Kingz Balistico 3.0 Review 2024: A High-End BJJ Gi Favorite

Founded in 2011, Kingz Kimonos operates out of San Diego and produces high-quality BJJ apparel. The brand is known not only for its reliability but also for its aesthetics. 

The great thing about Kingz is the variety. Starting from the classic white BJJ Gi to the limited edition Sovereign 2.0, you can find Gis in a lot of different styles. So, whether you want that sharp, conventional look or want to stand out with bold color and patches, you will find the one for you here. 

In terms of build, Kingz BJJ Gi’s tend to have a 450 GSM or 480 GSM cotton Pearl Weave jacket reinforced in the main stress points. The polyester ripstop pants make for an overall sturdy fit.

Given these factors, most of these Gi’s have a strong performance.

Kingz has managed to rise to the top of premium Gi manufacturing companies. The brand even sponsors a few athletes.

The Kings Balistico 3.0 is a continuation of the known and loved, Balistico 1 as well as Balistico 2. However, this reincarnation is special. It features all the bells and whistles of a good, mainstream Gi but cuts out on the density. You can find the Gi for both men and women in four colors: black, blue, white, and navy, and a limited-edition stitch: The Black Ops version.

If you were looking for a thorough Kingz Balistico 3.0 review, you’ve arrived at the right place. We will be breaking down this Gi to let you know if you should spend money on it. From the features to the specials, pros, and cons, expect to find everything here so you can make a conclusive decision. Let’s get started!

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Kingz Balistico 2.0 – The Predecessor 

According to us, the Balistico series has to be the best, most high-tech Gi Kingz has to offer. Even in general, it is one of the more sophisticated Gis in the BJJ Gi market. Before we started the Kingz Balistico 3.0 review, we thought it was only fair we introduced you to the Gi that paved the way for the revamp. The Balistico 2.0 was made to perform; no wonder it is the Gi of choice for names like Bruno Malfacine and Leandro Lo.

Firstly, the jacket features a 480 GSM cotton Pearl Weave that’s light enough for competitions but durable enough to last you a while. Since this is Chinese pearl weave and not one from Pakistan, the jacket boasts additional texture and structure. It tends to trap more body heat as the fabric is still heavier than ultralight versions. To keep that in check, Kingz added the Coolmax® lining near the shoulder area to keep you dry and wick sweat. 

This one too includes the fancy “No-Grip technology.” In the simplest terms, it’s a piece of ultralight ripstop inside sleeves. Mixed with a combination of fabric types, this interesting dual un-fused layer Gives your opponent a tougher time while trying to get a grip. 

The majority of Kingz’ Gi’s come with matching cotton pants. But don’t worry, you can buy the ripstop ones separately. For the Balistico 2.0, the 8 oz polyester/cotton ripstop adds another dimension to the pants. 

The Kingz Balistico 3.0 at a Glance

Imagine the Balistico 1.0 but a revamped version that works on all the minor flaws. That’s what the Balistico 3.0 is – a Gi on another level. Even before the Balistico 3.0 was brought into the market, the 1.0 was a superior standalone. Kingz decided to take something already great and polish it to perfection.

If you owned the first model, you can harbor big expectations from this one. It features improved comfort, extended durability, and a better-tapered fit. Not only is this Gi a great pick to withstand the daily beat down from training, but it’s also equally amazing for one-off competitions.

Kingz has added its unique No-Grip sleeve technology. As the name suggests, this addition makes it harder and more uncomfortable for the opponent to establish a grip on the wearer to use it against them. Now, professional BJJ practitioners will love this because this comfortable Gi is IBJJF approved. You can wear it for any competition. The No-Grip technology is undoubtedly a feature that you should take full advantage of.

All of this will be discussed at length in the next sections.



Made from 100% cotton, the 480 Pearl Weave jacket is rather well-made. Given its lightweight nature, you would just know it was directed towards the competitors. Here’s where the No-Grip sleeve technology comes into use.

Although the company uses this as a unique selling point, spreading the propaganda that this Gi will Give your competitor a hard time to get a grip, from personal testing, we’ve discovered that’s not always the case. The “No-Grip technology” didn’t seem to add any value to the design; the person in front of you could grab onto you just as easily.

However, the jacket comes with a Coolmax® lining. This is simply ventilation inside the shoulder and shoulder blades. Wearers living and competing in warm, humid climates will find themselves returning to this set all the time.


The slick, minimalistic design is timeless and will look good. Kingz aimed for a more traditional look in this case. You will find one logo on the chest, right below the ribcage, and a small crown between the shoulder blades on the back, and a patch on both shoulders.

We love the simple design since it makes the Gi look nice in most conditions. There’s plenty of space left for affiliation and club patches. According to Kingz, the embroidered logos feature a high stitch count. But if we must say, we don’t generally find any difference between the patches of one Gi to another.


As the Gi is preshrunk, it’s not supposed to shrink further (technically). But in all honesty, no matter how expensive or “high-quality” a Gi is, it does shrink a little. Remember to refer to the size chart to get a more accurate fit.

While some people are lucky enough to find the perfect size for themselves from the rack, others struggle with either too-big or too-small a size. Moreover, the Gi features good seam taping. 



The pants impress with an 8 oz. polyester ripstop material construction paired with a soft elastic waistband and traditional edging. With a wide finish, the fabric feels very comfortable. Double reinforced knee paddings add durability to the mix. From our experience, this is a good indicator of how long a pair of pants will survive. On top of that, the padding has triple stitching with overlapped seams. 


The pants aren’t the best in the department of fashion, but their clean, sleek color and shape look decent.

Rope Drawstring

There are stretchy drawstrings on the pants with custom Kingz detailing, which is a unique touch. Many people prefer the classic flat drawstrings on their Gi pants since they tend to stay in place better. 


In the industry of Gi’s, there is this constant tradeoff between weight and durability. Manufacturers struggle to strike the perfect balance. The lighter the Gi, the less durable it naturally gets. Only the brands that manage to get this right deserve top spots. Kingz happens to be one of them.

With the Balistico 3.0, they have found the ideal middle ground. The ripstop pants and the pearl weave jacket are super light but that doesn’t take away from their ruggedness. We would even say the Pearl Weave feels almost like a gold weave – that’s how good the manufacturing is. However, it would be wrong to claim that it will hold up as long as some of the bulkier Gi’s. The small details like double reinforced knee padding and triple reinforced stitching add a touch of lifespan to this pick.


This Gi is not meant for entry-level practitioners – and the price shows that. Competitors and hobbyists would enjoy this. Although the price tag isn’t excessively lofty, it wouldn’t be right to say it’s cheap or budget-friendly either. However, when you compare the cost to the product you are receiving, the pricing seems reasonable.

What We Like

  • How lightweight it is
  • The quality
  • Crisp, clean design
  • No-grip technology
  • Preshrunk fabric
  • Coolmax® lining

What We Don’t Like

  • Length/fitment of the pants
  • Pants lack seam tape

Kingz Balistico 3.0 Review 2024 Bottom Line

By the end of this Kingz Balistico 3.0 review, we found the Gi to be super comfy and lightweight. There are a handful of obvious flaws but those are easily overshadowed by the many pros. This Gi is perfect for any Gi enthusiast or those who prioritize lightweight but can’t sacrifice comfort. It’s IBJJF approved. That paired with the Coolmax® vents make this a great choice for summers and competitions equally.




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