Gameness Air Gi Review 2024: How good is this popular lightweight Gi?

Gameness has manufactured a lot of different types of gis. But the Gameness Air gi takes the crown. It is marketed as the most lightweight gi in the world. But is it really the most lightweight?

Gameness has been around for a while and it has manufactured some quality MMA gis.

It has won the trust of MMA fighters all around the world. Seeing their expertise in manufacturing gis, it is no surprise that the Gameness Air Gi will be the most lightweight gi.

So today we are going to review this Gameness Air Gi. We will see how well it is built and how durable it is.

So welcome to our Gameness Air Gi review.

About Gameness

Gameness has been a reputed MMA sports gear brand. They manufacture various types of MMA gears. They also have sports apparel in their collection.

Their r gi collections are their main attraction. They have the tear-proof collection, fashion collection, and lastly the air collection. The air collection is their top-selling gi product.

The brand has been a loyal friend of all MMA fighters. They regularly publish blogs and articles related to BJJ and MMA on their website. Beginners can gain lots of insight about fighting gear from there.

That is enough introduction of the brand. Now let us look at the Gameness Air Gi.

The Gameness Air BJJ Gi Review 2024

The Gameness Air Gi is very fresh-looking. It has a simple and plain design with minimal branding of Gameness. If you are looking for something fresh to wear in your training, then this one should be it.

It is deemed as the most lightweight gi in MMA. Lightweight gis is well appreciated. Especially during the hot summer. Because of its lightweight, it will be less tiring for fighters to train in these.

You may think that the lightweight design of this Gameness Air Gi compromises its durability. But no. This gi is lightweight and durable at the same time. How is that possible? With the latest fabric processing methods.

So let us do a technical analysis of Gameness Air Gi’s features. That way we will understand this gi better.

Features of The Gameness Air Gi

The most unique feature of this gi is its weight. It only weighs only 1.336kg (2.9453lbs). But there are other features to be explored. We will be reviewing Gameness Air Gi’s build material, quality, sizing, design, comfort, and price.


The material used in making this lightweight gi jacket is Comb Weave fabric. It is rated 350 gr/m2. This is the latest type of weave fabric used in constructing BJJ gis. It is lightweight and durable.

However, the gi will get sweaty with this type of fabric. So long training and fighting sessions might be an issue here.

The pants are made with a different type of fabric. It is made with a special cotton and poly blend ripstop fabric. This fabric is also lightweight and durable. Together they make the Gameness Air Gi lightweight and durable enough to handle all the stress in a BJJ fight.


If you take a look at this Gameness Air Gi’s price, which is less than $100, you may think that it lacks quality. But it does not. Surprisingly, this gi has a great price-quality ratio.

The quality is beyond your expectations. It can last for years.

The gi is reinforced in the main stress points. The knees, chest, and other parts. They are reinforced with seamless stitching. So no need to worry about itchy feelings.

The jacket collar is a rubberized foam and it is wrapped with ripstop fabric.

The pants use a draw-string for tightening.

However, the fabric may still tear in less stress than other regular gis. The lightweight fabric may be durable but it is not as durable as the regular cotton fabrics.


The sizing of the Gameness Air Gi is perfect. It fits perfectly. The available sizes are from A0 to A6. There are no in-between sizes. So you might have struggled in finding the perfect fit for you.

The fabric is pre-shrunk. But it will shrink a little after you wash them. So if you are stuck in an in-between situation, choose the larger size. After a few washes, it will fit perfectly on your body.


The design of this Gameness Air Gi is minimal. There is no such fancy style to it. It is acceptable for the price of less than $100.

The Gameness Air Gi is available in three colors/ White, black and blue. There is a “Gameness” writing printed on the right shoulder. A Gameness logo is printed in red on the left shoulder. The pants also have the red Gameness logo on their right upper thigh. These are the only three visual elements of this Gameness Air Gi.

The patches and reinforcements of the gi are done with a dual needle stitching system. This way, the joints stay more secure and strong. The pants come with a four-loop drawstring closure design. We would recommend they add a few more loops for the drawstring.

Using the price, we would say that the design is spot on. It is fresh-looking and straightforward. More importantly, it does not look too cheap. You can even fit the entire gi with its pants in a compact space.


Comfort is where this Gameness Air Gi shines. It is all about comfort because it is marketed as the most lightweight BJJ gi.

It is made with comb-weave fabric. It is super comfortable on the skin and it is soft. The fact that it is lightweight, makes it the perfect choice for summer and other hot weather.

But as it is a cotton fabric, it will soak your sweat and become wet. This will make the fighter uncomfortable.

The same can be said for the pants. It is made with a cotton-poly blend ripstop fabric. This makes it comfortable but when sweaty, it becomes irritating.

So we are not sure what to say about its comfortability. But we will conclude this part by saying that it will give you maximum comfort until it becomes wet with your sweat


The price of this Gameness Air Gi is less than $100. This makes it super affordable. You can get two of these at the price of a regular BJJ gi.

These Gameness Air Gis are IBJJF approved, which makes them more appealing. Because you can wear them and fight in international BJJ tournaments.

So far less than $100, you are getting the world’s most lightweight gi, which is approved by BJJ and which is also tear-resistant. We would say that the price is less than the gi’s actual value. So don’t wait and grab one of these Gameness Air Gis right now.


  • The most lightweight gi
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable and ng lasting gi
  • Rope drawstring for pants
  • Available in white, black and blue
  • Fresh looking design
  • Compact storing


  • Less visual elements in exterior design
  • Only four hooks
  • The belt is not included
  • No in-between sizes

Comparing the number of pros with the number of cons, the Gameness Air Gi is far better than we had expected.


The Gameness Air Gi is the world’s most lightweight gi. It has a very comfortable feeling and sense of touch. This can serve as a great fighting gi for hot summers. The only downsides are that it is not made of quick-drying fabric and the fabric cannot handle stress as much as the regular cotton fabric does.

But for less than $100, it is a very good choice for beginners and all BJJ fighters.




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