8 Best BJJ Mats for Garage in 2021

Are you looking for BJJ mats to turn your garage into a dojo? You must have your eyes on special BJJ garage mats as these are made for rolling injury free and keeping your garage surface clean and safe. In order to find the best BJJ mats for your garage, you might have to look into some major deciding factors before making a buying decision.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Supermats Heavy Duty Mats

Supermats Heavy Duty Mats

#2 Runner Up

Yes4All EVA Interlocking Mats

Yes4All EVA Interlocking Mats

#3 Third

Yes4All Interlocking Foam Mats

Factors To Consider


BJJ mats are made of the foam-based surface. Make sure the ones you are landing have an EVA base so that can protect the surface of your garage from intense dirt and heavy-duty noise.


If you are looking for the type of mat that comes with a robust structure then you should look out for the BJJ mats that come with puzzled pieces because these are very easy to connect to each other and you can change the measurements as per your preference. 


In most cases, BJJ mats for the garage mostly come in 24 inches x 24 inches. So, that covers up a decent amount of space in your garage. If you want something smaller than this then you can tear up some puzzle pieces to make adjustments.

Keeping these factors in mind, choose what seems the most feasible option for you from the list below.

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Best BJJ Mats For Garage Gym at Home

If you want to protect the surface of your garage then how about getting the best BJJ mats for the garage. This mat comes with a robust structure that can keep the garage surface protected. It ensures zero damage on the floor. If there are chances of moving around heavy equipment inside your garage then don’t worry, these BJJ garage mats would be the most suitable option for you.

To ensure your garage surface extra protection, this garage mat is made of pure rubber-based material. This way there won’t be any possible marks or stains on the floor. This BJJ garage mat is specialized in preventing floor and carpet dust from entering different mechanical parts out there in your garage. In addition to that, no harmful chemicals were used while designing this garage mat. The garage mat does not contain any heavy materials either, so it is safe to be around your children and pets. 

This garage mat from Super Mats comes in a single color and that is matter black. It is extremely lightweight as it weighs only 0.47 kgs. The overall dimensions of this mat are- 60 inches x 30 inches x 3 inches. It is tear-resistant.


  • This garage mat is great in preventing noise from passing through the floor
  • It has a robust structure so it is tear-resistant
  • It is lightweight, so it’s easy to place around different places if needed
  • It shields the floor from damages


  • It might not be the best option for you if you want to use it for a very long time

You want to get the best things for yourself and Yes4All understands it. That is why introducing one of the best BJJ mats for your garage! Garage mats generally protect the inner portion of the surface and the edges mostly remain vulnerable but don’t worry because this mat comes with an intense border. Meaning, now the edges of your garage surface will be safer than ever. 

If you are looking for a garage mat that can cover a large space then you might have considered getting your hands on this one as it can cover up to 36 sq feet. In addition to that, the entire area is cushioned with foam so the tiles of your floor will remain protected from any unwanted marks. 

The texture of the garage mat does not come with a smooth surface and as a result, it ensures no slips and accidents resulting from that. 

The overall dimension of this garage mat is 12 inches x 12 inches x 7/16 inches. They come in puzzle pieces and you can assemble them all by yourself. It does not take more than a few minutes to assemble the entire mat. The assembling process is very easy. You can easily clean them.

The core material used in this garage mat is foam so it does not weigh much. This garage mat weighs up to 7.01 pounds. The design is water-resistant. At the same time, it can prevent noise too. It additionally comes with a 1-year warranty. The sleek black design will match any décor smoothly.


  • The foam base is an excellent option for a garage mat
  • It protects the surface
  • It can cover up a huge space and you can let it cover a small place too as it comes with puzzle pieces


  • Interlocking the puzzle pieces show some difficulties
  • Plausible chances of getting chemical-based odor

Having a floor with no stains, scratches or marks comes with a lot of hard work. In order to level up your surface game, try the best BJJ mats for the garage which you can place on other places as well. This garage mat is made of foam so that protects your surface from unwanted marks. In addition, you can place heavy things on the floor without the tiles breaking or cracking into pieces.

We have picked a mat that covers the area of 24 square feet but in case if you want something to cover a spacier area then you can also check out the other size options Yes4All is offering. But remember one thing, with more space comes more colors. Meaning, this 24 square feet one comes in black color and the other ones with different sizes come in different colors. 

This entire pack comes in six tiles in a whole. The overall measurements are 24.02 inches x 24.02 inches x 0.51 inches. This garage mat is amazingly light in weight so you can move it to any place without any additional or external help. This garage mat weighs around 4.61 pounds. 


  • It comes with five different options to choose from
  • You can easily assemble and disassemble the pieces as per your need
  • The design is water-resistant
  • It comes with a non slip design


  • You might get disturbed by the odor

If you want to grab the best BJJ mats for your garage then check out this one from Stalwart. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on things that may not come into use after a while. In this case, this garage mat will be the best addition for you as the design is durable. 

The texture of this garage mat is soft and don’t worry about any toxic chemical usage in the mat. These mats are free of lead and any kinds of toxins. It can additionally absorb any kind of shock and provide dynamic support for the whole time. The overall dimensions of this mat are 24 inches X 24 inches X 0.5 inches. As you can see that it covers up a huge space while being completely padded with foam. 

This garage mat comes with a cushioned layer so it will protect the surface of your garage for a very long time. 


  • The surface is cushioned with foam so it keeps the noise from passing through the surface
  • It has a robust structure
  • The price is pocket friendly


  • Be aware of the pieces you will receive because sometimes they come faulty

If you are tired of watching too many black collections then we have brought something incredible for you. It is designed with a highly dense foam that shields the overall surface of your floor. These foamed mats come in tiles shapes so they will look great on the surface of your floor. 

The foam material lets you store heavy things in this mat without getting any scratches on the surface. It covers up a square-shaped space. The overall dimension of this garage mat is 24 inches x 24 inches x 0.5 inches. 

The base of this garage mat is textured, so it ensures zero slips during heavy duty. This garage mat from Velotas comes with the most convenient features. You can trim the overall structure if you are looking for a comparative design. All you have to do is, take out the preferable amount of pieces you want to intertwin and work with that. You can make another mat with the remainders as well. 

These puzzle pieces of the mat are very easy to connect to each other. Likewise, you can very easily disassemble them if you don’t feel like using them at some point. In addition to that, the trimming process is very easily doable as well. 



  • It is suitable for flooring
  • It has multi-purpose use
  • It sits well on the floor
  • You can easily assemble it on your own



  • Does not have any

If you want to protect your floor then you should check out these garage mats from Prosource. The garage mats are suitable for protecting any type of floor. The texture of these mats is designed to be thick as a result the mats can cover up noises passing through the floor. 

Cleaning mats always feels like a mess. Who understands it better than Prosource? They have designed these mats to be very hefty and at the same time very easy to clean. You can use these garage mats on a regular basis as they come with substantial construction. 

In addition, these mats are multi-purpose garage mats. So, that is one of the reasons to find them as the best BJJ mat for your garage. You can additionally use them as a workout mat or even in your studio. The classic design will fit any place easily and as it comes in black color, the outlook will blend in very easily with any given interior. 

If you want to look up the measurements then check that out from here. The overall dimensions of these garage mats are 24 inches x 24 inches x ¾ inches. These mats come in puzzle pieces so, join them and off you go!



  • You can easily interlock the puzzle pieces all by yourself and they will stick to each other
  • These mats are extremely lightweight so you can move them around all by yourself, whenever you want
  • This design is durable for long-term use



  • These nats can be very bouncy at times

Here is a garage mat you can use for multipurpose with an affordable deal. The surface will ensure you don’t slip in it and that’s why it comes with a textured base. At the same time, the thickness of this garage mat works relentlessly to ensure zero noise leaving the floor. 

The foam-based surface is made of premium quality dual-layered cushions for extra protection to your surface. This additionally protects the surface of your garage floor from all the unwanted dirt and stains. 

These garage mats can cover up a good amount of space for you so have a look at the dimensions- 24 inches x 24 inches x ¾ inches. So, in total it can cover up to 96 square feet of your garage space. That’s pretty much a loot, in our opinion.

You can assemble them by yourself within a few minutes of easy steps. Plus, these mats come with just 24 puzzle pieces. Connect them to each other with the end border pieces and the surface of your garage will get a hold of all the upcoming protection you are willing to provide. 

This garage mat is lightweight so you can use and move it as per your needs anytime and anywhere without seeing any external help.



  • The base of this garage mat is made of foam
  • It has a durable construction
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Easy to assemble



  • Could not find any

Here’s a mat that not only does a great job protecting the surface of the garage floor, but also comes in handy to hide all the unsightly stains and cracks. Be it oil spills or mud, this mat can hide it all to keep your garage clean and streamlined. If your garage tends to get dirty all the time, this mat will best suit your demand!

To ensure the best protection, this mat has a military-grade construction. Made from Neoprene rubber foam, it features a cycled closed cell design that makes it sturdy enough to use in the long run. You can also reuse it for more than a year! Given its affordable price, you’ll get more bang for your buck. 

It also comes in an easy-to-cut size, so you can cut it according to the space of your garage. Its waterproof design will also allow you to clean it with a vacuum cleaner and hose. It has a dimension of 24 x 4.25 x 3.5 inches and it doesn’t weigh much. 


  • Waterproof and wear-resistant design
  • Does not stain the carpet
  • It has the perfect thickness to it for easy usage and durability
  • Unlike other mats, it won’t require a splurge
  • You can reuse it for up to one year


  • It tends to roll up when laying on the floor

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should BJJ mats be?

The most ideal thickness for BJJ mats would be 1.5 inches. It can protect the surface of any floor better than any other regular mat.

How big is a BJJ mat?

The overall dimensions vary from one to another but in most cases, the most ideal BJJ mats cover an area up to 21.5 square feet. 

What are these BJJ mats made of?

EVA foams. This is the best foundation any mat can ever have. We have enlisted all the garage mats with an EVA foam base for extra protection and the best support.


Final Thoughts

We have covered up all the essential details you will require to surf in the market. Now that you are aware of all the nitty-gritty of these BJJ mats for your garage, you can make all the necessary decisions all by yourself. We have picked the best products from Amazon so; you don’t have to waste time looking for better alternatives. We have considered both quality and price and then created this list. We are hoping that you found the best option for yourself from the above mentioned list!




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