Best BJJ GIs Under $100 USD 2024

We all know that Gis can be a pretty expensive investment, but we also know that become a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu player, you need to have multiple BJJ Gis. Gis were not specifically made for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. It was the traditional outfit of Japanese Samurai. The modern concept of Jiu Jitsu that is prevalent now is the idea of the founder, Dr Jigoro Kano.  

BJJ GIs are somewhat similar to a Kimono. But it has a few modifications. In the past, different colored Gis used to represent different clan affiliation. Now, people started experimenting with various colors and clothing materials. BJJ Gis have tighter sleeves and are made of sturdier material. They are usually made from cotton blend but now there are a variety of materials used in manufacturing Gis. For instance, bamboo, ringstop, canvas, hemp etc.

In this article we have reviewed the best BJJ Gis under $100 USD 2024 which you can buy while still getting a high quality Gi.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra-Light Gi

#2 Runner Up

Elite Sports Gi

Elite Sports BJJ Gi

#3 Third

Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi


Are Gis important for BJJ? 

Well, the answer to this question is no. But let us explain first. 

There are two types of Jiu Jitsu- GI and No GI. While practicing No GI, players do not have to wear a GI. They were rash guards, shorts or spats. Casual t-shirts with pockets or shorts are not encouraged. However, most Brazillian Jiu Jitsu academies do not offer No GI BJJ classes. The best way to embark in the journey of BJJ is to find an academy which offers both GI and no GI classes.

For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, choosing GI or no GI completely depends on your own personal preference. So, we would suggest you to take classes in an academy which offers both. But for the perfect affordable GI, there are a lot of factors which need to be considered. So, we have made a list so that you can easily select the right GI. 

Factors You Should Consider while Buying the Right BJJ Gi 


The size and fitting is the most important aspect while shopping for a Gi. If you do not select the right sized Gi then you will have difficulty while playing BJJ. 

The fitting differs from person to person. Some people prefer a loose fitted Gi, some prefer tight fitted ones. It all comes down to a person’s personal preference. Before purchasing a Gi, it’s better to wear it and move around in it. In this way you can understand whether it matches with your comfort.


The most common fabric is cotton blend for BJJ Gis. Cotton is mostly used due to its availability, durability and comfort. Cotton Gis are more breathable and they are stronger when they get wet. However, there are other materials which are used in producing BJJ Gis. 

Premium Gis are made of bamboo. They are slightly more expensive. There are other materials like ringstop, hemp, canvas etc. Ringstop is a strong fiber made of nylon. It is often used to make sportswear which is heavier. Canvas is mostly used for Gi pants than jackets for its amazing durability. 

Fabric Weaves

Another important factor is the fabric weave. The durability, strength and weakness of a Gi jacket can be determined from the fabric weave. The most common weave for Gi jackets is pearl weave. Here’s why-

Pearl weaves provide the perfect blend of strength, durability and flexibility. The jackets with this kind of weave are sold in different weights. It depends on your personal preference.

There are other fabric weaves like Honeycomb, Iceweave, Dragonweave, single weave, double weave etc. 

Color and Design

There are no specific colors of BJJ Gis. However, as a beginner, it’s the most suitable choice to choose white. You can keep it simple and pick an IBJJF legal color like white, black or royal blue. 


But other than that, you can buy any color as long as your academy allows it. Choosing a flashy color can be a problem as well because the colors would fade gradually. So, the safest option to buy is white.

Collar Fill

Gi collars are usually filled with cotton or rubber. The most popular collar fill is rubber. But, cotton is a more comfortable choice according to many experts. Cotton is more preferable because it creates less restriction and is more comfortable.


The right-weighed Gi can act as an advantage to you while playing BJJ. So, you need to carefully pick the weight and size of your Gi.

Heavier Gis (double layered) are more durable. But during tournaments, heavy Gis can be a bit problematic. They put extra weight on you and it is a big hassle during summer. It also takes longer to dry, whereas, lighter Gis are more manageable. They also take less time to dry. And they are more flexible.

Here’s a list of top ten BJJ Gis under $100!

Best 10 Gis under $100 USD 2024

Sanabul Essentials presents V.2 Ultra-Light Gi for BJJ. This BJJ Gi is one the best Gis out there! 

It is made with a single weave but this Gi is very durable. Besides the light weight fabric, it is very comfortable to wear. You can wear it to competitions or training sessions, wherever you like. Best of all, this Gi has an anti-odor and antimicrobial treatment. So, it is the perfect choice for intense competitions or training sessions. The built in antibacterial treatment can save you from bacterial infections. 


  • Good quality at a reasonable price 
  • Very durable 
  • Is available in various sizes 
  • Provides utmost comfort and very easy to manage

 The Elite Sports BJJ Gi is definitely worth your money. Here’s why, 

It is made of preshrunk fabric, which means it allows you to practice more and train harder. It comes with a free white belt with stripes, so you do not have to worry about purchasing a belt to complete your outfit. 

Just like the Sanabul Essentials v2, this Gi is also made of antibacterial materials. While training, it is normal to sweat a lot. So, this antibacterial treatment can prevent bacterial infections. 


  • Has a sleek and classy design
  • Does not shrink much after washing 
  • The weave is very durable 
  • Belt is included, the pants are durable as well

Hayabusa’s lightweight Gi is one of the best Gis to provide optimal performance. If you are someone looking for a BJJ GI at an affordable rate then Hayabusa is the right choice for you.

The Gi jacket is made of 420 GSM pearl cotton weave. The pants are made of ringstop cotton blend material which makes it very durable. It is perfect for tournaments and competitions. The design is very subtle and it provides the utmost comfort to its players. 

This Gi is also IBJJF certified. So you can wear this to competitions and tournaments as well.


  • Amazing fit and extremely durable 
  • Sturdy design 
  • Reasonable price 
  • The Gi is very comfortable and is made of high quality materials
  • Players are able to perform optimally

If you are someone who prefers maneuverability over design, then we would highly recommend this BJJ Gi.

This BJJ Gi is made of coral weave cotton. The material is preshrunk fabric so you can practice more. The fabric of this Gi provides a better and optimized fit. The double twisted yarn blend makes the Gi more durable and stronger. You don’t have to worry about maneuverability. The material makes it very easy for players to move around.   


  • The weight is ultra-light 
  • Very durable material 
  • Provides comfort 
  • Easy maneuverability

Verus Ultra-Light Gi for BJJ is one of the best quick dry Gis available in the market.

The jacket is made of pearl weave cotton. The material of the Gi provides maximum comfort and flexibility. Besides comfort, the design of this Gi is also very classy. It does not come with a belt. After washing, The Verus Ultra-Light can be dried out very quickly.

It does not shrink that much after drying. The material is very durable. This Gi is also IBJJF certified. So, you can not only wear it to training sessions but competitions as well. 


  • It is a medium weight Gi 
  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Dries out very quickly after washing 
  • Is made out of durable material

The FUJI all around is one of the most versatile BJJ Gis money could buy. This Gi has a minimalistic design yet it provides almost the same functionality as other high end Gi brands.

Fuji all around is not only for beginners. It can be used by everyone for regular practice sessions. It is a medium weight Gi and is made of single weave. The material of the jacket and pant is very durable. Best of all, the reinforcements of the pants from the top of the knee to the end of the pants. So, it is also very comfortable to wear. It is available in five colors white, black, navy, blue and pink.  


  • Has a good collar and seam stitching 
  • Material is very durable
  • Very comfortable to wear

Kingz have been dominating the market by launching their line of highest quality Gis. They are back with “KINGZ the one”. This Gi is made of premium materials and has a very affordable price.

This Gi is made of 100 % cotton pearl weave. So, it is very comfortable and light. The jacket has branded patches on the shoulder. There is a KINGZ logo in the back as well. The design is simple yet intricate. As a beginner, this Gi might be a little fancy. But it has a reasonable price so it will definitely be worth your money. 

The lapel of this Gi is made of heat resistant vulcanized rubber. It allows quick drying. As for the sizes, it has a total of 12 sizes. The Gi might shrink upto 10-5 percent when it is dried in a dryer so be careful with the sizing. We would recommend you to buy a few sizes larger than your average to be on the safe side.


  • Made of 400 GSM high tech pearl weave 
  • IBJJF approved 
  • Cord drawstring has 6 loops 
  • Very comfortable

This is one of the most underrated BJJ Gi but it provides the same features as any high end Gi. It is made of quality materials and has the most affordable price. 

Your Jiu Jitsu Gi is the perfect choice for beginners. It is made of cotton blend and has a pearl weave fabric. So, this Gi is very durable. The Gi is tapered in all the areas where it is easy to grab. Thus, it is harder for opponents to grapple. The hybrid weave makes the Gi very durable and comfortable despite being a slim fitted gi. The fabric is stretchable so it is easy to move around wearing this. After washing it shrinks back to normal again. For quick dry, the collar is made of rubber.


  • Made of 450 GSM hybrid weave 
  • Comes with a free white belt 
  • Classy and sleek design 
  • Durable material

If you are someone who undergoes intense training, then KINGZ basic 2.0 is the best option for you. It can last through any severe training sessions. 

The Gi is made out of 400 GSM pearl weave. It is made of one piece fabric, so it is stronger and more durable. It has triple reinforced stitching in the stress points. So you do not have to worry about your Gi getting torn during intense training sessions. The lapel has synthesized heat resistant vulcanized rubber. It allows the Gi to dry quickly. Overall, the quality, durability and price of this Gi has stolen the spotlight.


  • It is available in 11 sizes 
  • The lapel has vulcanized heat resistant rubber 
  • The material is very comfortable and durable

This Gi is the perfect option for beginners. If you are someone who is just getting started then don’t forget to check out Tatami Nova MK4. 

Nova MK4 comes with a free white belt. Nova has been around for a long time but MK4 comes with a few new features. In this Gi, the fabric is a bit heavier which makes it more durable. The jacket is made of 439 GSM hybrid weave. There are TATAMI logo patches on the shoulder. It is available in various sizes including A2L, A2H and A3L. It also comes in 4 different colors white, blue, black and navy. 


  • Includes a free belt 
  • The design is new and classy 
  • Sturdy structure and comfortable material


Can BJJ Gis be washed? 

Yes, of course. It is necessary to wash your Gi after training. But wash it with cold water and avoid warm water. Your Gi might shrink after washing (depends on the quality of the fabric) so we would recommend buying a few sizes larger than average. 

Which Gi is suitable for me? 

The size and material completely depends on your own personal preference. Some gis are very loosely fitted while some of them have a tight fitting. It is better to wear the Gi and move around a bit before purchasing. Then you can understand whether it is comfortable or not. 

What are the best brands of BJJ GI? 

There are over 120 brands who are now manufacturing BJJ Gis. If you are just starting out then it might be a bit difficult for you to choose the right Gi. Some of the best BJJ brands are Tatami, FUJI sports, 93 Brand, Shoyoroll, Hyperfly, Venum, Origin, Hayabusa, KingZ, Koral, Atama, Scramble etc. We have also written a full overview of some of the best BJJ brands.



Best BJJ Gis under 100 US Dollar – Final Words 

To find the right fitted Gi with durable and strong material is very hard. If your fitting is not right, then you won’t be able to perform using your maximum capability. While choosing the right Gi, you need to analyses the type of fabric, size and material the Gi is made of. If you are a beginner then choosing the perfect Gi can be pretty confusing. But don’t worry; we have made a list of the best BJJ Gis under $100. They are made of the best materials and have a very reasonable price as well. We hope that after reading this article you can easily choose your BJJ Gi.




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