Fuji All Around Gi Review: The BJJ Gi for Any Occasion

Fuji is one of the best brands for BJJ and MMA sports gear. They have the best sports gear in the market and have won the trust of fighters all around the world.

One of their top-selling gi is the Fuji All Around Gi. It is the best gi produced by Fuji yet.

In this review of the Fuji All Around Gi, we will talk about this gi from a technical perspective. We will talk about the gi’s material, quality, sizing, and fighting, design, and comfort. We will also judge its price in comparison to its features. So let us start the review.

About Fuji

Before we start reviewing the gi, it’s best that you must know some basic insight about its brand.

Fuji Sports was founded by Hatashita back in 1969. Hatashita was a professional in martial arts. Hence, he knew everything about the sport. The brand is currently led by Lia Hatashita and Jimmy Pedro.

Jimmy Pedro brings his visionary sportsmanship to the work of manufacturing sports gear. He utilized his fast-hand experience in making the Fuji gis. This is what makes the Fuji gis more competitive and fitting for all fighters.

Currently, Fuji is manufacturing all types of martial arts gear. From BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) Gis to Muay Thai rash guards. These Fui products go through intense testing sessions before approved for mass production. This way, Fuji finds the perfect balance of comfort and durability in their gis. Their gears are well-suited for all-class fighters. Students and even international fighters can use their fighting gear with ease.

Now let us talk about the Fuji All Around Gi.

The Fuji All Around Gi

The Fuji All Around is Fuji’s best gi yet. It provides the fighter comfort, durability. The gi can last for a long time and would not tear up.

It is not the branding of the Fuji All Around gi. There are some good reasons why it is the official Gi of Travis Stevens. Travis Stevens is a BJJ Blackbelt, and Olympic Medalist.

Many BJJ organizations around the world have shown their green signs to this gi. It is also certified by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF).

It is constructed with Fuji’s premium blend cotton and has other durable features. All these features combined will deliver the most comfort a fighter can expect.

Now let us get more technical with this gi review.

Features of The Fuji All Around Gi

We will talk about the following aspects of the Fuji gi.

Material, quality, sizing, and fighting, design, comfort, and pricing.


The Gi is made with comfortable cotton fabric. The jacket and the pants both have a 100% cotton blend. No polyester or other fabric is found in this gi.

The cotton fabric is weaved in a twill weave design. As a result, the gi is very strong and also medium dense for the convenience of the player.

The collar of the Gi jacket is lightly rubberized. The jacket has a triple scratch seam for durability and stretch.

So, the material choice of this gi is good. It’s comfortable and durable. But, there is one downside of this cotton material. It will not dry fast. So in an intense fight or hot weather, the Fuji All around gi can become very sweaty and uncomfortable. It will also become very heavy when it gets soaked with your sweat.


When judging the quality of the Fui All Around Gi, there is nothing to complain about. It has premium cotton fabric construction. The twill weave of this makes it heavier and durable.

Many fighters have a high value for this gi for its durability.

Even after months of intense use, the gi is still in shape and ready for more intense rounds.

The jacket takes this quality level one step further with triple-stitched seams.

Unlike other BJJ gis, this Fui gi is reinforced in high-stress areas with multilayer constructions. The armpits and other stress areas are lined with cotton reinforcements.

The pants don’t lack in quality either. Apart from the premium cotton blend construction, it comes with a reinforced knee, ankle, and crotch.

So overall, the quality and durability of this Fui gi are up to the standards for international BJJ fights.


The Fuji All Around gi has a very good fitting for every size. The available sizes of this gi are A0, A1, A2, A2L, A2H, A3, A3L, A3H, A4, A5, and A6.

If you need more details for picking the right side, then you can get access to a more detailed Fuji gi sizing chart. That chart includes height, weight, jacket, and pant length.

Although the fighting is great compared to its size, it could shrink from washing. It is made of 100% cotton. Fuji recommends you wash their gis with cold water and air dry them. They strongly advise not to bleach their gis. According to them, if you follow this washing method, the gi will shrink by 1 inch in every dimension.

So, when you are picking a Fui gi, you should keep it in mind. If you are not finding the perfect fit for you and are stuck in between two sizes, choose the bigger one. After washing, it will shrink and fit into your size.


The design of this Fuji all-around gi is simple and plain. It will give the fighters a fresh and clean look.

The color of the gi is one color, which is certified and approved for BJJ fights. So no need to worry about getting an extra set of gi for your fights. The available colors for this gi are white, black, blue and for women, pink.

The Fuji all-around gi comes on top for its pant closure design. Unlike other rope closure gi pants, this gi features a drawstring closure. The drawstring closure is quicker and easier to use.

However, one drawback of this gi design is the number of belt loops. It becomes loose during fights, so make sure you have buckled it up real tight.


As we said earlier, the Fuji All Around gi is made out of 100% cotton. Cotton clothes are very comfortable. The jacket and pants, both are made of cotton, you will have no compromise in comfort.

However, the cotton build of this gif makes it not a great choice for hot weather and sweaty fights. The cotton will absorb your sweat and the gi will become heavy and uncomfortable.

But if you don’t mind the sweat, then this gi will be very comfortable for you.


As an entry-level gi, the Fuji All Around Gi is too expensive. But if you judge by its quality and durability, you can easily understand why it has such a high price tag.

The gi stays in shape after months of intense fighting. It does not need much washing and the durable cotton design is backed up with reinforced stitchings in stress parts. Moreover, you can fight in BJJ fights with this gi.

So, we think that the price tag of this gi is well on spot.


  • 100% cotton material
  • Very comfortable
  • Perfect sizing
  • Reinforced design and a rubberized collar
  • Certified for BJJ fights


  • Washing will cause the fabric to shrink
  • Fewer belt loops in the pants
  • Can get sweaty and hot


So, is the Fuji All Around Gi a good gi? Yes, it is. Although it is an entry-level gi, it is used by many IBJJF fighters and it is now the official gi of Travis Stevens, a BJJ Blackbelt.

The gi has everything, durable and comfortable material, plain design, and reinforced stitching. It can last for a long time, even years of intense fighting. It is washable but in cold water. The only downside in our eye is its shrinking fabric and lack of belt loops. One other drawback could be the cotton fabric, which is not an ideal choice in hot weather. But if you are looking for a good gi, then there is something that you must compromise on.

So overall, the Fui All Around Gi is perfect for all BJJ fighters and it is priced well too.




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