Venum Power 2.0 BJJ Gi Review 2024: Should You Buy This Gi?

Venum is one of the most popular brands among Mix Martial Artist (MMA) fighters. They manufacture some of the most stylish gear in this sport. Besides being stylish, their MMA gear also delivers on the performance front.

One of their most highlighted gi is the Venum Power 2.0 BJJ Gi. This gi has a sense of style, durability, and longevity. We are going to review some technical aspects of this gi.

So let us start our Venum Power 2.0 BJJ Gi review.

A Brief Introduction to Venum

Venum was found in 2006. It started as a one-man effort and now it has established itself as one of the greatest MMA gear brands.

Venum focused on two things. Originality and quality. These two things were something that all the other MMA gear brands lacked. The Venum team also consists of MMA fighters. This gives them the advantage of testing out their gear by professionals before sending it to mass manufacturing.

Venum gears are highly praised for their stylish designs. Some of them are art masterpieces. It is a brand for those who want something stylish to wear in their training and fighting.

Style isn’t the only thing great about Venum gears. The durability and quality of their products are highly appreciated by every MMA fighter.

Now that we know about Venum, let us talk about the Venum Power 2.0 Gi.

The Venum Power 2.0 Gi 2024

The Venum Power 2.0 Gi is a very stylish-looking gi. It is fresh and original. It can easily get deemed as the coolest gi. But it does have some inconvenience in its design. We will see about that in the feature part, where we do some technical analysis of the gi.

Besides the inconvenience, it is a very good gi that you can wear in sparring. The Venum Power 2.0 Gi is IBJJF approved. That means you can wear it into your BJJ fights.

The gi has a nice and unique jacket cut. This makes it stay put in shape. One of the best things about this Venum Power 2.0 Gi is that it does not ship off easily. Even after intense fighting sessions, it will still stay put.

One thing to keep in mind is that this gi is heavier than the other ones.

Now let us do a more detailed analysis of the Venum Power 2.0 Gi’s feature and find out what it is good for.

Features of The Venum Power 2.0 Gi

There are a lot of features to talk about for the Venum Power 2.0 Gi. But we will emphasize our focus on the material, quality, sizing, design, comfort, and pricing.


The material used in the construction of this Venum Power 2.0 Gi is cotton and ripstop. The cotton is used in constructing the jacket. It is rated 450 gsm and processed with a pearl weave. It has a nice texture feeling.

Because of cotton construction, the jacket is very comfortable to wear in fights. But it is heavier than other gi jackets.

The pants are constructed with ripstop fabric. It is a thick nylon layer. It does deliver comfort but the thickness makes it heavy and warm.

The pants are tearproof, so is the jacket. You will notice that the material of this gi is superior and thicker than the other gis. The thickness of it also makes it harder for your opponent to grab onto you. This will give you an advantage in the fight.

So, in terms of material choice, this Venum Power 2.0 Gi did a very good job.


The quality of this Venum Power 2.0 Gi is top-notch. Venum highly emphasizes the quality of its gear.

This Venum gi has a premium feel to it. There is a texture to it. It has a reinforced chest, back and the pants are also reinforced in the knee and hip area.

The jacket cut pushes its quality even further. Because of such a unique cut, the jacket stays put in place. It does not come loose between fights. The pants also stay in place.

Overall, the quality of this gi gets a five out of five. It’s durable, reinforced, and designed to last for years.


You will have to be careful in picking the right size for his gi. The jacket is made with cotton and it is not pre-shrunk. SO after the first wash, it will shrink to a significant degree.

But the pants will not shrink, because they are made with ripstop.

So, when you pick a site for it, you should pick one that is slightly larger for you. That way, the jacket will fit perfectly on you after the first wash. But the paint will stay larger because it does not shrink that much.

We would suggest Venum construct the jacket of this gi with pre-shrunk cotton fabric.


The design of the gis is where Venum shines. The design of this gi is unique. The reinforced stitching acts as a prime part of its design.

The gi is available in black, royal blue, and white. The black color is the most unique one. It has white thread stitching. The reinforced stitching goes all around the jacket. This creates a unique pattern on the jacket. Some can relate that pattern to a venomous snake.

The jacket does not lack branding. There is a big Venum logo and labeling in the jacket interior.

On the exterior, there is a small Venum logo on the lower front part. The left side of the chest has “VENUM” imprinted. The upper back has the Venum skull imprinted. 

So speaking of design, the Venum Power 2.0 Gi has it all. It is upto the standard of Venum’s originality in design.


The Venum Power 2.0 Gi is comfortable to wear. The only problem is that it is heavier than other gis in the market. If you can carry the weight, then it will be a good choice for you.

The jacket is made of cotton. One unique feature of the Venum Power 2.0 Gi’s cotton jacket is that it does not get soaked with sweat. It has some water repellant properties which prevent it from soaking your sweat and becoming wet and heavy. So no more worries about hot summer fights.

The pants of the gi are made with ripstop fabric. It is a thick nylon sheet. It has a unique cut that does not restrict any leg movement. Also, the Nylon provides a comfortable feeling.


The pricing of this Venum Power 2.0 Gi is too high. Especially after you realize that this gi does not come with any belt in the box. 

But if you take a look at its quality, durability, and design, you will say that it is worth it. The only thing it needs is the inclusion of a BJJ gi belt in the box.

As it is IBJJF approved, you can wear it in the IBJJF fights and use it in sparring as well. It will last for a long time.

If you can afford his gi, then we would strongly suggest you go for it. Just make sure you buy a good belt for the jacket.


  • Original design
  • Tearproof construction
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Unique and non-restricting cut


  • Heavy jacket
  • The jacket will shrink after wash

Venum Power Gi 2.0 Review 2024 Conclusion

So that was our Venum Power 2.0 Gi review. Is it worth your money? Yes, only if you can afford it. The best part of this gi is its design. There is no cooler-looking gi in the market than this one.

The only downside is there is no belt included. Other than that, it is a very good gi and should be on your list of chives.




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