500-gram pearl weave Jacket
  • Seamless back
  • Rubber collar to protect from moisture absorption while setting

The Senso Gi honors the courage of the independent women and it has been designed for those courageous women. Keeping the comfort and functionality in mind, the Gi has been designed as the perfect solution for female BJJ practitioners who are looking for the best quality Gis.

Even though it is a bit pricy, the superior quality you get will convince you to buy this. It is made with 100% cotton with pearl weave. The material has been pre-shrunk so that it does not shrink after wash. It comes in a variety of sizes for women of varying body types. Because Senso not only believes in quality but also inclusivity.


  • Slim fit
  • 450 GSM pearl weave
  • 100% cotton
  • COOLMAX fabric lining used inside the jacket
  • Canvas pants made of 100% cotton

Designed for a perfect fit for everyone, the War Tribe Gi is well-built and put together with a lot of care. This product meets the IBJJF standards and is perfect for competitions as well as everyday use. 


  • 350 GSM pearl weave
  • The premium quality of cotton
  • Double reinforced stitching
  • Ripstop pants
  • Meets the IBJJF standards
  • Multicolored stitching

This super-light Gi with coral weave fabric is a perfect balance of comfort and durability. It has got a superior quality of yarn bend with double twists that make the Gi very strong. But that does not affect its functionality. It is easy to move with.

Hours of grappling and rolling can be easily done wearing this without the least bit of discomfort. The fabric is pre-shrunk so that it does not shrink after washing. The light-weight material stops overheating inside the Gi so that you can train for hours without any distraction.


  • Pre-shrunk Fabric
  • Coral weave material
  • Double twisted yard bend
  • Prevents overheating
  • Meets the IBJJF standards

A 100% cotton made Gi with no unnecessary patches or stitching. The Gi comes with a jacket, a pair of pants, and a belt. The cotton used in this product has 450 GSM pearl weave. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable.


  • 100% cotton
  • 450 GSM pearl weave
  • Customizable
  • Pre-shrunk material

The last pick for the best women’s BJJ Gi is another product from the Tatami brand. It is the Nova Absolute Gi. It comes in two colors-blue and white. This is the product which will give you a complete Gi experience. It has got a jacket made of 350 GSM pearl weave and tapered pants made of 10 oz cotton. It is strong, durable, and lightweight all at once. It has been designed for both competitions and regular training. 


  • 350 GSM pearl weave jacket
  • 10 Oz cotton pants
  • Can be used for both competitions and regular training
  • Comes with a white belt


Best Women’s BJJ GI 2024 – Final Words

The ladies who want to start their journey of BJJ, do not use the Gis made for men. There are several Gis available that are made especially for women. With the right product, you will get the perfect fit and size for your body. It is worth mentioning that the fit and material of your Gi will significantly affect your performance. Since BJJ involves a lot of grappling, if the material is not strong enough, it will tear apart. Besides that, loose fitted Gi will create a lot of distraction while fighting. It also increases the chances of tripping by getting stuck in your own Gi. We have listed the best women’s Gi in this article so that you have to look no further for your perfect uniform. We have covered products of varying price ranges so that you can find the perfect one for you.



  1. Is it necessary to wear a Gi with a perfect fit?

Ans: Yes, of course, it is. As mentioned earlier, a Gi with loose-fitting will create a lot of distractions while performing. There is also the risk of getting injured yourself if you trip by getting stuck on the loose end of your Gi. Also, if the Gi is loose, it gets easier for the opponent to get you in his/her grip.


  1. What are the IBJJF standards for Gi and why is it important?

Ans: IBJJF stands for International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. They host BJJ tournaments worldwide and set the rules for BJJ competitions. The IBJJF standards for Gi specifies the color and the number of patches and locations of the patches on the Gi. These specifications must be followed to participate in the official tournament.




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