Best BJJ Gi Brands - The Ultimate Overview

With the increasing popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there’s been quite an uptake in the number of companies that are involved in the production of this sportswear. Buying any sportswear without getting to use it first is harder, and for a sports form such as the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it’s even harder. You have your run of the mill standard requirements of size and fitting. Additionally, this martial art form, like many others, deems that other features of your Gi can play a huge role in how you perform on the mats. Truthfully, while the opinion on the best Gis vary based on personal preference, there are many brands that have established a clear dominance in the market as what customers consider to be the best out there.

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Our List of the Best BJJ Gi Brands

Because it’s so tough to put a finger on the best Gis available, knowing the names of trusted brands can help you in making your purchase. The performance and quality of a Gi are usually dominated by the material with which it is made. A lightweight Gi ensures that you can move around freely as opposed to heavier ones. Along with being lightweight, a good Gi must be strongly built. Their design and manufacture should be done, keeping in mind the extreme conditions that they’re exposed to. You don’t want anything that can easily tear during a fight. 

Your preference for a BJJ kit will be greatly influenced by its material, durability, cost, and design. Making a choice can be very overwhelming as Gis come in multiple colors, styles, and weaves based on the different professional or amateur level requirements. To make your journey in buying a good Gi as easy as possible, here is a comprehensive list of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi brands available worldwide: 


Scramble is a company heavily experienced in garment making. All their equipment is reputed to be of superb quality. They have remarkable products in their Fightwear collection. Years of making excellent Jiu-Jitsu Gis have put the company on the map. 

The brand aims to combine their experience and style to produce Gis that stands out. All their gears have a distinctive look about them. Made of quality materials, they serve a long, functional life. Exceptional fit and design seem to be a Scramble trademark. An attribute evident in all of their lines. A snug fit is combined with superior comfort. Be it lightweight, budget-friendly, or special Gis; Scramble features them all. 

Brilliant strength to weight ratio can be found in every Gi. Strong in all the right places, any Scramble kimono can Give all its competitors a run for their money. An IBJJF certification speaks for the brand’s quality assurance. Perfect for any competition. The company is also known for their Gis with patented anti-odor and antimicrobial property. Having a fabric that is breathable lets you wear your gear for hours without feeling any discomfort. 

Available in a range of options at very reasonable prices, you can never go wrong with any Scramble product. 


Though of French oriGin, this company has grown to be one of the biggest martial arts equipment manufacturing powerhouses since its founding in 2004. The brand has a significant amount of experience in making exceptional Jiu-Jitsu gears. Their collection covers all types of Gis that are required for sparring or tournaments. 

The fightwear company is famous for its strateGic application of futuristic innovations in design. They are resilient in trying to improve. As a result, they constantly focus on bettering their Gi lines. Venum takes style and functionality to a whole new level. Emphasis on material choice Gives their Gis superior quality. They are moisture-wicking, well-fitted, and very comfortable. 

In the Venum Gis, aesthetics and functionality reach a seamless unification. Design reinforcements in the sleeves, shoulders, and trousers; areas which endure most force; Give the Gis extra strength. 

When it comes to style, the brand is known for their signature edgy look. Attractive design and color combination appeals to users, making Venum a force in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world. 


When you look at any Kingz Gi, the first thing you may notice is their fine craftsmanship. The brand has always managed to deliver when it comes to durability and build. Remarkable construction comes hand in hand with the Gis ability to withstand forces that can cause it to tear. 

Exceptional crafting and premium construction has made Kingz a very popular and well-known brand. This also makes their Gis perfect for professional competitions. Many top athletes in the Jiu-Jitsu community are known to prefer Kingz kimonos. They have bold colors, which, when combined with their Gi designs and embroidery, have a very appealing look. Multiple styles offer customers the choice of picking out any Gi that fits their look. 

Light in weight with special weaving makes every Kingz Gi super comfortable to wear. Special reinforcements in the jacket and pants, such as making them harder to grip, ensures that all kimonos are optimum for training situations or tournaments. On the offside, the Gis tend to be a little heavy on the wallet. But if you’re willing to spend money on a product that lasts you a long time, you want to take a look at what Kingz has to offer. 


Founded in 2006, Hayabusa is known for making Gi gears that have ranked amongst the all-time bests. The company has always produced exceptional gears. 

Their collection of Gis stands out for their superior class. A beautiful mix of fabric choice and high-quality weave Gives the Gi material its lightweight and sturdiness. Athletes of all types favor Hayabusa when prioritizing durability and performance. Even though many of their products may seem to be in the pricey end, when you find out the effort the company puts in each design, it will seem completely justified. Who wouldn’t pay a bit more money if the quality of a product came so highly recommended?

With such emphasis on quality, Hayabusa has become a trusted brand for beGinners and professionals. Their Gis can serve all-rounder purposes while being perfectly suitable for tournaments. Soft yet strong material makes each Gi comfortable whilst having the strength to undergo heavy wear and tear. 


Sanabul Gis are perfect for the beGinners to even the most seasoned experts. The brand is most popular for its amazing ability to produce high-end Gis for a very reasonable price. For anyone looking for a budget Gi, or not willing to spend a lot of money for a first purchase, you need to look no further than the company’s BJJ Gi collection. There is no other Gi that is this good, and this comfortable at the Sanabul price. 

The kimonos from Sanabul look very good. They have an amazing color spectrum to choose from. Contrasting hues Give Sanabul Gis a very distinctive appealing look. The sleek design of the Gis is complemented by its lightweight. Fabric options for these offer interesting features like antimicrobial and anti-odor properties. These athletic Gis are also very sturdy and durable. 


At Flow Kimonos, they believe that to enjoy an activity; a person should be fully immersed in what they are doing. This being one of the mantras of Jiu-Jitsu, it is obvious that the makers know what they are doing. 

Every Gi that the brand produces is meant to Give you ultimate motion and flexibility while making sure that you are one hundred percent comfortable while using it. The materials are soft and have moisture-wicking properties. Customers have always praised Flow Kimonos for using such breathable and light material for their Gis. This lets you practice for hours without having to worry about feeling sweaty. It’s all about a proper fit and comfort with this brand. 

Soft does not mean that the Gis are not sturdy. Exceptional in design, the brand makes sure that with reinforced stitching in both the jacket and pants, your Gi remains strong throughout the training. Because the overall weight is very light, and the fabric soft and strong, any of the Gis from Flow Kimonos is guaranteed to last you a long time. 

The company has a very smart sense of aesthetics. Their Gi designs are all very minimal since it was intended that the users could modify their gear according to their personal style. Moderately priced, any Flow Kimono Gi will be on the top of your list for comfort. 


Datsusara stands out from all of its’ competition. Their choice of using hemp to create all their products makes them stand out. Their Gis, belts, bags, etc. are all made from hemp. Their use of hemp revolves around reasons that the fiber is natural, versatile, strong, and environment friendly. The mission of the brand was to set themselves apart by using hemp to create high-quality gears with superior functionality.  The company holds a solid claim over their materials being stronger than cotton counterparts. This may be very true. For the thick consistent weave in the Gis makes it very strong. Yet it is very breathable. Combined with antimicrobial properties, Datsusara Gis are becoming increasingly popular among customers. 

The company has a minimalistic approach to its kimono design. Simple and sleek. Plain colors have hemp twill for the collar and seams. Users have Given rave reviews about the breathable quality of the Gis. The fabric is rough on the outside yet soft on the inside. This makes it hard to grip and, therefore, perfect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With every wash, the Gi becomes softer and more comfortable. Unlike cotton Gis, hemp ones do not shrink after wash.

Many other companies also manufacture hemp Gis, but Datsusara stands alone in uniqueness and quality. All their products leave a very distinct impression on its’ users. Even the material ages in a very different interesting manner. Safe to say that this is a brand like no other. 


Whether you are a newcomer to this sport or a professional, you’re probably familiar with Fuji, and their stellar reputation. Over the years, Fuji has carefully cultivated a trusting, stable relationship with its’ customers. They regularly continue to produce exceptional sports gear. After spending a little time in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you will quite often come across Gis’ made by Fuji. They are one of the leading companies in the market with a production line featuring Gi gears, no-Gi gears, and accessories. Usually, gears are a little expensive as there are so many requirements to meet. Here, Fuji has set a ballpark for producing fantastic kimonos for affordable pricing. The company has a great amount of dedication in designing items that are uncompromising in functionality or quality. It is famously known that the Fuji Gis come reinforced to withstand the duress of sparring, training, and competing. Using fabric that is so light and breathable yet strong has made Fuji a popular choice as one of the best Gi brands to wear. 

Customers aren’t loyal to Fuji only because of their pricing. This international brand has successfully merged traditional look with modern style creating timeless pieces. The focus has always been on comfort. Ensuring that the material fabric is superior in quality, helps the Gi last for a longer period of time. 


Tatami Fightwear has gained its well-deserved reputation through impressive design approaches. This elite brand manufactures Jiu-Jitsu gears in many types, colors, sizes, and pricing. When you look into their Gi collection, you will be suitably pleased with what you find. They have one of the biggest collections in the market. It goes without saying that a Giant such as Tatami would offer you kimono designs that range in sleek, serious looks to fun, funky ones. Their jackets and trousers come featuring different styles and reinforcements. These unique features don’t just look good. They also contribute heavily to how an athlete moves, feels, and performs. 

Tatami has simplified Gi shopping with designs targeted specifically for their use. For example, their ‘Nova Basic’ is perfect for beGinners. The brand also offers different Gi kits tailored for competitions or even regular training. Each type of Gi has some showcasing features. They are products of targeted design approaches. Materials that allow you to move freely, as well as being comfortable and robust, is a Tatami guarantee. 

The company is so good at what they do because they understand their customers. From anyone looking for a budget Gi to professional athletes, Tatami Fightwear has them all. 


Gameness is hands down, one of the most successful companies in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world. The fame and popularity revolving the brand come from their years of hard work. Any Gi from the brand is easily identifiable. You will share the same opinion once you focus on any of their apparel. 

It is understandable how much attention the company Gives to every little detail. Class exudes out of every kimono design. The manufacturers will make sure that everything from material choice, to weave and even the color combinations are eye-catching. 

This isn’t all that Gameness has to offer. Except for being super-stylish, they are also known for producing the finest qualities of high-end gears. The Gis have magnificent performance that can cater to one’s everyday training needs or superior competition standards. This means that not only are they comfortable enough to be worn every day, they also have the strength to endure the exhaustion of daily sparring, as well as being tournament caliber. 

Gameness Gis meet all international competition certification and requirements. Their lightweight and strong yet soft texture only help to improve the performance of the athlete wearing them. Another reason why this brand is one of the most successful ones in the game is because of their pricing. They manage to provide extraordinary quality at very affordable pricing. 


Final Words

And there you have it!

You may have realized by now that picking out a Gi is not an easy feat. Take your time, and do your research before making a purchase. Get your money’s worth! 

Don’t worry because whatever you may be looking for, a whole world of options awaits you. Each with their advantages and disadvantages. While it may get confusing to pick only one from so many, having a little knowledge about the most trusted and favored brands will only help you in getting closer to finding the perfect Gi!



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