How long does a BJJ Gi last? All you need to know in 2021

bjj gi long lasting

The BJJ Gi is the uniform for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you want to know how to maintain your BJJ Gi for a long time, then you’re at the right place.   

One effective way to make sure your Gi lasts for an extended time is to shop for a high-quality, more massive Gi with thinner fabrics. The lifetime of your also Gi depends on your maintenance and care. Most of the Gis’ lifetime is two years, but it can be extended to a few years more if you keep it more carefully. To make your Gi more longer lasting and durable, you have to take care of it through proper washing, storing, and other general maintenance.

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Durability depending on the type of fabric

Single weave fabrics: If you’re planning to practise Jiu-Jitsu for at least a year, then you can purchase a Gi, which has a single-weave fabric. It should be light, smooth, and straightforward. Its durability is not more than a year, even if you take care of it properly. And there’s no guarantee of getting expected service. All of these kinds of fabric are fragile, thin, and not very durable, making them less expensive.

Double weave fabrics: Sometimes, it’s called a double cloth because if we touch it, then we can see two separate sets of interconnected warp and weft or filling yarns are forming a two-layered fabric. Double weave is best thought of as a process because of its weaving process, which, in some sense, is ‘two times’ as regular weaving. Two separate sets of weaving make cloths more strong, resistant, and durable. Its durability is better than a single weave. Anyone can use it for two years without any hesitation. 

Pearl weave fabrics: As the name suggests, it has the presence of multiple rows of pearl liked shapes aligned together. When two sets of weft, a looser and broader weft, and a thinner and tighter weft are woven in an alternate order, the looser weft creates the appearance of raised pearl-looking bumps. Pearl weaves are the most popular and comfortable fabrics used for Gi jackets because of their higher durability and mid-light weight. 

Golden weave fabrics: It has a distinct ladder-like appearance. The golden weave is created when wider and heavier warp threads are interspersed between the regular threads, and the looser weft is woven over and under a whole part of the thinner warp threads. Therefore, it implies that its durability, resistance, and safeguard is much higher than any fabrics for Gi. Its lifetime can be a decade. Technically, pearl weave and golden weave are also single weave fabrics with a difference in weaving style.

Take care of your Gi properly

Washing: Since Gi must be washed so often, it is a significant factor in caring for your Gi. You have to wash in cold or warm water and air dry (outside). Bleach is considered a bad idea as it weakens the fibers. The tissues then become more prone to tearing, and it shortens the life of the Gi. Washing by turning the cloth inside and out is crucial to preserve any patches. Hot water will damage your Gi, and so, it should be avoided. You must purchase a Gi that was sized larger for you and then used a warm water wash and take a single day for drying it. Outdoor air drying is preferable. Be careful when you wash a white Gi if there are any other colored cloths in the washing machine.

Drying: Your biggest mistake can be if you have forgotten your wet Gi in your bag after class and left it overnight. You will understand the importance of drying in the next morning. The black, moist environment of the Gi sitting in your bag leads to bacterial growth. It’s enough to establish bacteria over a single night. It can even spread a permanent bad smell in your Gi, which is quite disgusting and unhealthy. A better way of drying your Gi would be if you submerge it in warm water and wash it properly. For drying, it’s best if you can keep it outside, hanging in the rope. Fresh air helps to reduce any foul odor and lets it dry quicker. Don’t try to dry it in a single enclosed room, which has little or no airflow.

Tidy up: Basically, Gi is a heavy dress, and technique of tidying can affect your Gi. If the fabric is folded too much, it can cause permanent creases. The convenient way is to hang it on a hanger. 

Dealing with odors: The stench from your Gi can cause an embarrassing experience. So, you need to know how to eliminate it naturally. Mixing up vinegar with water to wash the Gi can be the right solution for the funky smell. You can fill a pail with water, pour 1/2 a small bottle of white vinegar in the water, and leave the Gi soaking overnight. Later, you can wash it, usually in the washing machine, which will restore your Gi from the funky smell.

In Conclusion

How long a BJJ Gi last depends on many factors and can’t be answered per se. However, as we’ve seen above there are several factors which may influence how long your Gi will last. To make sure your Gis lifetime is extended as much as possible, follow a proper maintenance routine and it’ll be with you for years to come.!



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