What are The Best Single Weave Judo Gis in 2021?

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With the increasing popularity of Judo across the world, so many people are becoming enthusiasts nowadays. You can see Judo tournaments being organized at schools too and the aspiring students Giving it their all for their beloved form of martial arts. With ever-increasing popularity, the demand for Judo gear is gradually rising. So you need to select the Judo Gis carefully to find the best one for you.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi

Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi

#2 Runner Up

Hayashi Blue Single Weave Judo Gi

#3 Third

Fuji Sports Single Weave Gi

Fuji Sports Single Weave Gi

The two most common types of weaves in Judo are the single and double weaves. One offers a lighter experience, while the other has a sturdier build. So it’s normal for people to have their preferences. And some people do tend to lean towards the single weave Judo Gis compared to their double weave counterparts. Even in the single weave market, there are thousands of Gis to choose from. That’s why we’ve brought to you a comprehensive guide to buying the best single weave judo Gi in 2020!

Single Weave Vs Double Weave

One of the most important differentiating factors while buying Judo Gis is the type of weave. There can be over 4 types of weaves or more when it comes to Judo Gis. The weaves can be mainly divided into single, double, golden, and some other unique types of weaves. The professionals, however, prefer to make custom weaves based on their build. 

  • Double Weave: The Gis with double weaves have a second weave on top of the first one. This allows for extra thickness which surely adds durability. But these types of Gis also bring in a little added weight into play. So some Judo aspirants, especially the young ones don’t prefer this weave type. 
  • Single Weave: Gis with this type of weaves is overly available as this is the most common type of weave. Most of the Gis in this category are priced reasonably. If you’re just starting, you can opt for one of these. People tend to go for these types of Gis due to the reduced weight. This allows them to move faster which is very important in Judo.

Do Single Weave Judo Gis tear easily?

While on one hand, single weave Judo Gis is amazing to move around in, they are also less durable. Professionals often choose to take the double weave path since they offer better strength. But that doesn’t mean single weave judo Gis tear easily. A good quality single weave judo Gi from a reputed brand will last quite a while if you take proper care of it. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

A Judo Gi is a worthwhile investment whether you just want one for sparring sessions or to compete professionally. So you should think carefully before making your choice. Not all Judo Gis will suit you. So, to help you out with your choice, we’ve listed the key points to consider before making your purchase.


Whether you decide to go for a single weave or a double weave, there are still many other factors that come into play while buying a Judo Gi. One of them is the fabric. While most of the Judo Gis are cotton (bleached or unbleached), there has been a gradual rise in the use of synthetic material.

Incorporating a bit of synthetic polyester into the fabric blend adds to the durability. It even offers a bit of resistance to the overall build of the Gi. 


It doesn’t matter which Judo Gi you get if you can’t move around in it comfortably. So pick out the lightweight Gis and make sure they fit you perfectly. You can get out of your opponents’ grapple a lot quicker if you’re not constantly worrying about your attire.


If you’re spending a significant amount of money on something, you probably want that product to last quite a while. The same is the case with Judo Gis. There are loads of cheaper options all over the marketplace. But getting a Judo Gi from a reputed brand will surely do you good in the long run.


The brands make Judo Gis in all sizes. So you won’t have a difficult time choosing the perfect fit for you. The most common sizing structure includes Gis from A0 to A5 where the alphabet stands for the category and the number signifies the size. Consult the size charts and crosscheck the measurements. If you think the Gi will fit you perfectly, go for it!


Contrary to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the IJF only allows the use of blue or White Gis in professional and amateur Judo tournaments. So if you want to compete, make sure you’re following the IJF guidelines. But if you want a Gi just for sparring sessions, you can get any colored Gi as long as you can comfortably train in it.


The weight of the Judo Gis mostly depends on the type of weaves. The double weave Gis comes with added durability and thicker collars. But they also weigh a little more which some people don’t like. If you’re reading this article, chances are that you want a lightweight Judo Gi anyways. 

Best Single Weave Judo Gis

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets finally move into the long-awaited list of the best single weave judo Gis in 2020. We’ve made the list by compiling the top-rated single weave Gis. They come in at various price points and offer their unique features and quirks. So pick any one of them that suits you as you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Whether you’re in the market to buy BJJ Gis or Judo Gis, Fuji is the number one brand. Any professional will recommend a Fuji Gi to get your Judo career started. World Champions also recommend the single weave from Fuji if you’re just starting out and rightfully so. This Gi from Fuji has one many matches and even more hearts. 

With such a low price tag compared to its double weave counterpart, you might even ask yourself if you’re buying the real deal. But that doubt goes away as soon as you put it on. The Gi is made from premium cotton and Fuji has tried its best to Give it amazing durability without sacrificing comfort. The only thing that might hold you back from purchasing this is that it only comes in plain old white. 

The Gi can easily withstand daily training and amateur tournaments too. This Gi from Fuji fully complies with the regulations provided by the International Judo Federation too. You will sense a touch of detail in every seam and stitch of this Gi. You will even get a white belt along with the package to start your judo career.

This single weave Gi comes in multiple sizes so you don’t have to worry about not getting your size. This Gi will take you a long way in your Judo career.

Product Benefits:

  • Made from premium cotton
  • Highly durable
  • High-quality stitching
  • Offers more resistance

If you want a Judo Gi that’s lightweight, comfortable, and highly affordable, this one just might be the one to go for. The only problem with the Hayashi is that it comes in one color! You get 95% of the premium features at such a low price point which is pretty amazing.

The Gi is made from a find 100% cotton blend which allows the company to keep it lightweight. What’s more amazing is that you get reinforced padding on both the shoulders and the knees that add a bit of protection. The cotton is completely bleached and the Gi is preshrunk. So you don’t have to worry about any shrinkage related issues.

The stitching and the seam are above average and you won’t believe the price tag if you see this one in person. If you’re just starting in your judo career or you want a training Gi for the gym, this is the one to go for. This is an example of the fact that you don’t have to dish out hundreds of dollars to get your money’s worth.

The quilted support on the knee padding is comparable to premium Gis and Hayashi is pretty proud of what they’ve made. You will get the pants in the packages but you need to buy the belt separately.

Product Benefits:

  • Very light in weight
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • Bleached cotton build
  • The quilted knee padding is a premium feature

We’ve already told you how good of a brand Fuji is when it comes to making sports gear. So it’s kind of obvious that we see another Gi from the same company. The sports lineup of Fuji is the more exclusive line of sports gear. And this single weave Judo Gi is a proud part of that lineup.

The Gi comes in at a higher price point when compared to the oriGinal Fuji single weave Gi, but the price is pretty justified. You can get this one in a variety of sizes. If you want that American logo on your chest you can surely opt for this one. The Gi is pretty durable and it can withstand a lot of force. The logos are embroidered into the premium cotton blend which adds a fine texture to the overall design.

This lightweight judo Gi is preferred in many Judo schools across the country. If you’re just starting, this is preferably one of the best options to go for. They have sizes ranGing from 0 to 8, so you can get one for your kid along with one for yourself. 

The product is priced pretty reasonable considering all the qualities that it offers. Another amazing fact about this one is that a part of your money goes into a good cause, a fund for athletes. So you can truly help someone out with this purchase.

Product Benefits:

  • Reinforced shoulder stitches
  • Premium cotton
  • Embroidered logos
  • Comes in a range of sizes

When it comes to popular brands making Judo gear, the name Ronin Brand stays among the top contenders. They make amazing Judo Gis and rash guards and they are confident about their products. This single weave judo Gi from their lineup is no exception.

This is one of the only good quality unbleached judo Gis that you’ll find. The overall look has a faded off-white color tone which signifies the unbleached cotton. This Gi provides added durability with double cladding on the knees and other impact points. You certainly don’t have to worry about this one ripping apart when your opponent has you locked in.

The Gi comes in just one color and various sizes. So you can consult the size chart and pick out the one that matches your measurements. This is a great-quality Judo Gi for the price point and trainers highly recommend it. 

Product Benefits:

  • Sturdy build
  • Unbleached 100% cotton blend
  • Quilted knee cladding
  • Reinforced shoulder stitches

You might not have heard about this brand and it’s understandable. Yamato Sakura is a brand that needs more attention due to its high-quality Judo gear. They are quickly rising the ladder in popularity though. This is one of their top-rated Gis and it brings everything but the kitchen sink.

The 100% cotton blend allows the Gi to reach a reduced weight. The softness of the entire fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear. You can get this Gi in multiple sizes too. 

The fabric is soft and the entire Gi is machine friendly. So you can toss it into the washing machine right after your training session. This Gi comes pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about any type of shrinkage. With a slim fit design and tight weave, the Gi offers a pretty great price to performance ratio. 

The cotton makes it quite breathable and the inner lining of the Gi absorbs the sweat quite fast. So you can keep up the good work without worrying about sweat. The layer of clothing is quite thin too, which aids to the lower weight of the Gi,

Product Benefits:

  • Premium bleached cotton
  • Reinforced knee padding
  • Reinforced shoulder stitches
  • Breathable fabric

Finishing off our list with one of the most wanted single weave Gis on the marketplace. This unbleached Judo Gi brings all the advantages of a single weave with the durability aspect of a double weave. 

The Gi has a high-rated comfort factor and you can get this in four different colors. Although you can only use blue or white in a match, you can buy a different color for practice or sparring sessions.

You can get this Judo Gi in multiple sizes. The soft fabric will make you want to wear this even after your match! The durability factor of this Gi is its main selling point. The Gi was built to withstand impacts from many matches. So you can expect a long life too!

The lightweight of the Gi along with the class-leading durability makes it an awesome choice. If you’re just starting, you can opt for this one without a doubt. You won’t be disappointed.

Product Benefits:

  • Lightweight single weave
  • Highly-rated durability
  • Padded shoulders and knees
  • Very comfortable to wear


Why should I buy a single weave Judo Gi?

The most common reason for getting a single weave instead of a double weave is the weight. Some people don’t like the added weight of the double weave Gis.


How often should I wash my Judo Gi?

Ans. You’ll get sweaty after every practice session. So it’s a good practice to wash your judo Gi regularly after each training session.


Will machine drying damage my single weave Gi?

Check if the brand recommends any particular ways of washing your Gi. Most Gis is machine-friendly so you can toss them into the washing machine anytime.


Will my Gi shrink over time?

If you decide to cheap out a bit, you will see that your Gi has started to shrink after every wash. So opt for a pre-shrunk Judo Gi to stay on the safer side.


Bottom Line

No matter which option you choose to go for, you can’t go wrong. All of the Gis in this compilation of the best single weave Gis have their unique feature sets. Single weave judo Gis is famous for its lightweight build quality. So these Gis allow users to move a little faster. But they do tend to offer reduced durability when compared to their double weave counterparts. But that’s fairly insignificant. So, don’t fret, you’ll do great with any one of them.




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