How to Avoid Cauliflower Ears for BJJ Practitioners

Cauliflower ear is quite common in grappling sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It happens when the auricle or pinna (outer part of the ear) is struck prompting connective tissue within the perichondrium of the ear to separate from underlying cartilages. As a result, small blood vessels in this area start to bleed which causes the area to swell and eventually get deformed. 

There are many ways through which you can avoid cauliflower ears in BJJ. Here you will find 3 of them. 

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Instant Trick 

The best free of cost method to avoid cauliflower ear is being aware of your body as well as of your opponent’s body positioning. Not everyone faces certain conditions in BJJ since it depends on your body genetics, your wrestling style, and your training partner. So, make sure you work on your awareness at very first. 

Moreover, you should also try to avoid grinding your ears on the mat during escapes. Plus, make sure to avoid slamming your head into people during takedown. These measures can effectively help you avoid cauliflower ear to a great extent or at least reduce it.

Headgear (Ear Guards)

A pair of ear-guards only has one intent and that is the prevention of cauliflower ear. They will efficiently keep your ears from the straight shearing forces that cause the hematoma to develop. If you are doing BBJ for recreational purposes or if your professor doesn’t mind, then wearing such headgear would work great. 

Note that the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and many other related BJJ matches organizations don’t allow headgear use during competitions. So, you also have to check that. 

However, back to the gear! It’s very effective. Many grapplers avoid buying a headgear simply because it doesn’t look appealing. But, don’t let this affect your decision if you don’t want to face such a condition.

We have done some research on ear guards here and written a review on the best ear guards that are currently out there.

The Personalized Option

There are also innovative concepts like custom molded ear splints that you can give a try. Basically, they will let you make a mold of your ears prior to getting cauliflower ear. And since they will be molded, you will find them delivering even pressure providing you with the needed comfort. Although it’s the success rate is not determined but at least it will avoid the ears from getting smashed to some extent. You can remove them easily and reapply them accurately.


These tips and tricks are known to be a great way to avoid the cauliflower ear by BJJ players and experts. But you must know that they won’t be 100 perfect effective but they will certainly help. I Hope, this helps address some of your questions and concerns.




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